Victoria 3 Migration & Emigration [Complete Guide]

Understand what migration and emigration in Victoria 3 explained in great detail!

Victoria 3 has an elaborate system of migration as well as a short system of emigration that can both be crucial for the survival of nations. In our Victoria 3 Migration and Emigration guide, we will go into great detail about both topics! 

Key Highlights
  • Migrations and Emigration go in hand in in which pops move from one nation to another for various reasons.
  • The best way to get migrations is by building relations with other nations, and having pops move to another nation.
  • The main benefit of having a high migration attraction is that your nation seems attractive for migrants!
  • If you do not get to familiarise yourself with migration, then your nation cannot progress or take over other nations.

What Is Migration 

Victoria 3 Migration
Migration (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s discuss what migration is. It is the movement of a certain amount of pops (population) from one state or nation to the other. The states that the transfer happens between will be a region where the pops can survive unless it is a split state; then, its territory will be controlled based on the state region. 

The migration happens between the states that will be present in the same market, meaning that they can trade goods with one another, except that the state ends up being isolated. The markets can connect through several trade routes, and a customs union controls the market. 

Apart from being between markets, migration can also occur between two countries that will be supported by a few migration targets, which we will discuss further. 


When it comes to emigration, it can be compared to migration, and there are a few differences between the two. Migration occurs between the pops of states in the same market or counties that several migration targets will target. 

As for emigration, it will typically only occur if their total standard of living drops extremely low compared to their market. The markets between nations that trade goods with each other will fully determine whether the pops end up emigrating or not. 

If the market is not well connected, or the market access ends up being way weaker than usual, then you can expect emigration to occur. Emigration can also directly occur if they are completely out of a job. 

Migrational Laws 

Victoria 3 Migration Laws
Migration Laws (Image Credits Exputer)

As a part of any nation, there will be a few laws that will govern whether migration is controlled or is left blindly being controlled by no one. At the start of a new nation in your control, there will be an active law that will simply be known as “No Migration Controls,” which directly means that there will be no attempt to control any sort of movement between its borders and further beyond, which can prove to be extremely dangerous. 

For that reason alone, there will be 2 more laws that can be enacted in any dire situation. 

Migration Controls 

When it comes to migration controls, the law will simply entail allowing people that are a part of a culture that is not discriminated against, which directly ties to the discrimination acts. The discrimination laws entail that there will be specific discrimination against groups of different ethnicities, races, or religions. 

The migration controls also state that religions that are not discriminated against will be granted permission to migrate safely from one state to the other, and all other cultures, unfortunately, lack the permission. 

Closed Borders 

The closed borders law will simply explain that there will be no internal migrations, meaning that any person will not be able to migrate within borders, nor will there be permission for anyone to migrate to outer nations. Hence the name closed borders. 

The law will be supported by 2 interest groups, the rural folk, who will be part of the 18.1% of the clout, and the petite bourgeoisie, which will be part of the 13.6% of the clout. 

All in all, the law will be supported by 31.8% of the population. At the same time, 12.9% will not support the law. 

Migration Attraction 

Victoria 3 Migration Attraction
Migration Attraction (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving right along, we previously mentioned something known as a migration attraction. Migration will typically occur between states or nations that will flow from the lower migration attraction to a higher attraction. 

Migration attraction is known to be the overall ability of a state to bring migrants to themselves or attract migrants from another nation. Migration attraction is important if a nation wants to successfully pull pops from one nation and take them into their nation. 

What Determines It? 

Victoria 3 Standard Of Living
Standard Of Living (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, migration attraction will be determined by the standard of living of a nation. The standard of living will be the overall measurement living conditions of a certain population in the nation. 

It will be primarily based on the accumulative or personal wealth the pops own and whether they can sustain and gold their assets. Apart from that, these assets will also directly calculate how well the pops can self-sustain and meet their own needs comfortably. 

Each week, the pops will need to have a certain amount of money to meet their personal needs; however, if their income cannot sustain it, then their total wealth immediately starts to drop. 

The standard of living will also govern the popo’s birthrate and mortality, which will be the total number of people that a pop loses or gains as long as its mortality and birthrate govern it in the state. The birthrate and mortality can increase or decrease based on the current disease conditions and working conditions. Jobs like mining deems dangerous than teaching. 

If the birth rate and mortality end up going too extreme,s it will directly determine how a population becomes radical, which means that they get disillusioned by the state of their country. Or they can end up becoming loyal, which simply means that they are currently happy with the situation of their country. 

Increasing Migration Attraction

There will be many ways to ensure that the migration attraction increases so the nation can stay in line. 

Greener Grass Campaign 

Victoria 3 Greener Grass Campaign
Greener Grass Campaign (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first ways you can get a serious bonus to your overall migration attraction will be by enacting and implementing the green grass campaign. It will allow players to issue the greener grass campaign, which will cost 100 authority and also increase the overall migration attraction by 50%. 

It will work in a way to promote that estate as a potentially desirable space to migrate to. It is essentially found if the player goes to their technology tab, heads over to the society tab, and scrolls a bit down to the romanticism technology. 

Romanticism is essentially known to be a sort of art movement that is aimed at celebrating people’s emotions and imaginations instead of solely focusing on ideologies like realism or rationality. Where people think extremely rationally and don’t believe in romanticism, romanticism aims to ascertain the need for romance and imagination in everyday life. 

Researching the technology will grant the player direct access to several things like an arts academy, agrarianism, realism, and the greener grass campaign, which will be a decree. Decrees are known to be demands made by the country’s rulers that will further bring change to a nation and cost a certain amount of authority to inaugurate. 

Trade Centers 

Victoria 3 Trade Center
Trade Center (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next guaranteed way that you can ensure an increase in the overall migration attraction will be through the use of trade centers

They are essentially a center where trade continuously takes place, and it will vary from nation to nation. When it comes to stronger nations like the USA, it will have a total of 36 trade centers, with a size 29 trade center present in New York and a size 7 trade center present in Massachusetts. 

These trade centers will provide increased productivity, which will directly measure how much economic value a building can generate based on the number of employees present in the building each year. It will calculate the weekly revenue and eliminate the expenses that were taken in due to consumption. 

The trade center will increase urbanization per level by 5, while it will increase employment for capitalists by 250 for each level and 750 for each level clerk. When it comes to the increase in migration attraction, it increases by 25%. 

Market Capitals 

Any nation that ends up being a market capital means that while a nation has a particular market, nations will be able to trade goods with each other unless the state ends up being completely isolated. 

The markets will be well connected with each other through their market access, which will be a general measure of how easily a state is connected to the rest of the market. The market access will start at 100%, which will be slightly reduced if the state’s overall infrastructure goes over its infrastructure. 

Market access will directly affect how markets can sell and buy orders. National markets can be used as another term whereby they can be expanded to gain more territory, bring in more raw resources, and bring in more customers. 

Each state connected to the market capital, either by land or other methods, will also be a direct part of it. Market capitals provide a direct bonus to your migration attraction. 


Victoria 3 Colonization
Colonization (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, players can aim to increase their overall migration attraction through a specific colonization law. Three main laws will be present under colonization, one of them being No Colonial Affairs, which will simply focus on the country not taking part in any colonization and will not be able to establish their colonies either. 

Another law that you might be able to encounter is Colonial Exploitation, which will only establish colonies under the name of exploiting an area for the natural resources that are present there and to acquire cheap labor. 

Lastly, players want to focus on the Colonial Resettlement law, which will be there to establish colonies in a way whereby they are there to provide a certain amount of land to settlers that are present there from the nation’s incorporated states. 

For nations like the USA, it will be established beforehand. The law will be further supported by 18.1% of the rural folk clout as well as 6.3% of the clout from the armed forces. The migration attraction will be enhanced by 100% in unincorporated states, which are states that are present in a country’s domain. However, they are considered to be territorial holdings. 

The colonial resettlement law will also enable the colonial affairs institution, providing a colonial growth generation. Colonial resettlement is supported by 24.5% of the clout, while 75.4% will not care about it. 

Causes For Decrease 

Now, there might be a few leading reasons why migration attractions end up getting decreased. However, getting rid of the issues can instantly lead to a spike in attraction once again. 


Victoria 3 Turmoil
Turmoil (Image Credits Exputer)

Turmoil is going to be ne of the main reasons. Essentially, in any nation or state where there is utmost turmoil, it will be caused due to the presence of radicals. Radicals will simply be people who are not okay with how their current situation is running and are unhappy with the current circumstances of their nation. 

Turmoil will be calculated by a fraction of the nation’s workforce that ends up turning radical and does not want to stay loyalists. If the turmoil ends up being too high, it can lead to a direct downfall of migration attraction, as no nation will want to migrate to your area if there is consistent turmoil. 

There is also another type of turmoil which is known as cultural turmoil. It will be generated by pops that will be part of a specific culture. If the global value ends up being too high, then a migration target will be created to cater to a lot of migration that will then take place for that particular culture and pops within the culture. 

Cultural turmoil can turn a whole nation upside down if it is not controlled within time. 


Victoria 3 Unemployment
Unemployment (Image Credits Exputer)

Another major reason for a decreased migration attraction will be simply unemployment. Employment will likely be led by a reduction of a livable wage, eventually leading to the populous quitting a job. 

A pop that ends up being unemployed will not be granted the ability to go into any of the state’s buildings, which are essentially the driving factor of the nation’s economy. It does that simply by production and consumption of goods; the buildings will also require a certain amount of workforce, which different people in professions will drive. 

When people from the workforce end up going out of work, unemployment rates increase, which means that the pops will not be granted a wage, which is crucial for their survival. While people from the lower strata already earn quite low, take away that too, leaving them with practically nothing. 

Causes Of Emigration

Apart from being the reason for a lower migration attraction, unemployment is also one of the leading causes of emigration since market collapses and unemployment can lead people to want to go to a nation where there are better opportunities. 

Cultural Turmoil also plays a major part in emigration, and once the cultural turmoil ends up being too high, a migration target ends up being placed down. 

Migration Target 

A migration target is essentially a culture that ends up having high enough turmoil whereby it meets the threshold to set down a migration target. A flag will be placed in a nation or state, which will be a direct indication that will allow a large number of migrants to emigrate over to the other nation. 

Migration targets are typically only created if the standard of living is way too low, and the quality of the state for being migration targets will be based on the migration attraction of the state. If trade routes and other factors are met, then the state or nation can end up becoming a direct migration target. 


And there we have it! A complete walkthrough on what Victoria 3 Migration and Emigration is! And with that, we will wrap it up! 

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