Victoria 3 Economy: How to Make Money Faster

Learn all you need to know about how to make money faster, increase GDP & how to invest it.

The money mechanic in Victoria 3 is much more realistic and set in a flow state. Your money is always circulating and is not a base number of how much you have. Although it might be a little tough to get the hang of, it is much more challenging and fun. You pay off your debt every month, and the red numbers indicate that you are behind payments. Inversely, if you have a surplus of money, the numbers will be green.

 So here’s all you need to know about Money and how to make it faster in Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 Make Money Faster
  • Money is in a flow state, so you always need to be making more and invest it.
  • Setting up industries and expanding them can help you increase your Profit.
  • You can tax your population and make policies to gain more income.
  • Trading is an essential part of increasing income; exporting and importing goods can help increase GDP and reduce costs.
  • Subjugating other Nations also forces them to pay you 15 – 20 percent of their earnings.
  • Invest your money in your people and focus on using your money, not hoarding it.
  • Expanding and improving industries is the easiest way to make money in Victoria 3, but it requires research and understanding of the needs and demands of the population.
  • The player should look out for the interests of the people, the unemployed population and the class of people working in the industry.
  • The player should also be aware of the availability of workers and the cost of input materials.
  • Mines such as Gold and Coal are important for increasing wealth, but the player should also be careful about taxes and policies that may affect the standard of living of the population.
  • The player can increase taxes and decrease spending in sectors, import goods instead of investing in them and place consumption taxes to make more profit.
  • The player can lower wages in the Military and Government sectors to increase GDP without affecting the standard of living.


Building In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 Industries – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now the easiest and most common way to make money in Victoria 3 is by expanding your industries and improving them. Making more buildings will improve your economy, but it might also bankrupt you. Victoria 3 is a very complex game. You might have to pause the game and read a lot of things about your nation before rushing into anything. 

Figuring out which industry will be the best to expand will require some research into your nation. Only then can you make a decision on what industry to go with. You can always increase buildings in an industry you are green in, showing you that it is Profitable. However, you are not limited to these industries and start a new industry if you think it will be profitable according to the needs of the people and supply and demand. 

However, if an industry is red, then that means it is not profitable. You are wasting precious resources by investing in that, so just let the red ones go. It’s important not to have all your eggs in one basket and spread out your industries but also to keep in mind that they are profitable. 

A few things you want to look out for when making industries are going to be the interests of your people and also what type of people are unemployed. Almost all your people must be working and contributing to the economy. You can increase employment by placing buildings according to the class of people working there. 

Checking how much population a state has is crucial and can also be a factor in your economic downfall. If you place a building in a state where there are no people, you will be in some trouble. If you can’t find workers, all your resources and construction will be wasted.

Be sure that the input materials required in the Industry are cheap so that you can get the most turnover without heavy investment. Also, make sure that the output is what you need and can export or use to progress your other buildings. 

Industries such as Gold mines and Coal mines output the most income when they are controlled by the Government. Making Gold mines and Coal mines helps you in minting money, and since there is no inflation or devaluation mechanic, you can exploit this. Mines are a very important industry to increase wealth, so you will want to invest in them. 

Taxes And Policies

Taxes And Consumption Taxes
Victoria 3 Taxes – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another way you make money in the game is through taxes and policies. So, a great way to make money fast in Victoria 3 is by optimizing these policies, so they yield the most profit. Increasing taxes and decreasing spending of sectors can help improve the economy fast, and you can also import some goods instead of investing in them. 

Taxing is an essential part of making money, and you have to keep in mind the people and the goods you are taxing. Increasing Taxes might affect your people and decrease their standard of living, so you have to reinvest your money into your people. Don’t increase taxes on basic items that will affect living standards.

Low living standards or high taxes for a long period of time will cause a rise in militancy. Militancy will affect the nation and cause turmoil that, in turn, converts your taxes into waste taxes. All of these things have a negative effect on the economy, so be wary of them.

Another way you can tax your people without affecting the standard of living is by placing consumption taxes. You tax people who are buying certain goods and using certain services, so it does not affect the lower class of the population. You need to have a certain amount of authority points to be able to implement these taxes. 

Increasing isn’t the only option you have. You can also decrease your wages to help make more profit. Although it doesn’t help you make money, it will help you increase your Gross Domestic Product and stay in the green. 

You can Lower the wages in the Military and Government sectors so that there is more money to invest in your nation. Along with that, you can change the production methods of the military to the first level to lower the consumption by the military sector. Although, be sure you’re not in a war or plan on going on one before applying these.


Trade Routes
Victoria 3 Trade – [Image credit: eXputer]
Trading helps you make money in Victoria 3 as well and is a useful mechanic you can master. It is a little complicated, but once you understand what you need to do, you will be making a lot of money. 

All goods in the game have market prices that increase and decrease according to the supply and demand of each good. Each country in the game is in its own market, but you can expand and make multinational markets by controlling smaller states and by forming unions with other nations.

You aren’t limited to the multinational markets either. You can establish trade routes with any nation that qualifies for trade. However, you have to make sure to check which countries require goods that your nation has a surplus of. You can export these goods and make a profit to increase income if you are short on certain goods it also beneficial to import some goods like food and arms instead of setting up separate industries. 

An easy way to check what good you are short on is by checking the market tab. The market tab also allows you to see what goods you are overproducing so you can use the information to export goods for profit.

There are different conditions and taxes when trading with different countries. A tariff is the amount of tax that you can put on the goods you are exporting to other nations to make more profit. Having no tariff means that you can freely trade with a nation and boost the growth of your industries. However, if you are isolated, it means you are cut off from the world and can no longer trade. 

By knowing all of these things, you can use them to establish a network of import and export. With the network, you can maximize the amount of money you make. Taxing exports and importing goods that cost too much to produce will help you make more money and also spend less. 

Taking Tribute

Making Money Faster Taking Tribute In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 Taking Tribute – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another way to have a massive amount of passive income is to have other nations that are paying you tribute. Some countries, like Great Britain, start with some smaller nations paying them tribute, but most nations will have to put in the effort to subjugate other nations. A nation’s rank determines if you can even subjugate it. 

When looking for nations you want to subjugate, you should keep a few things in mind. You should check if you can easily defeat the nation if they decide to go to war. Also, you should be looking at smaller nations than your own that you can easily force into submission. Wars are expensive, so you want to be as quick as you can to maximize your earnings. 

Subjugated nations pay you a percentage of their earnings regardless of their net profit or loss. You get a percentage of whatever money that nation produces. Puppets states give you 20 percent of their income, and vassals give you 15 percent of their income. If you want to make money subjugating, you want to make sure the nations are Puppets or Vassals.

An important factor to consider is if the nation you conquer has gold. Gold indicates that a nation has decent national revenue, and gold production directly translates into large amounts of revenue. 

Invest Your Rescources 

Investment Pools
Victoria 3 Investment Pools – [Image credit: eXputer]
Investment pools can help you make massive amounts of wealth, so you need to learn how they work. Investment in the Victoria 3 helps you make money faster and is quite simple, the more you invest, the more money you make. 

You determine where to invest by a few factors in the game. Mostly your economic factors will determine whether you have any investment pools to invest in. You can invest in different investment pools to generate wealth. Most of the wealth is gathered by interest groups in the nation.

After setting up an investment pool, the population associated with the pool will take a portion of their weekly balance and put it in the investment pool. The funds you receive in the investment pools help you use the money to establish buildings. It’s also important to note that you do not make any of the categories listed in the investment pool. Only build these when you have enough money in the investment pool to establish them.

Over time the investment pools will accumulate a lot of wealth. You will be able to build all sorts of construction hubs without any investment but time. When constructing any building, it will indicate if the investment pool will cover it. 

Income Cap

The wealth in Victoria 3 is always flowing, and it isn’t like you are storing wealth in a treasury. So do not hoard your wealth and just look at the number; reinvest it. Increasing the standard of living for your people and progressing as a nation are your primary goals. If you plan to go to war, having a good amount of reserves is necessary, but there are other ways to get the desired results without war.

There is an Income cap in the game, so if you make a certain amount of money, you will stop earning. The mechanic forces you to reinvest it somewhere, so spend your money wisely. 

Why Making Money Is Important In Victoria 3

The economy is one of the most crucial aspects of the game, and without it, your nation will crumble. To ensure you prosper and are progressing and sustainable, you have to keep in check a lot of things. The standard of living and the Military are two important things you will have to keep in check. These things increase the chances of your country’s survival, but both of them need money.

Even though your money is always flowing, you need to have a good amount of profit from different buildings and taxes. You can make money through buildings, taxes, passing laws, and subjugating other smaller countries in the game. Starting wars and raising taxes will cause you to lose money, so be vary of that.

The number on the top left of your screen shows if you are in a net loss or a net profit. Though it is always good to be in green, it’s not always required of you.

Final Words

You will find that Victoria 3 is a very complex game filled with many intricate details. You will have to check to find out the best move for the nation after doing excessive research. However, these methods of making money faster apply to most countries in Victoria 3. Understanding how the economy works and how to utilize your resources is key in the game. With these tips, you can make an ever-increasing amount of money in Victoria 3 and invest it into your nation. 

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