Victoria 3 Authority: Best Ways To Increase & Maintain

Learn everything about Authority in Victoria 3, how to maintain it, and the best ways to increase it!

Victoria 3 has 4 main capacities: authority, money, influence, and bureaucracy. Authority is one of the key capacities without which a nation cannot be run properly, and our Victoria 3 How To Increase Authority guide will also focus on and detail the capacities and authority! 

Key Highlights
  • Authority is a capacity that focuses on the state’s power and brings an internal change to a country.
  • Authority exists for three main reasons: to issue and enact laws, to manage interest groups and to determine consumption taxes.
  • Laws in a country govern authority and can enable institutions that benefit incorporated states.
  • Interest groups can endorse or oppose laws based on their ideologies.
  • Laws that determine authority include Presidential Republic, Census Suffrage, Racial Segregation, Total Separation, National Militia, Interventions and Protectionism in the economic system.
  • Three main laws that increase authority in the game Victoria 3 are outlawing dissent, censorship and the right of assembly.
  • Authority can also be increased by certain technologies such as mass communication, nationalism and pan-nationalism, mass propaganda, political agitation and by the church interest group.

What Is Authority? 

Victoria 3 Authority
Authority (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that we have taken a swift look at the other three capacities let’s focus more on what exactly authority is and how it operates. 

Authority itself is known to be a certain capacity that mainly places its focus on the state’s power and brings in “internal change” to the country, meaning the way a nation can bring in certain changes to their ongoing situation in their nation. 

What Is Authority For? 

There are three main key reasons why authority exists in the first place. 

One of the reasons that authority exists is to issue and enact certain laws for the nation and its population. These laws will include a decree, a demand made by the country’s rule that will bring changes in the state that is present under the head of the state. 

Decrees will almost always cost a certain amount of authority until and unless they are abolished or as long as they remain active in the state. Once the decree or law has been issued and has been abided by, it will be able to provide a certain amount of bonus to the state, whether it is a positive one, until it is removed altogether.

The second reason why authority exists is simply to manage certain interest groups. In the simplest terms, interest groups are known to be certain political factions in your country that will share a common interest. 

The interest group is always supported by the population in your country and their attraction. The clout also governs it that the population enjoys while directly correlated to its political strength. Interest groups have a certain number of ideologies, allowing them to bolster or suppress certain laws, meaning they accept or deny them. 

Lastly, the authority will directly determine how they want to add or maintain consumption taxes to specific goods, such as food items and construction materials. Anything consumed by the nation will end up having taxes on them. These taxes are crucial to run a proper country successfully. 

Determining Authority 

Victoria 3 Determining Authority
Determining Authority (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s see what exactly determines authority and how it is maintained. Laws in your country will govern authority. Now, laws are placed down in your nation to maintain how a country operates and the way that it is governed. 

These laws can also enable institutions that will directly benefit the incorporated states in your country, and these institutions will then provide further control for players in their nation. 

For a law to be even enacted, it will have to be first endorsed, which directly ties together our link back to the interest group that has the upper hand in the way that they can either endorse or oppose a certain law based on the interest group’s ideologies. If the law wants to remain there, it needs to be endorsed by at least one interested group that is fully active in the government and is also supported by a current political movement in-game. 

These laws that will determine that they exist will be listed below: 

  • Presidential Republic: is part of the governance principles. 
  • Census Suffrage is also part of the distribution of power. 
  • Racial Segregation is part of citizenship. 
  • Total Separation is part of the church and state. 
  • Elected Beauacrats, who will become local governors, are almost always elected by their constituents. At the same time, they can also decentralize power, which will make citizenship easier to manage. 
  • National Militia is part of the army model, which will determine how they can defend homes, considering how the standing army is pretty small in number. 
  • No Home Affairs will also be part of the internal security, including the national guard, secret police, and guaranteed liberties. 
  • Interventions are part of the direct economic system, which is there to ensure the overall stability of your nation. The economic system will have traditionalism, agrarianism, laissez-faire, and command economy in it too. 
  • Protectionism falls into trade policy, with factions like mercantilism, free trade, isolationism, and protectionism to have their industries protected from foreign market actors. 
  • Per capita taxation will fall under taxation, including consumption-based taxation, land-based, per capita, proportional, and graduated. 
  • Colonial Resettlement will fall under direct colonization, and the colonial resettlement will be there to provide land to settlers that are present from the incorporated states. 
  • Local Police Force will fall under policing and will include no police, local police force, dedicated police force, and militarized police force. 
  • Public Schools will fall into the education system. 
  • No Health System falls under the direct health system, which includes charity hospitals, private health insurance, and public health insurance. 
  • The right of Assembly falls under free speech. 
  • Serfdom Abolished falls under labor rights. 
  • Child Labor Allowed falls under Children’s Rights. 
  • Legal Guardianship falls under the rights of women. 
  • No Social Security falls under welfare. 
  • No Migration Controls fall under migration. 
  • Slavery. 

Best Ways To Increase Authority

Now, let’s get into the different ways you can increase your overall authority. The main way that players will be able to increase their authority is by enacting certain laws, which will allow them to have their overall authority boosted. Let’s discuss what those laws are in detail. 

Distribution Of Power 

Victoria 3 Distribution Of Power
Distribution Of Power (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the main laws that will have several sub-laws will be known as the Distribution of Power, which will include laws like autocracy, oligarchy, landed voting, wealth voting, census suffrage, and anarchy. 


Starting with autocracy will entail that the head of state’s power will be absolute and cannot be finished, and the head of state will be held accountable to no power that can surpass them. 

For players playing as USA, the autocracy will be supported by the southern planters interest group, and in general, 19.4% of the clout will endorse the autocracy, while 57.3% will not endorse it, and 23.1% will not care about it. Autocracy will increase authority by 250. 


The oligarchy means that the head of state shares power and responsibility with a certain number of individuals that are themselves pretty powerful but are pretty small in number. The law is supported by the industrialists and southern planters when enacted in an area like the USA. 

40.1% of the base clout will want to endorse the law, while a total of 36.6% of them will not want to endorse oligarchy, and 23.1% will just not care at all. Oligarchy itself will increase your overall authority by a total of 200. 

Landed Voting 

Moving on to landed voting will basically mean that any person that owns any amount of land or any type of capital property will be able to gain a vote from the general party. The land voting law is supported by an interest group known as the southern planters. 

About 19.4% of the total clout will be able to endorse the landed voting law, while 36.6% will go against it and will not support it, while 43.9% will not support it. Landed voting will increase your overall authority by 150. 

Wealth Voting 

Wealth voting entails that all the wealthy people present in the nation will automatically gain a vote, and men with more wealthy accumulations will instantly gain more votes than people on the poorer end. The wealth voting law is supported by 20.7% of the industrialist’s clout and 13.6% of the intelligentsia clout. 

About 40.1% of the clout will endorse wealth voting, while about 36.6% of them will not want to support it there will go against it, and on top of that, about 23.1% will simply not care about it. Wealth voting will increase your total authority and boost it by 100. 

Census Suffrage 

When it comes to census voting, it will mean that men with a particular status (typically higher than lower) and men who are educated will gain an instant vote from the general public. The census suffrage law is supported by 20.5% of the rural folk clout, while 13.6% of the intelligentsia clout also supports it. 

About 34.2% of the clout will be able to support the endorsing of census suffrage, while 19.4% of them will not want to support it, and in all fairness, about 46.2% of the total populous will just simply not care about it. Census suffrage will increase your authority by 50. 


Victoria 3 Citizenship
Citizenship (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on to citizenship laws, there will be a total of 5 sub-laws in it, 4 of which will cause the nation’s authority to increase, which will be the ethnostate, national supremacy, racial Segregation, and cultural exclusion. At the same time, multiculturalism doesn’t affect the nation’s overall authority. 


When it comes to ethnostate, it will basically entail that any cultures that are not relative to your current nation, or in our case, the USA, will be hated and discriminated against. The ethnostate law is only supported by a total of 9.4% clout, among which falls the petite bourgeoisie. 

No percentage of clout actually abides and wants to endorse the ethnostate law, while about 13.6% of the total hate it and want to go against it. Apart from that, a whopping 86.3% of the total clout doesn’t care about the law itself. However, enacting the ethnostate law will increase your overall authority by 200. 

National Supremacy 

Next up, we have the national supremacy law, which will share similarities with ethnostate law in the sense that it will still discriminate against certain cultures that are foreign. The only difference this time is that they will be discriminated against unless they share a certain amount of heritage, language, or other customs, and the petite bourgeoisie and evangelicals will support it. 

16.5% of the total clout will support the national supremacy law, while 13.6% of the populace will want to go against it. However, 69.7% of the total supremacy will still not like it. However, national supremacy accounts for an increase in authority by 200. 

Racial Segregation 

As for racial Segregation, if any cultures are of different heritage, they will be highly discriminated against and will not receive any type of support from the nation you are ruling over. Only 9.4% of the total petite bourgeoise support enacting the law. 

About 9.4% of the clout supports enacting the law, while 13.6% of the clout does not support it, and 76.8% of the clout will not care about it again. Enacting the racial segregation law will increase your total authority by 50. 

Cultural Exclusion 

The final law will be known as cultural exclusion, which will increase authority. The cultural exclusion will entail discrimination against cultures that have nothing in common with the nation’s primary culture. It will increase your authority by 50. 

Church And State 

Victoria 3 Church And State
Church And State (Image Credits Exputer)

The next set of laws that we would like to discuss will be known as church and state, which will include the state religion, freedom of conscience, and total Separation. 

State Religion 

First and foremost, state religion will entail the church being the official and main organ present in the state. Any religion that is a minority will be immediately discriminated against, and Christianity will be the main religion (as far as the USA is concerned). The law will be supported by 7.1% of the evangelical’s clout. 

About 7.1% of the clout will support the state religious law, 13.6% of the populus will go against it, and 79.2% will not care about it. State religion accounts for 200 authority when enacted upon. 

Freedom of Conscience 

Next up, we have the freedom of conscience, which means that while the nation will have a religion of its own, people will be free to choose and follow whichever ones they want to; however, religions that are too exotic will be looked down upon. 

7.1% of the clout will agree with the law, while 13.6% will want to go against it, and 79.2% doesn’t care about it. Freedom of Conscience accounts for 100+ authority when the law is enacted. 

Economic System 

Victoria 3 Economic System
Economic System (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the next set of laws that will enhance your authority, they will be part of the economic system, which will include the commands of economy law. Command economy entails an interventionist economy where the government will be able to manage almost all aspects of production directly. 

The trade unions are the only interest group that supports the law, and about 41.2% of the total clout wants to not abide by it, and 58.7% do not care about the law, but it accounts for an increase by +25% authority. 

Trade Policy 

Victoria 3 Trade Policy
Trade Policy (Image Credit Exputer)

Moving onto the trade policy law, the main law that will help increase authority will be isolationism. The law itself will be aimed at building an economy that is focused on internally supplying the overall needs of the nation while not taking part in anyone’s business, no matter what. 

The law is supported by 20.5% of the rural folk interested group, while it is looked down upon by 23% of the total clout, and 76.9% of people don’t care about the law all that much. However, it accounts for an increase of 50% of your total authority in your nation. 

Free Speech

Victoria 3 Free Speech
Free Speech (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to free speech, there will be three main laws that increase authority, amongst which lie outlawed dissent, censorship, and the right of assembly. 

Outlawed Dissent 

The law will entail criticizing the government as extremely illegal, and there will end up being severe consequences. The southern lands, the petite bourgeoisie, the evangelicals, and the armed forces will all support the law. 

About 42.6% of clout supports it, 36.6% hates it, and 20.7% doesn’t care, and it accounts for an increase in your overall authority by 200. 


Censorship will entail active censorship of the press, and there is no guarantee that there is any kind of assembly. 42.6% support it, 36.6% don’t support it, and 20.7% don’t care, and it accounts for an increase of 100 authority. The right of assembly law also increases authority by 50. 

Other Methods 

Some of the other ways that you can increase your overall authority will be by a few things within the technology tree. Things like mass communication will grant you 10% more authority, and so will nationalism, pan-nationalism, mass propaganda as well as political agitation. 

Apart from that, the church interest group will instantly give you a boost in your overall authority by 10%. 

What Are The Capacities? 

In general, capacities are known to be a currency in the game, and the capacity directly represents how a nation can govern its citizens and will relate to certain aspects of that nation. 

These currencies (unlike money) are not considered to be normal currencies like gold or silver, rather, they are currencies that will continue to be generated from time to time, showcasing the overall way that your nation is being run, and the currency is directly divided into 3 main factions. 

With the capacities being so important, there are three main capacities, and one main currency is money. Let’s discuss a bit briefly about all of them! 


Victoria 3 Bureaucracy
Bureaucracy (Image Captured By Exputer)

In essence, bureaucracy is known to be a capacity used to maintain the way your country can be administratively cohesive and figure out how your country can run the nation, govern it, invest, and focus on taxes from the people. The government administration buildings mainly control it, and bureaucracy simply exists to ensure a certain amount to living life in that certain nation. 


Victoria 3 Influence
Influence (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to influencing, it will directly be a type of capacity that will directly govern how your nation can maintain and conduct diplomatic actions and how your country can have an “influence” over other nations. Your country’s rank will directly determine influence; therefore, greater powers will always be better and more respected than nations that fall into minor or unprecedented power. 


Victoria 3 Money
Money (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, money is going to be pretty self-explanatory. However, it doesn’t exactly fall into the official capacity since it is the actual currency in-game. It is quite literally used for everything, from government wages to production, to trade routes, to taking taxes from your nations’ populus. Giving people loans and buying simple items like wheat are all controlled by the almighty money. 


And there we have it! Some surefire ways that you can increase your authority and ensure that you have a tight grip on the way your nation runs! 

Victoria 3 is available to download on platforms like macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux as well s mc Operating Systems. And with that out of the way, we will wrap up our Victoria 3 How To Increase Authority guide!


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