Victoria 3: BEST Mods [Top 10 In 2024]

Learn about the best mods available for Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 allows the players to mod the game as they see fit. If you are unsatisfied with how the game looks or plays out in certain aspects, then give modding it a shot. There are a plethora of mods already, with the game just being released. We have picked some of the best Victoria 3 mods, which really enhance your gaming experience. Before we jump into the mods, you need to know how to apply the mods.

Victoria 3 Mods Rundown

Here are best mods for Victoria 3 that enhance gameplay and visuals:

  1. Improved Automation Mod: Helps streamline resource management.
  2. Necronomicon Mod: Transforms the game into a classic fantasy setting.
  3. Mediterranean Architecture Mod: Enhances building styles in specific regions.
  4. Complete Pop List Mod: Displays a list of all pops in a nation.
  5. Construction Queue With States Mod: Optimizes the construction queue.
  6. Clean Map Mod: Provides a minimalist and organized map experience.
  7. Revenge of the Political Map Mod: Aids in strategic planning.
  8. No Clouds Mod: Removes clouds for an unobstructed view.

Here’s a quick list of all the Victoria 3 Mods: 

Improved AutomationAims to make auto expansion of industries check against available employmet
Better Interest Group AttractionAdds a significant amount of depth to how pops choose which interest groups to join
AnbennarIt's a Fantasy total Conversion Mod
NecronomiconLightweight Lovecraft Flavour mod
Mediterranean ArchitectureReplaces the European/Arabic architecture seen in the Iberia, Italy, Balkans, and Anatolia regions with the built-in Latin style
Complete Pop ListSimple mod that lists all pops instead of only three in the Pops Panel
Construction Queue With StatesAims to improve the construction queue
Clean MapAims to create clean and simple map that is enjoyable to play in
Revenge Of The Political MapLets you view the map from a lens of politics
No CloudsRemoves the clouds to avoid visual obstructions

Improved Automation

victoria 3 mods
Improved Automation mod in the game.

The Improved Automation mod in Victoria 3 enhances the automation features of the game, making it easier to manage your nation’s resources and industries. In the base game, auto-expanding industries may not always consider all relevant factors and can lead to issues like shortages and profit disregards. This mod addresses these concerns by introducing additional checks before auto-expanding industries:

  1. Cash Reserves: The building must have cash reserves of more than 75% before expansion is considered.
  2. Workforce Availability: The state should have an available workforce to accommodate the expansion.
  3. Goods Availability: The mod factors in the availability of goods within the building.
  4. Market Access: Market access should be greater than 90% for expansion.

Additionally, the mod may also check if you have a weekly profit from your building or industry. These changes help streamline the automation process and reduce the need for excessive micromanagement.

You can download and install the Improved Automation mod to improve the automation features in Victoria 3.

Better Interest Group Attraction

victoria 3 mods
Better Interest Group mod in the game.

The “Better Interest Group Attraction” mod enhances the way interest groups are determined in Victoria 3. The game traditionally relies on fixed modifiers, which can make pops’ interest group choices feel disconnected from their standards and status.

This mod improves the system by adding multiple deciding factors, such as pop wealth and the political situation in your nation. This leads to more realistic reactions from pops, aligning them with appropriate interest groups.

With this mod active, you’ll notice pops joining interest groups that better match the nation’s circumstances. For example, a strong military will attract a pro-war interest group. This enhances the game’s realism and logic.

Important note: This mod is compatible with the game when no other interest group-related mods are installed. You can download it here.


victoria 3 mods
Abennar mod in the game.

The “Anbennar” mod is a comprehensive overhaul for the game, transforming it into a rich fantasy experience. It introduces a classic fantasy setting, featuring Elves and Dwarves as playable factions, set in a fantastical era.

The mod’s developers have crafted a detailed lore, which you can explore on their forum page. In summary, Abennar was once ruled by confident mages who eventually recognized the value of technology in the new era.

Anbennar seamlessly blends traditional magical fantasy elements with modern industrialization. It offers a unique twist on the familiar Dungeons and Dragons setting, with continents reimagined to fit this world. The addition of Adventurer pops enhances the authenticity of the experience, allowing players to create their dream nation using magic and technology.

You can check out the mod from here.


victoria 3 mods
Necronomicon mod in the game.

The Necronomicon mod is one of the most detailed mods for Victoria 3 out there. It adds an entire layer of gameplay with new cultures and even a new nation. The new nation is named R’lyeh and it has some aptly named interest groups like the Cult of Cthulhu and the Church of Starry Wisdom. There is a ton of stuff for you to discover like new technologies as well.

As we mentioned earlier, new interest groups have also been added which align with the pops of the new nation. These new interest groups have new ideologies and also new leaders. The Cult of Cthulhu is also a religion. It can be enforced on a state level if certain interest groups come to power. The mod even has an increased difficulty mode if you want more of a challenge. If you’re interested in this mod, you can check it out here.

Mediterranean Architecture

Mediterranean architecture mod in the game.

The Mediterranean Architecture mod is more of a stylistic mod. It’s for people who pay a lot of attention to detail. And if you’re one of those people who notice the slightest features in a game, you will notice a discrepancy. In Victoria 3, the style of buildings used in Iberia, Italy, and the Balkans is the same as in the rest of Europe. This is historically inaccurate, as you might have guessed.

This mod replaces those inaccurate with the Latin style of buildings. This style is more in line with what these places looked like during the seventeenth century. Now, this is not to say that these buildings are the authentic representation of these places. They are not completely correct but they are better than having European-style buildings. You can find more about this mod here.

Complete Pop List

victoria 3 mods
Pop list mod in the game.

Not all mods have to be complete overhauls like the Necronomicon. The next couple of mods in our list are some quality-of-life changes. These mods make you wonder why they’re not implemented in Victoria 3 in the first place. They make your gameplay experience much smoother and allow you to focus on the game, instead of the tedious interface.

The Complete Pop List does exactly what it says. It displays a list of all the pops in a nation. As opposed to the old interface, which only shows three pops at a time, now you can have a comprehensive panel at a glance. This mod saves you a lot of time as you do not have to search for pops manually. You can view all the information in just one panel. You can check out the mod here.

Construction Queue With States

victoria 3 mods
Contruction queue mod in the game.

As we mentioned earlier, this mod is also one of those quality-of-life mods. It is a very simple mod and does not change much about the game. The main aim of this mod is to improve and maximize the value you can get from the construction queue. 

In the base game, the construction queue is unoptimized and you can not even see the state where the building is being constructed. Moreover, the size of the entries in the menu is so large that only a few buildings can be viewed at once. 

With this mod, you can now see the state in which the building is being constructed. This is very helpful for situations where you need to know the precise location of an industry. You can now also view multiple entries in the menu. This is done by minimizing the size of the entries while keeping all the relevant information. This way, the useless space is cut out and the players can view more things at once. You can download the mod from here.

Clean Map

victoria 3 mods
Clean map mod in the game.

The “Clean Map” mod offers a more organized and minimalist gaming experience for players who find the default presentation overwhelming. This mod reverts to a cleaner map style reminiscent of the previous game in the series, which many players preferred.

The mod achieves a cleaner look by reducing map saturation and removing unnecessary information. National borders are also made less prominent to create a more cohesive visual experience. Additionally, the mod introduces new path textures for the navy and uses a more user-friendly font. It’s worth noting that the mod supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fonts.

You can subscribe to this mod with this link.

Revenge Of The Political Map

victoria 3 mods
Political map mod in the game.

If you are a fan of the old Paradox games, you will recognize this mod immediately. For some reason, the developers of Victoria 3 chose to exclude the political map mode. This mode gave their games a lot of charm and also allowed players to plan in a strategic manner. Now, you can no longer see the political orientation of every country as a view. If you want to do that without a mod, you will have to do so manually.

With the Revenge of the Political Map mod, you can view the map from a lens of politics. The colors and contrasts distinguish the countries from each other. This is a must-have for returning players, as it was part of the older games. You can download the mod from here.

No Clouds

victoria 3 mods
No clouds mod in the game.

The clouds in Victoria 3 prove to be a nuisance. Many players agree that the clouds take away more from the experience, rather than adding to it. If you are one of those players who is irritated by the clouds constantly obstructing your view, then this mod is for you. Just as the name suggests, this mod removes all the clouds and gives you a seamless experience without any visual obstructions. Download the mod for yourself from here.

How To Mod

victoria 3 mods
The game without any mods. [Image Credits: eXputer]
Victoria 3 gives the players the freedom to modify the game. If you play on a PC, then the steam workshop links to all the mods mentioned below. Just download the mods that you like and click the subscribe button on the page. The content that you downloaded will be available to you automatically when you restart the game.

Through these mods, you can drastically improve and customize your experience while playing Victoria 3. The game has an active community that is releasing mods. Don’t be afraid to try out a mod that you think you’ll like. Most mods work in conjunction with each other as well. But you might have to test it out yourself in case a mod that you previously installed is obstructing one of the later mods you install. 


That has been our top ten list for Victoria 3 mods. There are all sorts of mods in the game, that range from slight convenience mods like condensing a view in a menu, to complete overhauls of the game. These mods can all be accessed from the steam workshop and players can test them out as they please. 

With that, you should be all set to manage your nation in Victoria 3. Check out our beginner’s guide in case you are a new player. If you want a more in-depth guide to some of the mechanics in the game, be sure to check out our Victoria 3: War System, if you are interested in the warfare aspect.

Want to know more about technology trees in the game? Check out our Victoria 3: Technology Trees guide for that. If you want to learn more about the trade routes then check our guide on that as well!

Did you find the mod that you were looking for? Was the list helpful? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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