Twitch Streamer Benji64 Breaks Super Mario 64’s 70-Star World Record

An incredible milestone.

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  • Twitch streamer Benji64 sets a new Super Mario 64 70 Star World record.
  • The last Super Mario 64 70 Star record was held by Weegee in November 2021.
  • It was finally beaten by Benji64 by only two seconds, showing how optimized the speedrun has become.

On the 29th of January, Twitch streamer Benji64 achieved an incredible milestone. He beat the Super Mario 64 70-star world record with a time of 46:56.

Benji64 gets a new Super Mario 64 70 Star World Record with a 46:56 from LivestreamFail

This record was previously held by Weegee, who set it in November 2021 at 46:58. Benji64 managed to beat it by two seconds, setting a record that may stand for a long time to come.

The race to break the Super Mario 64 world record has become extremely competitive. Speedrunners have become extremely proficient at the game and have perfected their strategies, resulting in records becoming broken by mere seconds.

In the recent Twitch stream, Benji64’s record-breaking achievement stands as a testament to the level of optimization that players have.

Benji64 Super Mario World Record
Benji64 Super Mario World Record

The fact that Super Mario 64 is still being played 27 years after its initial release speaks volumes about the timeless nature of the game. Players are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to experience the classic title. Speedrunning is a very common way to do so.

There have even been some incredible feats, such as a fan managing to beat the game using a drum set in under 20 minutes. It’s clear that players are still fascinated by the game and its varied potential.

The speedrunning community for Super Mario 64 70 Star has reached extraordinary levels of optimization. The fine margins of perfection define who holds the world record.

Benji64’s victory shows the extreme levels of skill and dedication that the speedrunners of the game have achieved. It’s likely that the record will be beaten again in the future, but for now, it stands as a testament to the excellence of the players who put so much effort into achieving a perfect run.

Super Mario 64 is a game that has touched the hearts of millions. It’s a pleasure to see that it still has the power to inspire people in 2023. The world record run by Benji64 shows that there’s still plenty to do and explore in this classic title.

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