Upcoming Victoria 3 Patch Will Make Civil War Segment Almost Unavoidable

The developers have revealed in a latest forum post.

Victoria 3 is one of the freshest releases of 2022, presenting forth a “grand” strategy-styled gameplay with a deep economic system. Initial reviews pouring in for the game state that Victoria 3 is far from perfect, but it’s wholly fun. It gets multiple aspects of a nation-builder right, especially with its deep-dyed political mechanics.

However, as with most new releases, Victoria 3 too isn’t exempt from bugs, glitches, and other issues, such as the Victoria 3 crashing PC headache.

Thankfully, the developer Paradox Development Studio has taken notice of these pertinent problems plaguing the wide user base of Victoria 3 and has detailed the game plan in a relatively recent forum post

The Rundown: 

  • Victoria 3 made landfall on October 25, 2022 and has gathered its fair share of positive and negative reviews ever since. 
  • The world-building simulator has launched with a number of gameplay issues, such as the notorious black screen of death while loading the in-game app, various crashing problems, and, another particularly important bottleneck pertaining to the American Civil War segment of the game.
  • Paradox has assured Victoria 3 players that all these problems will be addressed in the coming weeks with one patch dropping after the other. 

It turns out that there’s one particular set piece within the title that’s currently “very easy to avoid.” Evidently, this is not what Paradox Development Studio had in mind for the American Civil War segment in Victoria 3. On the contrary, this specific part of the world-builder was supposed to be “hard to avoid.” 

In the list of fixes that the developer has addressed in recent times to the fans of the franchise, the twelfth point of the listing reads, “American Civil War can be easily avoided, and if it triggers, the Union may contain slave states and vice versa.”

With that said, the actual ambitions of the creators of the game were quite the opposite. An unknown bug is causing the Civil War to be pushed out of the way like a walk in the park, but that’s not the core Victoria 3 experience that the game is striving to live up to.

First off, all war interactions in the title are dynamically generated and draw inspiration from true-to-life factors such as politics and radicalism. However, in any playthrough, the result of an easily preventable Civil War is far from the intended experience. The official representative of the IP says, 

While civil wars and state selection for revolutionary countries are dynamically determined based on political support and radicalism, and may take different forms in different playthroughs, this particular outcome is not intended and will be addressed.” 

The good news is that the developers are hard at work, trying to bag the mess together which has unfortunately happened to spring up for Victoria 3. So to speak, bugs are defined as an “an unavoidable reality of launching a complex new game.” 

However, all of the mentioned issues in the forums post ought to be fixed in the “upcoming patches,” so you best sit tight and wait for next week to arrive. There’s a lot more where that came from, so stay tuned to the support forums if you’re one of the affectees at the present.

A Paradox Representative on the Official Forums
A Paradox Representative on the Official Forums

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