Valheim Weapons Tier List: All Ranked

Make Every shot Count by Choosing the Right Weapon.

Valheim weapon tier list is a useful resource for players that have just started or want to climb their way up the ranks of skill in the game. As the game progresses, all kinds of creatures like trolls, dwarves, skeletons, and many bosses try their luck against you, to fancy one’s chances of victory; any gamer needs to keep the best weapons in their inventory.

Key Takeaways

Valheim offers around 50 combat weapons in categories like spears, knives, clubs, bows, swords, axes, atgeirs, and magic.

  1. Blackmetal Axe is considered the best axe with the highest slash damage.
  2. Frostner is the best club, dealing blunt damage with frost and spirit elemental types.
  3. Blackmetal Sword tops the sword category with ease of craft.
  4. Draugr Fang is the strongest bow, inflicting poison and considerable pierce damage.
  5. For stealth combat, Blackmetal Knife excels in backstab damage.
  6. Carapace Spear is best for maintaining a safe distance with the highest pierce damage.
  7. Among magic weapons, Staff of Embers is most effective, throwing fireballs at enemies.

Complete Tier List Rankings

Below you can see a simple and brief list of all the weapons of valheim:




Frostner, Jotun Bane, Skoll and Hati, Mistwalker, Krom, Demolisher, Porcupine, Staff of Protection, Dead Raiser, Blackmetal Atgeir, Arbalest, Draugr Fang, Spine Snap, Himmin Afl, Staff of Embers, Staff of Frost


Blackmetal Sword, Blackmetal pickaxe, Blackmetal Knife, Blackmetal Axe, Silver Sword, Silver Knife, Carapace spear, Crystal Battleaxe, Flesh Rippers, Abyssal Harpoon


Finewood Bow, Iron Sledge, Iron Mace, Huntsman Bow, Iron Sword, Iron Atgeir, Battleaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Stagbreaker, Fang Spear, Iron Axe, Abyssal Razor, Ancient Bark Spear


Bronze Spear, Bronze Mace, Bronze Pickaxe, Bronze Sword, Bronze Axe, Bronze Atgeir, Flint axe, Copper Knife, Antler Pickaxe, Crude Bow, Club, Flint Knife, Flint Spear, Stone Axe

All Valheim Weapons Comparison

Here’s a summary of all the weapons in Valheim: 

WeaponMax DamageDurabilityBackstabKnockback
Jotun Bane95.0175.03x60.0
Skoll and Hati48.0200.06x10.0
Staff of Protection200.0200.03xNone
Dead Raiser100.0200.02xNone
Blackmetal Atgeir123.0175.03x30.0
Draugr Fang56.0100.03x20.0
Spine Snap84.0100.03x25.0
Himmin Afl85.0175.03x40.0
Staff of Embers120.0200.03x100.0
Staff of Frost35.0200.03x10.0
Blackmetal Sword113.0200.03x40.0
Blackmetal pickaxe115.0210.03x50.0
Blackmetal Knife37.0200.03x10.0
Blackmetal Axe115.0175.03x60.0
Silver Sword93.0200.03x40.0
Silver Knife28.0200.03x10.0
Carapace spear113.0100.03x20.0
Crystal Battleaxe108.0200.03x70.0
Flesh Rippers76.0300.06x20.0
Abyssal Harpoon10.050.01x20.0
Finewood Bow42.0100.03x50.0
Iron Sledge73.0100.03x200.0
Iron Mace73.0200.03x90.0
Huntsman Bow51.0100.03x10.0
Iron Sword73.0200.03x50.0
Iron Atgeir83.0175.03x30.0
Iron Pickaxe48.0150.03x50.0
Fang Spear93.0100.03x20.0
Iron Axe75.0175.03x50.0
Abyssal Razor10.050.01x20.0
Ancient Bark Spear73.0100.03x20.0
Bronze Spear53.0100.03x20.0
Bronze Mace53.0200.03x80.0
Bronze Pickaxe40.0120.03x50.0
Bronze Sword53.0200.03x40.0
Bronze Axe55.0125.03x50.0
Bronze Atgeir63.0125.03x30.0
Flint axe35.0100.03x50.0
Copper Knife15.0200.06x10.0
Antler Pickaxe18.0100.03x50.0
Crude Bow31.050.03x0.0
Flint Knife8.0200.06x10.0
Flint Spear38.0100.03x20.0
Stone Axe30.0100.03x50.0


This group contains the best weapons in the game, and all of these are unlocked after you have sufficiently progressed in the game. In our case, most of these weapons belong to the “mistlands” and the “plains” biome of Valheim. Hence, collecting resources to craft these weapons requires skill due to the variety of materials found in the mistlands. Almost all of these weapons possess unique names.

Weapon Type Damage Durability Special
Frostner One-handed Mace Blunt: 40/58, Frost: 35/35 200 Effective against all types of enemies, expensive to craft
Arbalest Crossbow Pierce: 200/209 50 Crafted in the mistlands, uses blackmetal bolts
Dead Raiser Staff Blood: 100 200 Summons skeleton “Skellet” to fight, costs caster’s health
Demolisher Two-handed Sledge Blunt: 145-163 100 Efficient for crowd control with spherical radius damage
Draugr Fang Bow Pierce: 47/56, Poison: 5/20 100 Poisons enemies alongside pierce damage, available after reaching mountain biome
Himmin Afl Two-handed Polearm Pierce: 85/85, Lightning: 40/58 175 Deals pierce and lightning damage
Blackmetal Atgeir Two-handed Polearm Pierce: 105/123 175 Useful for piercing enemies at a distance
Jotun Bane One-handed Axe Slash: 80/95, Poison: 40 175 Deals poison, slash, and chop damage, effective against various enemy types
Krom Two-handed Sword Slash: 150/168 200 Strong slash damage and knockback, crafted in the mistlands
Mistwalker Sword Slash: 75/75, Frost: 40/58 200 Clears mist in mistlands, deals slash and frost damage
Porcupine Club Blunt: 50/50, Pierce: 45/63 150 Versatile with pierce and blunt damage, effective against various enemy types
Skoll and Hati Dual-wielded Knives Slash: 45/48, Pierce: 45/48 200 Fast among S-tier weapons, deals pierce and slash damage
Spine Snap Bow Pierce: 72/84, Spirit: 5/20 100 Impressive pierce and spirit damage, effective for ranged combat
Staff of Protection Staff Blood: 200 200 Casts protective barrier around caster & allies, requires blood offering
Staff of Embers Staff Blunt: 120, Fire: 120/128 200 Throws fireballs dealing fire and blunt damage, drains eitr quickly
Staff of Frost Staff Frost: 30/35 200 Fires ice projectiles weakening enemies, crafted in the mistlands


The weapons in this tier stand out in their powers to the majority of the arsenal of Valheim. Even though, not as mighty as the S-class weapons, they still put up a decent fight against any enemy you might face in the game. Most of the weapons in this category are blackmetal or silver forged weapons. Collecting these materials requires exploring the mountains and the plains biome.

Weapon Type Damage Durability Special
Blackmetal Sword Sword Slash: 95/113 200 High base slash damage, effective against enemies with high health
Blackmetal Knife Knife Slash: 34/37, Pierce: 34/37 200 Secondary attack can be deadly against unalerted enemies
Silver Sword Sword Slash: 75/93, Spirit: 30/45 200 Strong against skeletons and fenrings, crafted after finding silver in the mountains
Silver Knife Knife Slash: 25/28, Pierce: 25/28 200 Secondary attack triples damage stats, crafted from silver ore found in the mountains
Crystal Battleaxe Two-handed Axe Damage not specified Not specified Upgraded version of the battleaxe, crafted with ancient bark, silver, and crystal in the mountains
Flesh Rippers Fist Weapon Damage not specified Not specified Unique pair of fists with claws, crafted in the mountain biome after gathering materials
Abyssal Harpoon Spear Damage not specified Not specified Used for hunting sea serpents, requires materials like fine wood, chitin, and leather scraps
Blackmetal Axe One-handed Axe Slash: 100/115, Chop: 60/69 175 Can cut any tree in Valheim, crafted from blackmetal bars found in the plains biome
Carapace Spear Spear Pierce: 115/133 100 Secondary attack throws the spear for 1.5x original damage, crafted with Yggdrasil wood, carapace, and mandible
Blackmetal Pickaxe Pickaxe Pierce: 49, Pickaxe: 33/33 210 Specializes in gathering marble, crafted from Yggdrasil wood and blackmetal bars found in the mistlands


These chosen weapons are a mediocre choice to progress forward in Valheim. They can prove to be useful for a small amount of time before you move into a tougher area with bigger enemies. The B-Tier list weapons need iron and copper as their required materials, so these weapons demand a tour of the swamps and the black forest.

Weapon Type Damage Durability Special
Finewood Bow Bow Pierce: 32/42 100 Useful in the early game, crafted from fine wood, core wood, and deer hide
Iron Axe One-handed Axe Slash: 60/75, Chop: 50/59 175 Good for survival in the swamps, crafted with wood, iron, and leather scraps
Huntsman Bow Bow Pierce: 42/51 100 Better damage than Finewood Bow, crafted with fine wood, iron, feathers, and deer hide
Iron Sword Sword Slash: 55/73 200 Upgrade from bronze sword, crafted in swamps with wood, iron, and leather scraps
Iron Mace Club Blunt: 55/73 200 Effective against skeletons and Bonemass, crafted with wood, iron, and leather scraps
Iron Atgeir Polearm Pierce: 65/83 175 Offers higher damage, crafted with wood, iron, and leather scraps
Iron Sledge Two-handed Club Blunt: 55/73 100 Useful for knocking back multiple enemies, crafted with ancient bark, ymir flesh, iron, and a Draugr Elite trophy
Iron Pickaxe Pickaxe Pierce: 33/48, Pickaxe: 33/48 150 Essential for mining in the mountains, crafted with core wood and iron
Battleaxe Two-handed Axe Slash: 70/88, Chop: 40/47.5 200 Slow swing speed but high damage, crafted with ancient bark, leather scraps, and iron
Fang Spear Spear Pierce: 75/93 100 Useful for melee and throwing attacks, crafted with ancient bark, wolf fang, leather scraps, and silver
Abyssal Razor Knife Pierce: 10 50 Deals 20 slash and pierce damage, requires chitin obtained from leviathans in the ocean
Stagbreaker Two-handed Club Blunt: 20/38 100 Effective against skeletons and greylings, crafted with core wood, leather scraps, and deer trophies
Ancient Bark Spear Spear Pierce: 55/73 100 Good early game weapon, crafted with troll hide, ancient bark, and iron


The C-Tier contains the most basic weapons of Valheim. You can unlock most of this ammunition right after you have started the game and without much hassle. However, these weapons do not prove productive right after you start to explore the game because even if these weapons are upgraded, the base statistics of their successors are comparatively much better. On the bright side, crafting the C-tier weapons is easy because of the availability of all needed resources in the meadows (the first biome of game).

Weapon Type Damage Durability Special
Bronze Spear Spear Pierce: 35/53 100 Good early game weapon, crafted with wood, deer hide, and bronze
Bronze Mace Club Blunt: 35/53 200 Effective against enemies vulnerable to blunt damage, crafted with wood, bronze, and leather scraps
Bronze Pickaxe Pickaxe Pierce: 24/40, Pickaxe: 24/37 120 Good for mining, crafted with core wood and bronze
Bronze Sword Sword Slash: 35/53 200 All-around choice in the black forest, crafted with wood, bronze, and leather scraps
Antler Pickaxe Pickaxe Pierce: 18 100 Useful for mining, crafted with wood and hard antler
Bronze Atgeir Polearm Pierce: 45/63 125 Useful against crowds of enemies, crafted with wood, bronze, and leather scraps
Copper Knife Knife Slash: 12/15, Pierce: 12/15 200 Crafted with wood and copper, useful for early game combat
Bronze Axe Axe Slash: 40/55 125 Useful for chopping down trees and as a melee weapon, crafted with wood, bronze, and leather scraps
Crude Bow Bow Pierce: 22/31 50 Basic bow for hunting in the meadows, crafted with wood and leather scraps
Flint Knife Knife Slash: 5/8, Pierce: 5/8 200 Early game weapon crafted with wood, flint, and leather scraps
Flint Axe Axe Slash: 20/35 100 Better than stone axe, crafted with wood and flint
Stone Axe Axe Slash: 15/30 100 Basic axe for tree felling, crafted with wood and stone
Flint Spear Spear Pierce: 20/38 100 Early game weapon for hunting and resource collection, crafted with wood, flint, and leather scraps
Club Club Blunt: 12/30 100 Basic weapon crafted with wood, useful for early game combat


Our list of weapons was based on personal preferences, and we weren’t biased with any weapon in the game. But these personal preferences can differ between certain gamers having a distinct gameplay style.

Additionally, the fact that one unlocks most of the good weapons late in the game does not nerf their predecessors. We created this tier list keeping in mind the weapon’s overall performance throughout the game which caused some early weapons to lose their spot in an upper tier.

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