GTFO Developers Hiring For “Next Legendary AAA Co-Op” Project

Recent job listings on the 10 Chambers website hint at an unannounced AAA cooperative FPS game, similar to GTFO.

10 Chambers is a highly influential studio with a successful co-op FPS title under its belt. The prominent studio is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and comprises veteran developers. The studio aims to become the best co-op tactical shooter developer, already achieving global success by releasing the alluring GTFO.

10 Chambers incorporates part of the founding members of Overkill Software and also includes the game designers behind the PAYDAY franchise. Their first project, GTFO, has brewed up nicely from early access to a full game release, and the studio has established itself as a worthy contender in the FPS gaming market.

GTFO is the scarier and more tactical version of Left 4 Dead that requires comprehensive strategy and teamwork to traverse through darkened labyrinths to complete missions for The Warden. The game features a bundle of gadgets that the team of players to complete missions. GTFO received a positive reception by providing all the quality features it imagined. 

After half a year of the official release, GTFO is heading for the moon by breaking its previous maximum concurrent player count on Steam. It is no surprise that GTFO developers have received high praises, and the gaming community has built many expectations surrounding 10 Chambers’ future. The studio is already planning its next project, as its official website shares.

10 Chambers is apparently already working on the “next legendary AAA co-op gaming experience.” This alluring project is already planned to be another multiplayer game, as hinted by a paragraph on several job listings on the website. Although the listings keep the particulars of the next project vague, we can still make up minuscule details by going over limited information.

All the listings on the website cite, “We are an ambitious, creative, and collaborative team with a lifelong love for games. We have just recently released GTFO, a co-op FPS game and are about to start working on our next legendary AAA co-op gaming experience.”

Separate listings do not include exclusive details so we will focus on the most appropriate listing for the upcoming AAA project. The requirements for the job listing for the Lead Programmer position include supporting the programmers and working on the project to ensure quality. Moreover, bonus requirements include mastery of Unity, which could be the desired game engine for the unannounced game, the same as GTFO.

Detailed requirements for the Lead Programmer position on the 10 Chambers website.

One interesting detail to note is that 10 Chambers does not mention anywhere that this next project in the works is an FPS title. There is a possibility that they tread a different direction from the FPS genre. However, the chances of that happening are less as a “AAA co-op gaming experience” likely hints towards an FPS experience.

This alluring title might be the next installment in the GTFO series or a whole new IP altogether. There is no mention of the project being a new IP as the studio has kept details very hazy. This project seems to be in a primitive state as the studio is currently hiring significant positions for the upcoming game. We may not hear anything about this project for years to come, so do take this information with a grain of salt.

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