Victoria 3 Explosives: How To Acquire And Use

Detailed guide explaining how to obtain and use explosives in Victoria 3

Explosives can either be produced in your country or can be imported. We have listed all the known methods to get explosives. Thus, to help you progress smoothly in Victoria 3, we bring you a detailed guide on explosives, so you never fail to bomb your enemies.

Key Highlights
  • Explosives are produced in chemical plants and buildings, which come under the urban building category.
  • To unlock the chemical building, the player needs to complete research on intensive agriculture technology.
  • There are 4 methods of producing explosives in the chemical building: the Leblanc Process, Ammonia-soda Process, Vacuum Evaporation, and Brine Electrolysis.
  • The cost of each method depends on the price of the raw materials/goods that are consumed and varies with the country’s economy.
  • The player can also import explosives through trade, but it can put a strain on the country’s economy and lead to bankruptcy.
  • Explosives are mainly used to extract raw materials/resources from mines, as a component of ammunition in military goods, and for construction purposes.
  • They can also be exported for a fair price in the international market to increase the country’s GDP.

Explosives are a type of industrial good in Victoria 3, which are produced in chemical plants and buildings. They are a vital part of creating many other military goods. So, if you want to know how to acquire explosives, the proper utilization of explosives, and how to set up explosives for trade, keep reading till the end.

There are 4 types of goods in Victoria 3:

  • Staple goods: everyday goods that pops need to survive.
  • Luxury goods: Goods that pops do not necessarily need but want.
  • Industrial goods: Raw resources whose main purpose is to be converted into more profitable goods for stable GDP.
  • Military goods: Arms used by military buildings to supply the armies.

Producing Explosives

Victoria 3 Explosives
Different production and usage methods of Explosives [Image Credit: eXputer]
As mentioned earlier, explosives are produced in chemical plants and buildings, which come under the urban building category. To unlock the chemical building, you need to complete research on intensive agriculture technology. This technology can be found in the 2nd level of production technologies. There are 4 methods of producing explosives in the chemical building.

  1. Leblanc Process uses only to coal as a resource to produce explosives. 30 units of coal with 30 units of fertilizers produce 40 units of explosives by this method.
  2. To use both coal and Sulphur as raw materials in equal amounts. This process is called Ammonia-soda Process, and keep in mind that it does consume fertilizers as well. 30 units of coals, 30 units of Sulphur, and 30 units of fertilizers are consumed to produce 80 units of explosives by this method.
  3. The second method is called Vacuum Evaporation which requires the Dynamite Technology to be researched beforehand. This method takes 60 units of Sulphur, 30 of coal, and 60 units of fertilizers to produce 140 units of explosives.
  4. The third and final method is Brine Electrolysis which requires the research of Electrical Capacitors which is unlocked in later stages of the game. As compared to the Vacuum Evaporation method, this method consumes 30 units of electricity and an additional 40 units of Sulphur to provide 200 units of explosives.

No method can be deemed as the best since the cost of each method depends on the price of the raw materials/goods that are consumed.  And this cost varies with your country’s economy. The Brine Electrolysis method does provide more employment to engineers, though. So if you are looking for more employment in your country, you should change the production method to Brine Electrolysis.

Importing Explosives

There is another way of having your hands on explosives without producing them on your own, and that is by trade. You can simply import the number of explosives you need without having to produce them. Doing so saves you from the hassle of gathering resources. But this method does put a huge strain on your country’s economy. And, in the worst-case scenario, it can even leave your nation bankrupt, so be careful.

Now, let’s move on to the usage of these explosives.

Uses Of Explosives In Victoria 3

Description of explosives [Image Credit: eXputer]
Just like in the real world, explosives in Victoria 3 are also mainly used to extract raw materials/resources. Explosives can be used in Coal, Iron, Lead, and Sulphur Mines to extract each resource. Since explosives are the main component of ammunition, hence they play a vital part in military goods as well. So, it is safe to say that you can’t win a war without explosives.

They are also used for making Steel-Frame Buildings and Arc-Welded Buildings in the construction sector. Additionally, explosives go for a fair price in the international market. Meaning that you can export them to get some money and, ultimately, increase your country’s GDP.


Paradox games have released another grand strategy game called ‘Victoria 3’, and just like their many other titles, this game is dense, detailed, and full of hidden, complex mechanics. This game forces you to become a detective and use your brain to its 100% capacity if you plan to understand it. With so many details and the constant political and economical decisions to make in addition to the military strategies, it becomes hard to keep track of the basics.

Although, at first glance, Victoria 3 seems impossible to understand and more complex than other titles. But if you give this game a few hours and get into the thin details, it is much more entertaining. If you are a history-loving person, then I am sure that you will love this game. Let us know your thoughts about this game in the comments below.


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