Victoria 3 Meiji Restoration Event [How To Complete]

The Meiji restoration is an important event in Victoria 3 that can be unlocked by completing the Honorable Restoration Event.

If you are playing as Japan and want to trigger a very important event called the Meiji Restoration, then you will have to follow a series of steps in Victoria 3 to get to that point. Revoking laws and changing policy while reforming the government are all part of the restoration so let’s take a detailed look at it down below. 

Key Highlights
  • Meiji Restoration is one of the major events in Victoria 3 when you are playing Japan and want to industrialize it.
  • To complete it you have to finish the Honourable Restoration Event first along with 3 different restoration events. These events include the Evolution of the Samurai into the Armed Forces and the end of Sakoku along with the Urbanization of Japan.
  • After completing the Meiji Restoration event you will be able to trigger a new event called A Renewed Japan and unlock claims on Korea.

Meiji Restoration 

First, it is important to take a look at the event itself. We know that Japan was under a Feudal System in the Victorian era, and Tokugawa Shogun ruled over the Han system and several daimyos.

Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Meiji Restoration [Image Captured By eXputer]
Daimyos were the Landholding Magnates and the feudal Lords of Japan. So the emperor itself got overthrown in power. Then came the policies like Sakoku, which kept Japan isolated and did not allow it to progress.

With the beginning of development and the Shogun trying to learn the new ways of the world came to the Sonno Joi Movement to reverse this. 

With the Expedition Of Commodore Perry, the Shogun was defeated, and the emperor issued an order to expel all Foreign Barbarians from Japan. Then came the Boshin war that attempted to overthrow the shoguns, and they succeeded.

After that, we saw the ascension of Emperor Meiji, who moved his capital to Edo from Kyoto and renamed it Tokyo. He also abolished the Han System in an attempt to allow Japan to progress and welcome new technologies. 

In Victoria 2 and Victoria 3, we see The Meiji restoration event as part of Japan’s Timeline. This event attempted to make Japan a more modernized and civilized country. The Meiji Restoration was a decision that promoted the westernization of Japan. Furthermore, you will also industrialize Japan in the process, and we will take you through it step by step in our detailed guide. 

Starting Out In Japan 

When you first start out in Japan, you will not have much to get through. Your economy will not be that high, and among several resources, you will be able to grow tobacco.

It’s very much like the ability we had to grow cotton while emerging from isolation; however, the ability is not that important. An important thing to note is that the Meiji Restoration will take place in the Kansai region. 

Shogunate And Samurai 

In the initial stages of the game, we see Samurai and Shogunate, otherwise called the land owners, in power. However, the most powerful faction here is off shogunate.

They have 50% clout in Victoria 3, while the Samurais only have about 9 To 10%. Therefore, you will have a vivid idea of how hard it will be to overtake them, which we must do for the Meiji Restoration. 

Our main objective will be triggering the event why completing the Honourable Restoration Journal Entry. Doing so will not only modernize Japan but will also set Japan on its way to industrialization. 

However, doing so is not easy as the Honorable Restoration Journal Entry has some requirements, among which the hardest to complete is definitely to keep The Shogunate Faction out of power. Moreover, you will also be required to keep them below 20% clout. You have to continue and maintain it for 10 whole years in order for the journal entry to be counted. 

Requirements For The Honorable Restoration 

To allow the Meiji Restoration event, you will have to complete the requirements of the Honorable Restoration first, and it requires some conditions to be true for a total of 10 years. 

How to complete Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Honorable event [Image Captured By eXputer]
So the first condition requires the shogunate not to be powerful. We know that the shogunate will have a 50% hold on power. So keeping Shogunate out of power is not an easy task.

Furthermore, they will have some policies and laws that are basically non Reformable. Also, the factors like Serfdom and Traditionalism will come your way a lot when you are trying to weaken the shogunate. 

How To Weaken The Shogunate  

There are a lot of ways by which you can weaken the Shogunate. To counter Shogunate, you will need parties that will oppose the ideas of the faction. We recommend that you bring parties like petite Bourgeois, Peasant, and Intelligencia that will highly oppose the ideas of the Shogunate. 

You can also try to pass a law, and it entirely depends on your luck if it gains or loses traction. In case it is losing, then you can always cancel it and start another law. You can also try again with the same law and see if it gains traction this time.  

Another way is to build up a manufacturing industry in your capital. Doing so will boost the industrialist faction, and if you tend to do so early on in the game, then you will have the upper hand. You will also have enough capitalists by your side to start introducing new reforms.  

Some players have also tried to defeat the Shogunate Rebellion in order to reduce the shogunate clout, and while it did help, it is better to avoid rebellions as they can be quite harmful to your country.

Also, you can start a rebellion of your own, and it will allow you to trigger your objective quite early on in the game. However, keep in mind that their clout will eventually bounce back, so it is important to try out other ways as well. 

Keeping Shogunate Out Of The Government  

After you have successfully killed the Shogunate clout, your next objective is to keep them out of the government. Now keep in mind that the Shogun faction, as well as the Samurais, are both hyper-conservatives and both are isolationists as well.

So bringing modernism into Japan is not that easy. However, in order to liberalize our country and start the restoration, both events are important to trigger. 

In order to keep the Shogunate out of the government, you can try adding other factions to your government. Keep in mind that some factions might reduce legitimacy to obtain colonization; however, if it keeps the shogunate out, that’s the only thing that matters.

Another thing that you can do is attack the shogunate by using different institutions. You can try switching the police force to professionals and weaken the Shogunate’s power. Another way is to marginalize the samurai and remove serfdom; however, it will require a lot of experience in the game to do so. 

Honorable event
Completing Honorable event [Image Captured By eXputer]
Other objectives of the Honourable Restoration include that the Japanese Shogunate does not have any Interest Groups and is at peace while owning all of Kanto. After you have completed all the objectives for Honorable Restoration, you will trigger the event called the Koichiro Restoration. 

Triggering The Meiji Restoration

After completing the Honorable Restoration, you will unlock Meiji Restoration. Keep in mind that after you trigger the Meiji restoration, the Shogun will leave their responsibilities. Now you will see Japan taking the form of what we know it as now.

The country will start changing completely into Japan with the red color as its signature. Then you will see a new flag, and from Kyoto, the capital will change to Edo, now known as Tokyo. After the Meiji Restoration, you will be able to unlock three new events as well. 

These events will be the evolution of the Samurai into Armed Forces Interest Group. When the event happens, it will remove their Bakufu Trait ultimately. Another important event in the timeline will be the end of Sakoku or the closed country.

This is also one of the major events after the Meiji restoration in the history of Japan. Last but not least, we will have the Urbanization of Japan again, another important event down the timeline. However, for several players, these events might already be available to trigger.

These events can be triggered during the restoration as well, and in many cases, players have already finished the sakoku event along with its journal entry and claimed its reward before starting the Meiji Restoration. 

Furthermore, you will also get the option to decide if you want Japan to adopt the State Shinto as its official religion. If you went on with this decision, keep in mind that you will modernize the Buddhist monks. So you will stop them coming your way during the industrialization period.  

After you have successfully completed the major restoration you will unlock a renewed Japan event and get claims on Korea. 

Completing The Meiji Restoration Event 

When the Meiji Restoration event will trigger either the industrialist or the intellectuals will get favored by the emperor. If the industrialists get favored by the Emperor for a period of five years, then you will get a 20% increase in Political Strength Interest Group.

Meiji Restoration Event in Victoria 3
Requirements for Meiji Restoration [Image Captured By eXputer] 
Also, the shogunate interest group will be renamed and called the land owners. You will unlock three more events to industrialize Japan, retire the Samurai, and end Sakoku. Another major event that happens during the timeline is that Shoin Matsudaira dies.

If the Intelligensia is favored by the emperor for a period of five years, then you will gain a 20% increase in the Political Strength Interest Group. Furthermore, the Japanese capital state will move to the canto region and the same three events will occur. 

To complete the Meiji restoration event you will have to complete the three restoration events in the journal entry. 

Industrializing Japan 

To complete the restoration event you will need to make sure that Japan is not in default mode. Furthermore, you need to make sure that there are more than 70% of eligible Japanese states. You will be able to see the percentage of states that are eligible beneath the objective. 

Next, you need any building, and it should be Urban Center, and the Building Level equal to or greater than five. Last but not least to industrialize Japan you will need to have a railway.  

Retire The Samurai 

The next restoration event will be the retirement of the Samurai. You will complete the event if Japan does not have the Serfdom Trait enacted and the samurai are not powerful. Furthermore, you need to make sure that samurai are also not part of the government and that Japan has searched the Napoleonic Warfare. 

Next, you have to build 160 Japanese buildings to complete the event. make sure that the building is not barracks and that you have not activated Cannon Artillery, Infantry Focus, and Irregular Infantry. 

End Of Sakoku 

The next event is the End of Sakoku. You will need to complete the following requirements to end the Restoration Event. Make sure that Japan is not a subject of another nation and does not have closed borders. Furthermore, you will also need to get rid of Traditionalism and Isolationism in Japan to complete the event. 

Summing It Up 

There are a lot of factors involved and completing the major restoration event in Victoria 3. However, the most important thing is to make sure that the Shogunate is out of power and that you have completed the Honorable Restoration Event. We also recommend checking out our guide on Trade Center in Victoria 3 to see how policies work.

Furthermore, if you are looking to increase your influence while playing as Japan make sure to check out our guide on how to increase influence in Victoria 3. 

The aftermath of the event is quite easy as you will be able to unlock some flavors of Japan and claims on Korea. With this, we and our guide on the Meiji restoration invent in Victoria 3.

You will come across many instances in Japan’s timeline where you will have to declare war in Victoria 3. Don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on the best mods in Victoria 3 where we have listed the top 10 popular ones for you to try out. 

Hopefully, after reading our guide you will be able to successfully complete the event and continue your journey in Japan. if you have any queries regarding the article then make sure to leave your questions in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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