Logan Paul Mocks George Janko For His Religious Beliefs

Logan Paul tells George Janko he needs therapy over his religious beliefs.

In a recent episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul mocked his friend George Janko for his religious beliefs. Mike Majlak stepped in to educate him on the sentiments attached to the religion.

Logan called Christianity a “silly practice” and even said it “deserves satire.” George called out Logan for his bothersome views on his faith and religion and how people who hate him respect his faith more than his best friend.

The conversation went on Twitter, where people expressed frustration with Logan Paul’s offensive statements on religion.

Major Takeaways

  • Logan Paul mocks George Janko for his religious beliefs on a recent podcast.
  • George expressed frustration about Logan’s disrespectful behavior regarding his faith.
  • The clip went viral on Twitter, where people were furious at Logan.

Logan Paul, one of the most popular internet celebrities out there, has a career no short of controversies. However, this time, he managed to upset the whole Christian community over his offensive thoughts on the religion.

In a recent podcast of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul revealed how he has been “bullying” George over his religious beliefs. George was mildly frustrated and said that Logan was mean about his faith. He said,

You are mean to me about my Lord and saviour.”

The conversation continued, and Mike Majlak stepped into the topic and stated that Logan should be very careful when he mocks and becomes playful with people’s religions. He added,

Religion is very very initmate relationship that people have in their lives.”

After Logan Paul cracked a joke to lighten the mood, Mike continued,

People feel that they have been saved, that their lives have been saved by the Gods. So you, even just questioning that, specially in the way that you do, which isn’t very skillful or graceful in any way is harmful and is distructive.”

Logan disagreed and added that we don’t have to condemn homosexuality or s*x before marriage. He added,

That’s silly to me, so I think it’s a silly practice to engage in, and I think it deserves satire. You’re subscribed to a doctrine that slams homosexuality. C’mon bro, that’s ridiculous.”

After a heated conversation, George stated that being bashed for one’s belief in a group of people isn’t right. He then continued to say that he had been angry with Logan for a long time for this situation. He added,

I’m not trying to like, be dramatic right now, but genuinely, I know people that hate me, that treat me better about my faith than you, and you’re my best friend.”

The conversation continued, and George revealed that he was hurt when Logan told him he needed to see a therapist because he believed in Jesus. Logan defended himself by saying that George needs to see a therapist not for his faith but for his lack of emotional intelligence. 

George states that the Bible has more wisdom than a human being (therapist), to which Logan Paul agrees. Logan argues that the Bible is up for interpretation and may not work for some people.

George said he is proud of the group for having this difficult conversation. He stated,

I’m very proud of us, and I’ll tell you why. Because nobody else will have the balls to have these type of conversation out there.”

The whole interaction can be viewed on the IMPAULSIVE YouTube channel.

YouTube video

The conversation went on Twitter, and people had mixed views on the topic. Some were furious and hurt, while others backed up Logan for his views. 

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