Victoria 3 Migration & Emigration [Complete Guide]

Understand what migration and emigration in Victoria 3 explained in great detail!

Victoria 3 has an elaborate system of migration as well as a short system of emigration that can both be crucial for the survival of nations. In MY Victoria 3 Migration and Emigration guide, I will go into great detail about both topics! 

Key Takeaways
  • Migration and Emigration go hand in hand in which populations move from one nation to another for various reasons.
  • The best way to get migrations is by building relations with other nations and having the population move to another nation.
  • The main benefit of having a high migration attraction is that your nation seems attractive to migrants!
  • If you do not get to familiarise yourself with migration, then your nation cannot progress or take over other nations.

What Is Migration 

Victoria 3 Migration
Migration (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s discuss what migration is. It is the movement of a certain amount of pops (population) from one state or nation to the other. The states that the transfer happens between will be a region where the pops can survive unless it is a split state; then, its territory will be controlled based on the state region. 

The migration happens between the states that will be present in the same market, meaning that they can trade goods with one another, except that the state ends up being isolated. The markets can connect through several trade routes, and a customs union controls the market. 


When it comes to emigration, it can be compared to migration, and there are a few differences between the two. Migration occurs between the pops of states in the same market or counties that several migration targets will target. 

As for emigration, it will typically only occur if their total standard of living drops extremely low compared to their market. The markets between nations that trade goods with each other will fully determine whether the pops end up emigrating or not. 

If the market is not well connected, or the market access ends up being way weaker than usual, then you can expect emigration to occur. Emigration can also directly occur if they are completely out of a job. 

Migrational Laws 

Victoria 3 Migration Laws
Migration Laws (Image Credits Exputer)

As a part of any nation, there will be a few laws that will govern whether migration is controlled or is left blindly being controlled by no one. At the start of a new nation in your control, there will be an active law that will simply be known as “No Migration Controls,” which directly means that there will be no attempt to control any sort of movement between its borders and further beyond, which can prove to be extremely dangerous. 

For that reason alone, there will be 2 more laws that can be enacted in any dire situation. 

Migration Controls 

When it comes to migration controls, the law will simply entail allowing people that are a part of a culture that is not discriminated against, which directly ties to the discrimination acts. The discrimination laws entail that there will be specific discrimination against groups of different ethnicities, races, or religions. 

The migration controls also state that religions that are not discriminated against will be granted permission to migrate safely from one state to the other, and all other cultures, unfortunately, lack the permission. 

Closed Borders 

The closed borders law will simply explain that there will be no internal migrations, meaning that any person will not be able to migrate within borders, nor will there be permission for anyone to migrate to outer nations. Hence the name closed borders. 

The law will be supported by 2 interest groups, the rural folk, who will be part of the 18.1% of the clout, and the petite bourgeoisie, which will be part of the 13.6% of the clout. 

Migration Attraction 

Victoria 3 Migration Attraction
Migration Attraction (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving right along, I previously mentioned something known as a migration attraction. Migration will typically occur between states or nations that will flow from the lower migration attraction to a higher attraction. 

Migration attraction is known to be the overall ability of a state to bring migrants to themselves or attract migrants from another nation. Migration attraction is important if a nation wants to successfully pull pops from one nation and take them into their nation. 

What Determines It? 

Victoria 3 Standard Of Living
Standard Of Living (Image Credits Exputer)

Migration attraction hinges on a nation’s standard of living, gauged by personal wealth and the ability to sustain assets. Weekly income must meet personal needs, influencing total wealth. This standard also shapes birth and mortality rates, impacted by disease and job hazards. Extreme shifts may lead to radicalization or loyalty, reflecting sentiments toward the country.

Increasing Migration Attraction

There will be many ways to ensure that the migration attraction increases so the nation can stay in line. 

Greener Grass Campaign 

Victoria 3 Greener Grass Campaign
Greener Grass Campaign (Image Credits Exputer)

To significantly boost migration attraction, players can enact the Green Grass Campaign, accessed through the Romanticism technology. Found in the technology tab under society, the campaign costs 100 authority and increases migration attraction by 50%. Romanticism, an art movement celebrating emotions and imagination, unlocks various benefits, including the Arts Academy, Agrarianism, Realism, and the Greener Grass Campaign decree. Decrees, ruler-demanded changes requiring authority, shape the nation’s direction.

Trade Centers 

Victoria 3 Trade Center
Trade Center (Image Credits Exputer)

To ensure a guaranteed increase in migration attraction, utilize trade centers—a hub for continuous trade. The number and strength of these centers vary between nations; for example, the USA boasts 36 trade centers with varying sizes in different regions. These centers enhance productivity, measuring the economic value generated by the building’s employees annually. Weekly revenue is calculated, deducting consumption expenses.

Each trade center level increases urbanization by 5, employment for capitalists by 250, and employment for clerks by 750. Notably, migration attraction sees a 25% increase with each level of the trade center.

Market Capitals 

A nation becoming a market capital signifies its ability to engage in trade with other nations, unless it opts for complete isolation. Market connections are established through market access, a measure of a state’s connectivity to the broader market. Starting at 100%, market access may slightly decrease if a state’s infrastructure exceeds its capacity.

  • Market access influences the execution of sell and buy orders within markets.
  • National markets can expand to acquire more territory, access raw resources, and attract additional customers.
  • States connected to the market capital, whether through land or other means, directly benefit from it, receiving a migration attraction bonus.


Victoria 3 Colonization
Colonization (Image Credits Exputer)

To boost overall migration attraction, players can leverage a specific colonization law.

There are three key laws under colonization:

  1. No Colonial Affairs: This law refrains from engaging in any colonization activities, prohibiting the establishment of colonies.
  2. Colonial Exploitation: Focuses on establishing colonies for the explicit purpose of exploiting natural resources and acquiring cheap labor.
  3. Colonial Resettlement: A law aimed at establishing colonies to allocate land to settlers from the nation’s incorporated states. This is supported by 18.1% rural folk clout and 6.3% armed forces clout for nations like the USA.

Causes For Decrease 

Now, there might be a few leading reasons why migration attractions end up getting decreased. However, getting rid of the issues can instantly lead to a spike in attraction once again. 


Victoria 3 Turmoil
Turmoil (Image Credits Exputer)

Turmoil, driven primarily by the presence of radicals, is a significant factor impacting migration attraction in a nation. Radicals are individuals dissatisfied with their current circumstances, contributing to a fraction of the workforce turning radical and disloyal. High turmoil levels can lead to a decline in migration attraction, deterring potential migrants from choosing a nation marked by consistent turmoil.

Cultural turmoil is another dimension, generated by pops of a specific culture. If the global value of cultural turmoil becomes too high, it triggers a migration target for that culture, resulting in significant migration within the affected culture. Unchecked cultural turmoil can have far-reaching consequences, potentially destabilizing an entire nation.


Victoria 3 Unemployment
Unemployment (Image Credits Exputer)

Unemployment stands as a significant factor contributing to decreased migration attraction. The root cause often lies in the reduction of a livable wage, prompting the population to leave their jobs. Unemployed individuals lose access to the state’s buildings, which are integral to the nation’s economy through the production and consumption of goods.

These buildings require a certain workforce, and when people leave their jobs, unemployment rates rise. This situation deprives individuals, particularly those in lower socioeconomic strata, of a crucial income, leaving them with practically nothing for survival. High unemployment rates can negatively impact a nation’s overall attractiveness for migration.

Causes Of Emigration

Apart from being the reason for a lower migration attraction, unemployment is also one of the leading causes of emigration since market collapses and unemployment can lead people to want to go to a nation where there are better opportunities. 

Cultural Turmoil also plays a major part in emigration, and once the cultural turmoil ends up being too high, a migration target ends up being placed down. 

Migration Target 

A migration target is essentially a culture that ends up having high enough turmoil whereby it meets the threshold to set down a migration target. A flag will be placed in a nation or state, which will be a direct indication that will allow a large number of migrants to emigrate over to the other nation. 

Migration targets are typically only created if the standard of living is way too low, and the quality of the state for being migration targets will be based on the migration attraction of the state. If trade routes and other factors are met, then the state or nation can end up becoming a direct migration target. 

And there you have it! A complete walkthrough on what Victoria 3 Migration and Emigration is! And with that, I will wrap it up! 

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