Victoria 3: Technology Trees [Explained]

Learn about all 3 skill trees in the game and how innovation & technology spread are both important factors for your nation.

Your ability to put the technologies you study into practice will determine how well your nation develops. Researching technologies is crucial in real life, so they put that aspect into the game as well. The technology trees in Victoria 3 are vital as they unlock new production techniques that can be used for profit, better laws for those seeking a liberal utopia, and larger armies that can be used to subdue your rivals.

 Key Highlights 

  • Your ability to put the technology you study into practice will determine how well your nation develops.
  • In Victoria 3. the technology trees are distributed into three domains.
  • The production technology tree is related to agriculture and the production of new tools and devices. 
  • The military technology tree is related to the army and navy to better your nation’s defense. 
  • And the society technology tree is related to your country’s living standard and your population’s well-being.
  • Innovation tracks how quickly countries create new technology.

The Technology Trees System

Technology Trees In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Technology Trees – [Image credit: eXputer]
Victoria 3 features three distinct technology trees representing industry, military, and politics, totaling approximately 175 technologies. These tech trees are interdependent, unlocking new possibilities as you progress in the game.

Many nations start with several technologies already researched, particularly in areas like economics, legal systems, militaries, and diplomatic relations. Factors like literacy rates, colleges, and government-funded education influence the rate of technological development, with top nations advancing at least one technology per year.

The technology system in Victoria 3 aims to shape and evolve the game over time. While some technologies offer direct bonuses, most serve to open up new opportunities for action. These innovations may trigger demands for adoption or rejection from certain population segments, leading to changes within the nation. Some technologies may not have an immediate impact but provide new administrative options.

Technology Tree Types 

As mentioned previously, the technology trees in Victoria 3 are distributed into three domains. Production Technology, Military Technology, and Society Technology. Each technology contributes vastly to your nation’s development, thus making them necessary. The technologies in each tree are depicted from real-life problems and battles, which makes the game really realistic.

Production Technology Tree

Production Tree In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Production Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]
Focuses on economic expansion by introducing practical innovations like the Cotton Gin, which boosts cotton plantation outputs, and dynamite, enhancing mining yields. It also includes technologies for modernizing farms and ranches, improving labor efficiency. Significant advances like railways and automobiles are also part of this tree, helping to increase your GDP and establish your nation as an economic powerhouse.

Military Technology Tree

Military Tree In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Military Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]
Enhances your armed forces with technologies for constructing harbors, strengthening defenses, building ships, and training personnel. It is vital for those aiming to expand territory or defend against attacks. Innovations include trench technology for more efficient warfare and naval improvements for shipbuilding and port upgrades.

Society Technology Tree

Society Tree In Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Society Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]
Deals with the development of societal structures through technologies that influence diplomacy, finance, and politics. It includes technologies for democratic governance, legal frameworks, and ideologies like feminism that shape the political landscape. Additionally, it focuses on economic tools such as Central Banking and initiatives for improving population welfare.

Innovation Stat 

Weekly Innovation
Victoria 3 Innovation Bar – [Image credit: eXputer]
Innovation is a barometer of how intellectual and educated your population is. Here’s how it works:

  1. Starting Balance: Your weekly Innovation balance starts at 50 Innovations.
  2. Increase: It can increase based on decisions you make as you develop your country.
  3. Universities: Building and fully staffing universities is an effective way to boost your Innovation. Universities play a primary role in increasing your Innovation intake. You can qualify people through universities to staff the buildings you construct.
  4. Literacy Level: Your nation’s literacy level affects how effectively you can utilize Innovation to research selected technologies. Even with top-tier universities, low education levels among your population can hinder successful implementation of new knowledge.
  5. Primary School System: Maintaining a strong primary school system is crucial, alongside advanced universities, especially for nations aiming for global growth and innovation leadership.
  6. Research Time: If your Innovation hasn’t sufficiently advanced, research may take a long time. In such cases, consider exploring alternative, less expensive technologies until your Innovation rate justifies focusing on specific research goals.

Technology Spread Stat

Technology Spread
Victoria 3 Technology Spread – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the three technology trees in Victoria 3 will always be investigated by Technology Spread. Here’s how it works:

  1. Random Technology Focus: One of the three technology trees is selected for Technology Spread research. These technologies are chosen randomly from a list of those studied by other nations but not yet by your nation.
  2. Advancement Rate: The rate of advancement toward these selected technologies is also randomized, primarily influenced by your nation’s Innovation and literacy levels.
  3. Impact of Literacy: Literacy within your population significantly affects how quickly technology spreads. Any excess Innovation beyond the Literacy cap is directed toward speeding up the spread of new technologies.
  4. Educational System: Having universities that surpass your educational system’s capacity can help you catch up with the world but won’t allow you to surpass other nations.
  5. Freedom of Speech Laws: Your nation’s freedom of speech laws affect technology diffusion. Increased censorship grants more control but hinders the absorption of new information, which may or may not align with your goals.
  6. Education and Foreign Ideas: A more educated population is more open to foreign ideas, some of which may not align with your agenda. Exerting governmental control over what your population can discuss can help maintain focus on specific concepts you want them to be aware of.

Final Words 

Time can be called the main currency of the game. The more time you invest in the game the better your chances of building an elite empire. By learning more and more about the three technology trees in Victoria 3 you can unlock inventions in each Era to further go up in the game. If you wish to advance in academic and research-oriented circles, you’ll need to govern your country quite effectively. 


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