The Ghost Of Tsushima Movie Will Be The Most “Anti-Samurai” Film, Says Director

The film is currently in "heavy development" as per director Chad Stahelski.

Story Highlights

  • Chad Stahelski has revealed that his upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film is going to be very “anti-samurai” and is currently in heavy development.
  • The producer also mentioned how it will retain the themes, storyline, and visuals of the game
  • Furthermore, he also uncovered how it could expand into its TV series or another project afterward.

In a new interview with ComicBookMovie, Chad Stahelski, the director of the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie, revealed that the film will be the most “anti-samurai” one out there. While talking to the publication, the John Wick 4 director praised the story of Jin Sakai in the game, saying that that the film will stay true to it and not lose any part, just like the visuals.

Stahelski also gave us more insight into the upcoming action film during this brand-new interview. First up he gave us an update on the film’s status, saying that it is in heavy development as of right now. The producer of Day Shift then also went on to say that he loves the property and expanded on the themes present in Ghost of Tsushima:

That’s something we’re in heavy development on. I love the property, like, look, the game story of Jin Sakai, and it being what I would say is, quote, the most anti-samurai samurai movie out there because of the storylines. thematics in it, and the journey that Jin Sakai goes through from his transition to or his choices of who to become and what the people need him to become and what he honorbound should and is what needs to become is so interesting to me.”

In addition, the stuntman also mentioned how besides the story, he also wants to keep the visuals of the game in the film. Stahelski went on to explain how the characters in the story and the visuals of Ghost of Tsushima are something he does not want to lose in any way. Considering how the title was lauded universally for this aspect, the producer is probably making the right decision by keeping them in.

The story is definitely, the characters in the story are definitely something I don’t want to lose in any way. It’s just the visuals I want to keep.”

Furthermore, Chad Stahelski also revealed he is still working to figure out how he will pack all of the information in the game into a feature film. Like most AAA games of the PlayStation 4 generation, Ghost of Tsushima was pretty big in length. You need at least 25 hours just to beat the main story of the Sucker Punch title and when you add the many side quest it has, the overall total stretches to 45-plus hours.

Therefore, if the movie does well we might see other media adaptations of the game. We don’t have a lot of other information regarding the Ghost of Tsushima film as of now, but with Chad Stahelski at the helm, it is surely in good hands.

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