GTFO Reaches New Maximum Concurrent Player Milestone On Steam

"Work together or die together."

Seldom does a franchise blend elements of atmospheric horror, tactical FPS, and cooperation into the finest consistency. FPS genre is an integral part of video games, but most fail to achieve the realistic feel of psychological horror that comes with it. This is where GTFO comes in; it is a hardcore first-person shooter that requires cooperation and strategy in every step.

GTFO is a game that puts you in dark labyrinths to fight your way to complete missions for The Warden. The players can team up with the other three members to traverse the infested mazes, and teamwork is essential. In GTFO, a single mistake can cost you the whole round, so the intensity remains in the environment as players take each second to stop and assess the situation. 

The dreary and heavy atmosphere gives you an unforgettable team experience. GTFO has nailed the intensity of gunfight and plan-before-engaging to the core. GTFO is like Left 4 Dead but scarier and more tactical. The game features a wide array of loadouts, gadgets, and arsenal that can help the prisoners as they transit the dark underground complex.

GTFO received a very positive reception and quickly garnered a lot of attention upon its early access release. The game on Steam has the “Very Positive” rating due to the high quality of GTFO and the transparency of developers. It is no wonder the concurrent players on Steam were on an all-time high sometime after the official release.

The concurrent players sat on 11,122 as per SteamDB charts. Since then, the concurrency and twitch views have witnessed a steady decline for the most part. The concurrent players were around 500 to 1000 on average before June 17th; the concurrence began to rise after 10 Chambers introduced an event. Concurrent players have apparently broken their set record by hitting the numerals of 12,239 players traversing the dark mazes simultaneously.

GTFO concurrent players reach a peak of 12,239 for the first time
GTFO concurrent players reach a peak of 12,239 for the first time

This feat is no surprise considering the success of the series, but the actual reason behind this boost in concurrent players is the “free week event.” 10 Chambers, the team of developers behind GTFO, likely noticed the lower average of concurrent players and introduced this event. Making the game free for a week has proven to be highly successful.

Most likely, more players have gotten to try out the game and may purchase it after the event is over after this week. At the time of writing, the concurrency was rising with each passing minute. So, the concurrent players are expected to increase and set a higher all-time peak.

What are your thoughts about GTFO and the game being free-to-play? Do let us know in the comments below.

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