Twitch Streamer Pokimane In Awe After Fan Reveals He Watched Her Streams For Over 600 Hours

During interaction with her fans on live stream, a fan revealed to Pokimane that he watched her streams for 628 hours.

Iman Anys, better known as Pokimane, is a live stream gaming broadcaster on Twitch. She is deemed the “Twitch Queen” since she is the most followed female personality on Twitch raking with over 9.3 million followers.

Pokimane’s streams have been watched more than 220 million times due to her high popularity. In addition, she recently learned of one such fan who watched her streams for over 600 hours.

Major Takeaways:

  • Pokimane, in her live stream, was interacting with her viewers via the chat box.
  • One fan wrote that he watched her streams for over 600 hours.
  • When Pokimane didn’t believe his claim, the fan sent a screenshot showing the number of hours as proof.
  • Pokimane was delighted to know that it was true.

While enjoying her ramen, she was interacting with her fans who were commenting in the chat box. During this interaction, a fan commented claiming that he is Pokimane’s most-watched streamer to which she replied, “Awe that makes me proud.”

The fan then wrote that he watched her streams for over 600 hours to which Pokimane was shocked and replied that this could not have been true as she thought that she hasn’t even streamed for that many hours. “That’s a bald-faced lie,” she replied to him.

The viewer then sent her a screenshot as proof which showed the total number of hours he had streamed to be 628 hours. Pokimane was shocked seeing this and was at a total loss for words, “Holy! … Amazing!”.

Pokimane has recently returned to streaming regularly after going on a month-long hiatus. Appearing on the “Pretty Basic Podcast”, she explained how a career in streaming is very different than other creative careers,

Pokimane tried to explain this by saying, “I cannot stream while being like sad as s*it. I’m not an actress. So, there’s an aspect to that when there’s a creative component that like you have to be there emotionally, mentally, creatively otherwise like whatever you make is not as good.”

She further explained that when she had a regular part-time job years ago, she continued that job even after it was no longer fulfilling but said, that she cannot do the same in streaming. Hence, she made a lot of changes to her way of streaming after her long break.

Pokimane certainly still has a huge fan base even after the changes to her streaming style. What do you think of her obsessive fan who watched her streams for more than 600 hours?

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