How To Manage Gold Mines In Victoria 3

The gold mines are an important aspect of the economy in Victoria 3 and essential to process gold.

Gold mines serve an important role in Victoria 3. They help you process the gold that you discover on your nation’s soil and add value to your gold reserves. In order to fully understand the purpose of these mines, we first need to talk about gold reserves and how gold can be discovered in the first place. 

Key Highlights
  • Gold reserves in Victoria 3 represent a nation’s wealth at any given time.
  • The amount of Gold can increase or decrease depending on a nation’s income and expenses.
  • One way to increase gold reserves is through gold mines.
  • Gold reserves have limits in the game with diminishing returns after a certain threshold.
  • To discover gold, players must view information about their nation’s states and look for the ‘Discoverable Resources’ sign.
  • Players have two options when discovering gold: ‘Gold Rush‘ or ‘Keeping the Gold‘.
  • The ‘Gold Rush’ option gives a bonus to migration while ‘Keeping the Gold’ gives a bonus to income through minting.
  • Gold mines are the most common way to process gold after it has been discovered and kept.

Gold Reserves

Victoria 3 gold mines
Discoverable Resources. [Image credit: eXputer]

Victoria 3 has a convenient way of presenting information to the players. On the top of the screen, you can see the amount of cash that a nation has. In other words, this is the gold reserve of a nation. The game features a weekly system to manage its budget. After the week is over and the necessary expenses are calculated, any money that remains unused from the budget goes toward the gold reserves.

The gold reserves directly represent the cash that a nation has at any given time. Just like how leftover money goes into increasing the gold reserves, the gold reserves can also be decreased. This happens when a country has more expenses than its budget it has. It can also happen in cases where the country owes a debt to another country, which comes out of the gold reserves. 

The gold reserves of a nation are dependent on the income and expenses of the nation. If a nation has high income and low expenses, its gold reserves will increase. Similarly, if a nation has low income and high expenses, its gold reserves will deplete. One of the most common ways to increase the gold reserves of a nation is through gold mines. Let us discuss what gold mines are in detail.


The gold reserves have certain limits in the game. You cannot endlessly hoard gold, otherwise, the game would have been unbalanced. After a certain threshold, the gold added to the reserves has diminishing returns. This means that if you add gold worth £5,000 to your reserves after you reach the limit, you will only gain a profit of £1,000 in your reserves.

This mechanic serves as an incentive for players to actively spend their wealth in various fields, instead of accumulating it.

Discovering Gold

Victoria 3 gold mines
Gold as a resource. [Image credit: eXputer]

In order to discover gold in your nation, you need to view the information about its states. When you click on the overview of your nation, you will be able to see whether or not you can build gold mines in your nation. If you see a sign saying ‘Discoverable Resources’, then that is a good start. This means that you can discover resources such as gold in that state. The sign suggests that there are undiscovered resource deposits in that area. 

It is worth noting that these resources have a chance to be discovered on their own. This happens only if the state is part of a non-isolated state region. The amount of gold that you can discover varies from state to state. In case you discover gold in your nation, you will be faced with two options. They are as follows:

  • Gold Rush
  • Keeping The Gold

We will now cover the two options in more detail.

Gold Rush

A gold rush is a simple option that isn’t hard to understand. When you see a pop-up in your game that prompts you to pick and you pick the gold rush, the gold rush will begin in that state. This means that your nation will get added bonus to migration. The exact multiplier for this bonus is 50% and the bonus can remain active anywhere from two to five years. 

Keeping The Gold

In case you decide to click on the other option in the pop-up, you will simply keep the gold. This means that you will get a bonus to your income. This bonus comes indirectly when you perform the act of minting. Let us discuss what the act of minting really means in the game.

Through the act of minting, nations get some form of income for themselves. This is done so by generating some cash flow through printing new currency. You can also achieve this by casting another currency in relation to the GDP. Minting is especially helpful for nations that have gold mines or gold fields. These are the two ways you can process the gold after discovering it and keeping it for yourself.

Gold Mines

Victoria 3 gold mines
Gold mines. [Image credit: eXputer]

Gold mines are the most common way to process gold after you decide to keep it. It is a type of building that you can construct in the state in which gold was discovered. The gold mines use slaves as laborers who mine gold for you. To build a gold mine you need to have Prospecting technology. You can unlock it through the technology tree, under Shaft Mining. In layman’s terms, it increases your chances of discovering new resources.

Some basic information that you should keep in mind about gold mines in victoria 3 is as follows:

  • Gold mines produce +10 gold per level.
  • They consume tools at a rate of +5 per level. 
  • They increase employment for shopkeepers and laborers by +500 and +4500 per level, respectively.
  • They improve urbanization at the rate of +10 per level. 
  • They consume an infrastructure usage of +2 per level as well.
  • The base construction cost for a gold mine is 300 construction.
  • The gold mines have multiple levels and they can be upgraded on top of that.
  • Increasing the level of the gold mines will lead to an increase in overall productivity.

Gold Fields

Gold fields are the enhanced version of the gold mines. They require the same Prospecting technology as gold mines. For the most part, they perform the same function as gold mines. Which is, to mine gold. Where they differ is in the production department. 

Here is some basic information regarding gold fields that you should keep in mind:

  • Gold mines produce +20 gold per level.
  • They increase employment for shopkeepers and laborers by +500 and +4500 per level, respectively.
  • They improve urbanization at the rate of +10 per level. 
  • They consume an infrastructure usage of +2 per level as well.


That has been our guide on gold mines in the game. You can discover gold in various states depending on the fact that resources are discoverable there. Once you discover gold, you can choose to process it. The processing of gold is done through gold mines and gold fields. Once you build your gold mines or gold fields, they will process gold for you while you focus on other things.

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With that, you should be all set to manage your gold mines in Victoria 3. Check out our beginner’s guide in case you are a new player. If you want a more in-depth guide to some of the mechanics in the game, be sure to check out our Victoria 3: War System, if you are interested in the warfare aspect.

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Did you find the information that you were looking for? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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