Victoria 3 Texas: Early, Mid & Late Game Strategy

All you need to know about Texas in Victoria 3 and how to play to win.

Texas is a great state to play in Victoria 3, but it might not be for everyone. Playing Texas in Victoria 3 is going to be quite hard and is more for experienced players.  However, if you know what you’re doing and how to play the game, you should be fine and even defeat Mexico and USA. There are a few things you have to keep in mind while playing Texas. Here’s everything you need to know to Win with Texas in Victoria 3.

Key Highlights
  • Texas is quite a complex and challenging Country to play in, so you probably don’t want to start with it if you’re new. 
  • There will be a lot of wars, so just get ready to fight and conquer with Texas in Victoria 3. 
  • Focus on the war with Mexico and Infrastructure at the start of the game. 
  • Use the US to take over Mexico and set up a good infrastructure to be well established. 
  • Then leave the US and become independent and focus on your people and economy.

Texas Overview And Start

Texas In Victoria 3 – [Image credit: eXputer]
So let’s start out by learning to know Texas in Victoria 3, and it’s a little different than Texas you know and love. So Texas is a solo state in Victoria 3 as the game starts in the year 1836, and the USA didn’t annex Texas till 1845. You can play Texas however you choose but being a solo state with not much going on, it’s difficult to play it. 

Also, it does help that as soon as you start the game, you are at war with Mexico and you are losing. Texas is all around sandwiched between two more powerful nations, both of which are trying to get control of Texas. If you win the war against Mexico, you get annexed by the USA, and if you lose, you are part of Mexico. 

Early Game

You pick Texas In Victoria 3 and enter the game, and you will notice a few things off the bat. You need to defend Mexico’s advancements and also start building an infrastructure to help yourself in becoming self-sufficient. Once you are done building all the Infrastructure, you should start focusing on the matters at hand. You will need to join the US to get the upper hand against Mexico, so you should do that. 

Here’s a guide to the early game:

  1. Defend Mexico’s Advancements and Build Infrastructure:

    • Prioritize defending against Mexico’s initial advances.
    • Focus on building infrastructure to become self-sufficient.
  2. Join the US:

    • Align with the United States to gain an advantage against Mexico.
  3. War with Mexico:

    • Assign General Samuel Houston and mobilize troops to defend the border.
    • Wars can be unpredictable, but you should win most of the time.
    • After victory, capture Mexican General Santa Anna and decide whether to negotiate with Mexico or attack head-on.
      Texas Vs Mexico In Victoria 3
      Fighting Mexico In Victoria 3 – [Image credit: eXputer]
  4. Give Back Santa Anna:

    • Exchange Santa Anna for ending the War of Independence against Mexico.
    • Focus on infrastructure, aligning with the US, and planning to conquer Mexico.
  5. Rush Mexico (Optional):

    • If you prefer an aggressive playstyle, consider attacking Mexico early.
    • Continue building infrastructure while at war, but be cautious of debt.
    • A general with morale-damaging traits is advantageous.
    • Maintain a relentless offensive to avoid a prolonged war.
  6. Infrastructure Development:

    • Build Construction Centers and basic trade buildings.
    • Start with one livestock and various resource-related buildings.
    • Use Decrees like Enlistment Efforts, Greener Grass campaigns, and Road Maintenance.
    • Construct Barracks to raise troops; pair with the Enlistment Effort Decree for more and loyal soldiers.
    • If rushing Mexico, build as many barracks as possible before unpausing the game.
      Building Infrastructure As Texas – [Image credit: eXputer]

Mid Game

Building Infrastructure is going to take a lot of time, so you can just focus on your government and policies for the time being. Try to keep your economy green and keep an eye out for policies, trades, and deals you are making. 

Here’s an overview of actions and strategies:

  1. Focus on Government and Policies:

    • While infrastructure development continues, pay attention to government policies, trade, and deals.
    • Keep your economy in good shape and make informed decisions.
  2. Joining the USA:

    • Accept the offer to join the United States when it arises, as declining will lead to war against a superior force.
      Texas 3 Joining Us In Victoria 3
      Joining the US In Texas – [Image credit: eXputer]
  3. Using US Support Against Mexico:

    • With US backing, use them to reclaim Mexican Texas.
    • Set up an HQ, select a suitable general, and win back Mexican Texas with favorable odds.
      Texas Taking Over Mexico
      Conquering Mexico As Texas – [Image credit: eXputer]
  4. Maintain Relations with France:

    • Keep good relations with France to avoid complications in your affairs.
  5. Expanding Infrastructure and Resources:

    • Utilize conquered Mexican resources and barracks for additional troops.
    • Keep developing buildings and trade routes for economic growth and stability.
  6. Preparing for War Against the USA:

    • As the USA seeks to annex Texas, prepare for war against this superpower.
    • Sway Great Britain to aid you with Obligation, and set the war goal as “Return state” to get back American Texas.
    • Engage in an all-out war with the USA, focusing on smaller states to increase your chances of success.
      Texas Fighting USA In Victoria 3
      USA And Texas Battle In Victoria 3 – [Image credit: eXputer]
  7. Managing Post-War Uprisings:

    • After winning states and calling off the war, be prepared for New Mexico’s uprising, and defend against US annexation attempts.
  8. Achieving Independence:

    • Persist in your efforts, and you will eventually secure Texas’s independence from the USA.

Balancing diplomacy, military strategy, and economic development is crucial as you navigate the mid-game challenges.

Late Game 

So after taking care of all these wars, you will want to start working towards becoming independent. The US isn’t in the best state and is having civil wars and don’t like us much offer we decided to fight them. Also, sooner or later, Mexico will start a war and start fighting you. So it is time to look at the Future.  

  1. Working Towards Independence:

    • With the USA experiencing civil wars and strained relations, prepare for your quest for independence.
  2. War With Mexico:

    • The late game should be relatively easy, with your dominance over Mexico and abundant resources.
    • Focus on improving infrastructure and strengthening your country’s economy.
      Texas Vs Mexico 2
      Texas Fight Mexican Revolt – [Image credit: eXputer]
  3. War of Independence:

    • Depending on the state of the USA, declare your war of independence.
    • Set war goals and play strategically to secure your independence. The weakened USA may make this task easier.
      Texas In Victoria 3 Gets Independence From USA
      Texas Gets Independence In Victoria 3 – [Image credit: eXputer]
  4. Achieving Independence:

    • Sign a peace treaty to officially gain your independence from the United States.
  5. Post-Independence Focus:

    • After gaining independence, concentrate on your nation’s development.
    • Expand your markets, focus on economic growth, and ensure the welfare of your citizens.

In the late game, Texas becomes a self-reliant nation, and you have the freedom to pursue your own goals and ambitions.

Final Words

That’s pretty much it for Texas in Victoria 3, and you will be pretty set if you follow the guide fully and should run into any unnecessaries problems. Texas can be a bit challenging and thought for a new player, so check out our guide on the BEST Victoria 3 Starting Nations if you want a more relaxed experience.

If you are having trouble establishing a good trade center, our Trade Center: How To Unlock & Use guide will help you. Since there is a lot of war while playing Texas, you might want to check out Victoria 3 Wars: How To Start & Win guide to help you understand how to come out on top. 

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