Victoria 3: All Console Commands & Cheats  

Learn Victoria 3 All Console Cheats & Commands to make things work your way

Victoria 3 offers a wide cheat system that can be used by players to personally mode the game to their liking and speedrun their victory, and our Victoria 3 All Console Cheats and Commands guide will uncover all of them! 

Victoria 3 Commands
  • To access the command console in Victoria 3, activate debug mode by adding “-debug_mode” in the launch options.
  • Press the ~ button to open the command console.
  • Cheat codes can be used by entering commands like “add_approval,” “add_clout,” “add_relations,” “annex,” and “money.”
  • Use the “Help” command to view a list of available commands.

How To Access Console 

Victoria 3 Steam Library
Steam Library (Image Credit Exputer)
  • To access cheat codes, use the game’s command console by pressing the ~ button on the keyboard.
  • Ensure debug mode is activated by adding “-debug_mode” in the launch options through Steam Library properties.
  • Go to General tab, click on “launch options,” and type “-debug_mode” to activate debug mode.
  • Once debug mode is activated, press ~ to open the command console.
Victoria 3 Properties
Properties (Image Credits Exputer)
Victoria 3 Debug Mode
Debug Mode (Image Credits Exputer)

All Console Commands In Victoria 3

Now, let’s actually discuss all the commands that you can use to make your way through the game as a new beginner. 

Commands  Function
add_approval (x interest group) (x amount) The command will instantly add up an automatic approval rating for an interest group that you want to access. 
add-clout (x interest group) (x amount) The command will add a specific cloud rating that players will want for the interest group that they want to access. 
Add_loyalists (x culture) (x amount)  A loyalist population will automatically be added up to the country of your choice in the game. 
Add_radicals (x culture) (x amount)  A certain amount of radical people/population will be added to your country of choice (the country that is being played by you). 
add_relations (x culture) (x amount)  Choose any country of your choice and add a certain relation to that country with yours. 
Add_war_support (x country) (x amount)  You will be able to go to war with a certain country that you choose. 
Annex (country tag)  Choose any country of your choice, and the command will annex it. 
Change_law (x law) (x country)  Choose a country that you want to change the law in, and the game will gladly do it. 
Changestatepop (x state’s id) (type of population)  Change the total population size of a certain chosen state. 
Disable_ai  The AI in the game will be automatically turned off and disabled. 
enable_ai Instead of being disabled, you can turn the AI on in the game again. 
Help A list of commands will be opened in front of the player to use. 
ignore_government_support If you have had any government support, then the command will make the player ignore it. 
Kill_character (x name)  A character ends up being killed in the game. 
Money (x amount)  By this command, your treasury will instantly receive a certain amount of money transferred to it. 
norevolution All revolutions will be put on standby and then will be ultimately disabled in the game. 
nosecession All secessions in the game will be put on standby and then will be ultimately disabled. 
Observe  Puts you in observer mode so the area being governed can be observed by the player. 
Own (x province or state) (x country)  A certain province or state of your choice will become yours instantly and will be owned by the player. 
popstat The command grants players the ability to access the active population in the current area. 
Portrait editor The game has an in-built portrait editor that will be activated and will be available to use by the player. 
Province borders (T or F)  The commands allow players to either turn on province borders whenever required but also gain the ability to disable province borders too. 
Research (key of technology) The command allows a specific country to gain a piece of technology that will be chosen by the player. 
Screenshot  Typing the command will instantly take a screenshot of the in-game content at the given moment. 
Set_devastation_level (x state) (x amount)  Players will be granted the ability to set a certain devastation level for a region of their choice) 
Set_pollution_level (x state or region) Players will be able to control the amount of pollution level taht they want to be present in a certain state or a region. 
settings The command will lead you directly to the in-game settings. 
skip_migration The players will be granted the ability to instantly skip any amount of migration that they would otherwise have to do in their certain area. 
Switchlanguage (x language)  Typing the command out will allow you to switch the in-game language to the language that you end up choosing. 
Tag (x country)  The tag grants players the ability to play in any country that they want to. 
Test event (name of event) (x state) (y state)  The command will allow players to spawn out a certain entity at the given coordinates. 
Testobjective (key of subgoal) By using this command, players will be able to test certain objectives. 
Treatyport (x state)  A treaty port will instantly be opened up in a state of your choice. 
version By using the command, players will be able to see which version of the game they are currently in. 
Wagerate (x building) (x rate)  The wage of a certain building of your choice will be changed. 
Yesmen  (by using the command, players will be able to make the AI agree to every and all kinds of proposals). 
fastenact The fast enact mode will be enabled.
fasthire The fast hire mode will be enabled. 
fastinstitutions The fast institution’s mode will be turned on. 
fastinterests The fast interest mode will be enabled. 
fastmobilize The fast mobilization mode will be turned on. 
fastravels The fast travel mode will be enabled. 
fastrevolution The fast revolution mode will be turned on. 
fastsearch The fast search mode will be enabled. 

And there we have it, these are all the cheats and commands that you can get in-game, and with that, we will wrap up our Victoria 3 Console Cheats and Commands guide! 

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