Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Trophies [All 39]

Our Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Trophy Guide tells you all you need to know about the 39 unlockable trophies and how you can get them.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a total of 39 trophies that can be unlocked in the game. These trophies are distributed into four categories, which are platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. You are required to perform some specific in-game tasks or actions to unlock these trophies. Once you have completed the required action, the trophy will be unlocked and displayed on your profile.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 39 Trophies that players can unlock while playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
  • The Bunker Mastered Platinum Trophy is earned by obtaining all other trophies.
  • Five Gold trophies for completing tasks like the final mission, maxing chaos level, side quests, reaching level 40, and inventory upgrades.
  • Silver trophies involve collecting gold and completing challenges.
  • 29 Bronze trophies tied to the main storyline, including level achievements, boss defeats, and mission completions.

Here’s a summarized look at all 39 Trophies in the game:

Trophy CategoryHow To Unlock
Bunker MasteredPlatinum TrophyUnlock all the other trophies
At The Top Of All ThingsGold TrophyComplete the Fatebreaker mission
Completionist is Next to GodlinessGold TrophyComplete all 22 side missions
Controlled ChaosGold TrophyMax out your chaos level to 20
Living Legend Gold TrophyReach level 40 with your character
Mule Character Gold TrophyMax out your inventory and purchase every inventory upgrade
GoldionaireSilver TrophyCollect 1,000,000 Gold
WyvernheartSilver TrophyLevel up to level 30
You Mean the Chaos Levels?Silver TrophyReach chaos level 10
Put the RNG in OrangeSilver TrophyLocate an enchanted legendary item
A Recent HopeBronze TrophyReach level 10
Back Off!Bronze TrophyStun an enemy chasing you in the Overworld
Body Unsnatcher Bronze TrophyComplete The Son Of A Witch mission
Bomb Voyage!Bronze TrophyComplete The Emotion Of The Ocean mission
Brighthoof Calls for AidBronze TrophyComplete The Hero Of Biighthoof quest
Brutal Narrative Dissonance Bronze TrophyComplete The Mortal Coil Mission
Bursting CoffersBronze TrophyCollect 100,000 gold
Dungeon EnderBronze TrophyIn the Overworld complete all the Dungeon Doors
Fired Festival Bronze TrophyDestroy 10 encampments in the Overworld
Friend to the ForestBronze TrophyComplete The Thy Bark With A Vengeance mission
Gob Darn Good WorkBronze TrophyComplete The Slayer Of Voracanar and Goblins Tired Of Forced Oppression missions
Grab My HandBronze TrophyRevive a friend during combat in the online play option
Hero ProtagonistBronze TrophyReach level 20
Keep on Rollin’Bronze TrophyEnchant or Re-enchant an item
Luck Amok Bronze TrophyCollect 3,000 Loot Luck
Mag of HoldingBronze TrophyPurchase the final tier of any inventory upgrade
No Quest Too SmallBronze TrophyComplete 20 side quests
Parasites LostBronze TrophyComplete the Walk The Stalk mission
Quest GetBronze TrophyComplete the Bunkers and Badasses mission
Reversal of FatesBronze TrophyGet a death save off a badass
Rude Sails of MagicBronze TrophyComplete the Ballad Of Bones mission
Short Rein Bronze TrophyComplete A Hard Day's Knight mission
Shop, Drop, and RoleplayBronze TrophyPick up and redeem a cosmetic item
So Much for That Guy Bronze TrophyComplete The Ditcher mission
Take ThisBronze TrophyTrade with another player in the online play mode
Thank the MakerBronze TrophyComplete a chaos chamber run
The First SessionBronze TrophyComplete the Soul Purpose mission
They Haven’t Invented Podcasts YetBronze TrophyLocate 1 lore scroll
You, Esquire Bronze TrophyComplete the Trial Of Crooked Eye Phil

Platinum Trophy

trophy 1
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Platinum Trophy

This is the rarest trophy that you can unlock in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The trophy is called Bunker Mastered, and it requires you to collect all the trophies in the game. You have to unlock the first 38 trophies to get your hands on this reward. This trophy is so rare that less than 1% of players have gotten their hands on it since the game’s release in March 2022. Once you have collected all the trophies in the game, you will receive the platinum trophy as a reward.

Gold Trophies

trophy 2
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Gold Trophies

Next on our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Trophy Guide are gold trophies. There are a total of five gold trophies that can be unlocked in the game. They require you to complete a plethora of tasks. Some of these tasks can be completed in the main storyline, while others require some extra effort. These tasks can take a significant amount of time to complete, but once you are done with them, you receive these trophies. The five golden trophies include;

  1. At the Top of All Things: Complete the Fatebreaker mission, the final mission in the game, by finishing all other main storyline missions. Defeat the Dragonlord to earn the Fatebreaker Legendary Weapon and the gold trophy.
  2. Completionist is Next to Godliness: Complete all 22 side quests in the game. These quests involve traveling to different areas and overcoming challenges. Once all side quests are completed, you’ll receive this trophy.
  3. Controlled Chaos: Reach a chaos level of 20. You can access the chaos level after completing the main storyline and playing the Chaos Trial mode through the Chaos Chambers option in the main menu. Defeat enemies in this mode to increase your chaos level and unlock the trophy.
  4. Living Legend: Reach character level 40, which is the maximum level in the game. This may require a significant amount of time and grinding, but there are methods like XP farming and trainers to speed up the process.
  5. Mule Character: Max out your character’s inventory and purchase all available inventory upgrades. This can be costly in terms of in-game currency, but you can use farming strategies and increase your loot luck to gather the necessary gold more efficiently.

Silver Trophies

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Silver Trophies

Next, we will discuss silver trophies in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Trophy Guide. These trophies are relatively easy to unlock compared to the gold trophies. You can unlock almost all these trophies if you play the gold trophy missions. These trophies are also unrelated to the main storyline and require you to perform individual tasks. They include;

  1. Goldionaire: Collect one million gold in the game. This can be achieved through various strategies, including farming methods, glitches, and cheats. Some exploits, like the Shift Codes Exploit or the Infinite Skeleton Keys Glitch, can help you accumulate gold quickly.
  2. Wyvernheart: Reach level 30 by farming XP. Leveling up in the game grants skill points that can be used to improve your character’s Skill Tree and Hero Stats. Each character class has unique skill trees to enhance your abilities.
  3. You Mean the Chaos Levels?: Reach Chaos level 10 by completing the main storyline and unlocking the Chaos Chambers. The main storyline consists of ten missions, and once completed, you can access the Chaos mode. Reaching Chaos level 10 unlocks this trophy.
  4. Put the RNG in Orange: Find an enchanted legendary item in the wild. While exploring the game’s map, you may come across various items, including enchanted legendary ones. These items are valuable and rewarding. Once you locate such an item, you’ll earn this trophy.

Bronze Trophies

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Bronze Trophies

Bronze Trophies are next on our Trophy Guide. There are a total of 29 bronze trophies that can be unlocked in the game. These trophies are relatively easy to unlock as they are related to the main storyline. A lot of bronze trophies can be unlocked by completing the main storyline missions or performing basic tasks. You can unlock almost all of these trophies during your first play-through of the game. These bronze trophies include;

Here is a list of these bronze trophies:

  1. A Recent Hope: Reach player level 10 by gaining XP from defeating enemies and completing quests.
  2. Back Off!: Stun an enemy chasing you in the Overworld. This can be done by using certain attacks.
  3. Body Unsnatcher: Complete “The Son of a Witch” mission in the main storyline, which includes defeating the Wastard Boss.
  4. Bomb Voyage!: Complete the “Emotion of the Ocean” mission by nuking the ocean with Torgue.
  5. Brighthoof Calls for Aid: Complete the “Hero of Brighthoof” quest, warning Paladin Mike about the Dragon Lord’s attack.
  6. Brutal Narrative Dissonance: Complete the “Mortal Coil” mission, which involves completing several related quests and defeating Dryl.
  7. Bursting Coffers: Collect 100,000 gold through various means like loot boxes and defeating enemies.
  8. Dungeon Ender: Complete every Dungeon Door Location in the game, totaling seven doors.
  9. Fired Festival: Destroy 10 encampments in the Overworld.
  10. Friend to the Forest: Complete “Thy Bark with a Vengeance” mission, including defeating Banshee.
  11. Gob Darn Good Work: Complete “The Slayer of Vorcanar” and “Goblins Tired of Forced Oppression” missions.
  12. Grab My Hand: Revive a friend during combat in online play.
  13. Hero Protagonist: Reach character level 20 by gaining XP and completing quests.
  14. Keep on Rollin’: Enchant or Re-enchant an item to improve its stats.
  15. Luck Amok: Achieve a total of at least 3,000 Loot Luck, influencing item quality.
  16. Mag of Holding: Purchase the final tier of any inventory upgrade to enhance your inventory.
  17. No Quest Too Small: Complete a total of 20 side quests scattered across the map.
  18. Parasites Lost: Complete the “Walk the Stalk” mission by defeating the parasite boss.
  19. Quest Get: Complete the first main storyline mission, “Bunkers and Badasses.”
  20. Reversal of Fates: Get a death save off a badass enemy.
  21. Rude Sails of Magic: Complete the “Ballad of Bones” mission, including defeating LeChance.
  22. Short Rein: Complete the “A Hard Day’s Knight” mission by finding and defeating Zomboss.
  23. Shop, Drop, and Roleplay: Pick up and redeem a cosmetic item.
  24. So Much for That Guy: Complete “The Ditcher” mission, including defeating Salissa.
  25. Take This: Trade with another player in online play.
  26. Thank the Maker: Complete a chaos chamber run available after finishing the main storyline.
  27. The First Session: Complete the “Soul Purpose” mission, which involves navigating catacombs and defeating Knight Mare.
  28. They Haven’t Invented Podcasts Yet: Locate a lore scroll, of which there are eight in the game.
  29. You, Esquire: Complete the “Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil” mission, which includes helping Phil and defeating various enemies.

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