Victoria 3 Meiji Restoration Event [How To Complete]

The Meiji restoration is an important event in Victoria 3 that can be unlocked by completing the Honorable Restoration Event.

If you are playing as Japan and want to trigger a very important event called the Meiji Restoration, then you will have to follow a series of steps in Victoria 3 to get to that point. Revoking laws and changing policy while reforming the government are all part of the restoration so let’s take a detailed look at it down below. 

Key Highlights
  • Meiji Restoration is one of the major events in Victoria 3 when you are playing Japan and want to industrialize it.
  • To complete it you have to finish the Honourable Restoration Event first along with 3 different restoration events.
  • These events include the Evolution of the Samurai into the Armed Forces and the end of Sakoku along with the Urbanization of Japan.
  • After completing the Meiji Restoration event you will be able to trigger a new event called A Renewed Japan and unlock claims on Korea.

Meiji Restoration 

First, it is important to take a look at the event itself. We know that Japan was under a Feudal System in the Victorian era, and Tokugawa Shogun ruled over the Han system and several daimyos.

Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Meiji Restoration [Image Captured By eXputer]
The Meiji Restoration marked Japan’s transition from a feudal system under the Tokugawa Shogunate to a more modernized and civilized nation. It involved:

  1. Overthrowing the emperor’s rule by the Shogun.
  2. Imposing policies like Sakoku, isolating Japan from the world.
  3. The Sonno Joi Movement aimed at reversing these policies.
  4. The arrival of Commodore Perry and the Shogun’s defeat.
  5. The Boshin war, which led to the overthrow of the shoguns.
  6. Emperor Meiji’s ascension and capital relocation to Tokyo.
  7. Abolishing the Han System to embrace progress and technology.

The Meiji Restoration event represents Japan’s quest for modernization and industrialization.

Starting Out In Japan 

Starting in Japan, your economy may be modest, with tobacco as a resource. The Meiji Restoration will occur in the Kansai region.

Shogunate And Samurai 

Initially, Samurai and the Shogunate (landowners) hold power, but the Shogunate faction is the most influential, with 50% clout in Victoria 3.

Your main goal is to trigger the event by completing the Honourable Restoration Journal Entry, leading to modernization and industrialization. To achieve this, you must keep the Shogunate Faction out of power and maintain their clout below 20% for ten consecutive years.

Requirements For The Honorable Restoration 

To trigger the Meiji Restoration event, you need to complete the requirements of the Honorable Restoration, which include:

  1. Weakening the Shogunate: Ensure that the Shogunate’s influence is reduced. This involves countering their power with opposing parties, passing laws, developing manufacturing, and avoiding rebellions.
  2. Keeping Shogunate Out of Government: Prevent the Shogunate from returning to power. You can achieve this by adding other factions to your government, altering institutions like the police force, marginalizing the samurai, and removing serfdom.
  3. Additional Objectives: Make sure the Japanese Shogunate has no Interest Groups, is at peace, and owns all of Kanto.
    How to complete Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
    Honorable event [Image Captured By eXputer]

Once you have completed these objectives, you will trigger the Koichiro Restoration event, leading to the Meiji Restoration. After the Meiji Restoration, Japan will undergo significant changes:

  1. Capital Relocation: The capital will move from Kyoto to Edo (now Tokyo).
  2. New Flag and Color: Japan’s flag and color will change.
  3. Events: You will unlock three new events: the transformation of Samurai into an Armed Forces Interest Group, the end of Sakoku (closed country), and the Urbanization of Japan.
  4. State Shinto: You will have the option to adopt State Shinto as the official religion, modernizing Buddhist monks and facilitating industrialization.
  5. Renewed Japan Event: Upon completing the Meiji Restoration, you’ll unlock a renewed Japan event and gain claims on Korea.
Honorable event
Completing Honorable event [Image Captured By eXputer]

Completing The Meiji Restoration Event And Options

To complete the Meiji Restoration event, you have several key events and their associated requirements:

  1. Favoring Industrialists or Intellectuals: Depending on whether the Emperor favors industrialists or intellectuals for a period of five years, you will receive a 20% increase in Political Strength Interest Group.
  2. Renaming of Shogunate Interest Group: The Shogunate Interest Group will be renamed “Land Owners.”
  3. Unlocking Three Events: You will unlock three more events:
    • Industrializing Japan
    • Retiring the Samurai
    • Ending Sakoku
Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Requirements for Meiji Restoration [Image Captured By eXputer] 

Industrializing Japan 

To complete the industrialization event, ensure that:

  • Japan is not in default mode.
  • More than 70% of eligible Japanese states are in place.
  • You have at least one Urban Center building with a level equal to or greater than five.
  • You have a railway.

Retire The Samurai 

For the retirement of the Samurai event, ensure that:

  • Japan does not have the Serfdom Trait enacted.
  • The samurai are not in power.
  • The samurai are not part of the government.
  • Japan has researched Napoleonic Warfare.
  • You have built 160 Japanese buildings (excluding barracks).
  • You have not activated Cannon Artillery, Infantry Focus, and Irregular Infantry.

End Of Sakoku 

To trigger the End of Sakoku event, meet the following requirements:

  • Japan is not a subject of another nation.
  • Japan does not have closed borders.
  • Traditionalism and Isolationism traits in Japan are eliminated.

Ending Remarks

There are a lot of factors involved and completing the major restoration event in Victoria 3. However, the most important thing is to make sure that the Shogunate is out of power and that you have completed the Honorable Restoration Event. We also recommend checking out our guide on Trade Center in Victoria 3 to see how policies work.

Furthermore, if you are looking to increase your influence while playing as Japan make sure to check out our guide on how to increase influence in Victoria 3. 

The aftermath of the event is quite easy as you will be able to unlock some flavors of Japan and claims on Korea. With this, we and our guide on the Meiji restoration invent in Victoria 3.

You will come across many instances in Japan’s timeline where you will have to declare war in Victoria 3. Don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on the best mods in Victoria 3 where we have listed the top 10 popular ones for you to try out. 

Hopefully, after reading our guide you will be able to successfully complete the event and continue your journey in Japan. if you have any queries regarding the article then make sure to leave your questions in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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