Victoria 3 Annex Puppet: Process & Prerequisites 

Learn how to annex puppets and the pre-requisites required for annexing in Victoria 3!

Story Highlights
  • Annexing puppets is setting a war goal to annex a nation that is your current puppet!
  • The best way to annex a puppet will be to use the diplomatic lens and the annex subject tab!
  • The main benefit of annexing puppets is gaining control over other nations!
  • If you miss out on annexing puppets, you might not gain control of potential targets.

Victoria 3 can conquer and take over nations, which can come at the price of annexing your subjects. In our Annex Puppet guide, we will go into complete detail about the entire process! 

How To Annex Puppets

Victoria 3 Annex Subject
Annex Subject (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to annexing a subject or a nation that you have intended to take over, there will be quite a few steps that players need to go through, such as setting an interest, setting diplomatic plays with your desired nations, setting the war goals, making them your puppet, etc. 

Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. Set Interests: Before you can annex a subject, you need to set your interests on the desired nation. This is done through the “Diplomatic Lens” by monitoring your interests.
  2. Diplomatic Plays: Access the “Diplomatic Lens” and click on the “Diplomatic Plays” tab. Here, you’ll find a list of diplomatic actions you can take.
    Victoria 3 Diplomatic Lens
    Diplomatic Lens (Image Credit Exputer)
  3. Annex Subject: Look for the option labeled “Annex Subject” and click on it. A list of available subject nations that you can annex will appear. These are the subjects you have previously chosen to make puppets through your war goals.
  4. Select Target: Choose the subject nation that you want to annex from the list.
  5. Confirm Annexation: After selecting the target nation, confirm your decision to annex it.
  6. Diplomatic Consequences: Keep in mind that annexing a subject may have diplomatic consequences, affecting your relations with other nations and potentially leading to international conflicts.
  7. Complete the Process: Follow any additional steps or requirements necessary to complete the annexation process.
Victoria 3 Diplomatic Lens
Diplomatic Lens (Image Credit Exputer)

 Second Method For Annexation 

Victoria 3 Second Method
Second Method (Image Credits Exputer)

Another method players can try out if they want to annex a nation will be to head over to the area available to annex (in our case, Indian Terrorism will be available to annex).

  1. Select the target area (e.g., “Indian Terrorism”).
  2. Right-click to access information about the nation in that region.
  3. Find the “Annex Subject” option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Ensure the nation is your puppet through previous diplomatic plays.
  5. Execute the annexation process as prompted in-game.
  6. Confirm and complete the annexation.

Prerequisite To Annexing 

Let’s discuss the prerequisites you might want to go through if you want to annex a nation properly. 

  1. Diplomatic Play: Annexations involve diplomatic plays, which are negotiations between nations, ranging from mild to hostile. These negotiations lead to demands or concessions.
    Victoria 3 Diplomatic Plays
    Diplomatic Plays (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. Strategic Region: Choose a strategic region, which consists of state regions important to your nation. This region indicates your nation’s interest in the chosen nation.
    Victoria 3 Strategic Region
    Strategic Region (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. Active Interest: To be actively interested in a nation, you must own one or more non-colonial states in the state region. This allows you to participate in diplomatic plays in that strategic region.
    Victoria 3 Active Interest
    Active Interest (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Diplomatic Power: Diplomatic plays require diplomatic power, which can be gained from your nation’s diplomatic influence, actions, and decisions.
  5. War Goals: Set specific war goals that include making the target nation your puppet.
  6. Annexation Process: Execute the annexation process through the Diplomatic Play interface, ensuring that your target nation becomes your puppet.

Escalation of Diplomatic Play 

After this, there will be a direct escalation that will take place for the diplomatic play that has been selected, and it will be split into three main moves, known as the opening moves, diplomatic manoeuvres as well as the countdown to war. 

Opening Moves 

Victoria 3 Opening Moves
Opening Moves (Image Credits Exputer)

Every diplomatic play that has been set between two or more nations will start with one main stage, which will be known as the opening moves. 

Here are some key points about the opening moves:

  1. Initial War Goals: The target nation, as well as the initiator of the diplomatic play, can set their initial war goals during this phase.
  2. Additional War Goals: Both parties have the option to pursue extra war goals simultaneously. This can be achieved through the use of “manoeuvres.”
  3. Manoeuvres: Manoeuvres are actions taken during the diplomatic play, allowing nations to claim multiple war goals. The ability to perform specific manoeuvres depends on a nation’s rank.
  4. Swaying Other Nations: You can attempt to sway other nations to support your side in the diplomatic play. This is typically done by making promises to the nation you want to convince to join your cause.

The outcome of the opening moves phase can significantly impact the course of the diplomatic play, so strategic decisions are crucial during this stage.

Diplomatic Maneuvers 

Victoria 3 Diplomatic Maneuvers
Diplomatic Maneuvers (Image Credits Exputer)

The next step for the diplomatic play will always be known as a Diplomatic Maneuver.

  1. Swaying Other Nations: During diplomatic maneuvers, both the initiator of the diplomatic play and the targeted nation can attempt to sway other nations to join their respective sides. Swaying involves making promises to these nations to gain their support in the diplomatic play.
  2. Choosing Allies: Nations aim to sway countries and nations that are relatively stronger than themselves. The goal is to secure backup support and ensure a better chance of success in the diplomatic play.
  3. Cost of Maneuvers: Swaying other nations comes at a cost of maneuvers. Each maneuver you perform consumes a certain amount of this resource.
  4. Success Factors: The likelihood of a nation accepting your sway request depends on several factors, including your overall relations with them, your past interactions, and your willingness to provide favorable terms in the future.

Countdown To War 

Victoria 3 Countdown To War
Countdown To War (Image Credits Exputer)

Last, the final step to the diplomatic plays will be known as a countdown to war. In this phase, both the initiator and the target will be highly prepared.

Here’s what happens during this phase:

  1. Preparations for War: During this phase, both the nation initiating the diplomatic play and the target nation prepare for the possibility of war. This includes various military and strategic actions.
  2. Mobilization of Generals: Generals are mobilized, and they take command of the battalions assigned to them. Once mobilized, generals cannot step down until the war between the two nations has concluded.
  3. Issuing Orders: Commanders receive orders, which may include military objectives. Some orders may specify targets, while others may not. Commanders follow these orders, and if an order requires them to move from one place to another, they do so immediately.
  4. Front Protection: Fronts, which are collections of provinces on the border of theaters between the two countries, need to be protected and defended. Generals are instructed to defend these fronts, which often lead to battles.
  5. Conscript Battalions: Conscript battalions are formed, serving as temporary battalions activated when wars break out.
  6. Increasing Command Limit: Efforts are made to increase the command limit, which determines the number of battalions that can be commanded.

The purpose of these preparations is to set the stage for a potential peace deal if the conflict escalates. The peace deal would need to be negotiated by both nations involved in the war, and it may involve adding or removing specific war goals to bring the situation to a resolution.

Backing Down 

If there is any moment where either one of the parties decides to back down from the war, then they will end up handing over the war goal to the nation that is currently winning, and they will be declared the victor. This is a general explanation of how the diplomatic plays run down. 

From there, your next war goal can be to convert the nation of your choice to make your puppet which will follow this entire process too. 

There we have it! Annexation of a puppet can seem really tough when in reality, it’s pretty easy. With that, we will wrap up our Victoria 3 Annex Puppet guide! 

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