World Of Warcraft Player Hits The Dragonflight Level Cap Without Leaving Exile’s Reach

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  • World of Warcraft player Cheatcho recently accomplished a remarkable feat by hitting the level cap of 70 without ever leaving the tutorial ship from Exile’s Reach.
  • The secret to Cheatcho’s success was pet battling.
  • It took a combined total of nearly 17 hours in the game and over 200 days to accomplish their goal.

World of Warcraft player and Redditor Cheatcho has achieved a remarkable accomplishment. He reached level 70 on their Pandaren shaman without leaving the tutorial ship players spawned in on at the beginning of Exile’s Reach. This is no small achievement, considering the ship has no enemies, gathering nodes, or other sources of experience.

However, Cheatcho had to get creative to reach their goal, and what they did was a lesson in perseverance and dedication. The player shared his success story on Reddit, inspiring other users to achieve their goals.

World first level 70 on Exile’s Reach starting ship. from wow

The secret to Cheatcho’s success was pet battles. World of Warcraft’s pet battle feature has five daily quests that award experience. Players can complete these quests on one character, then turn them in on others. Cheatcho parked five characters by each of these NPCs and completed the quests before cashing the experience in on their Exile’s Reach character every day until they reached level 70.

Furthermore, this process took Cheatcho over 200 days and a combined total of nearly 17 hours in the game. However, the achievement is an impressive reminder of the rewards available to dedicated players. With enough hard work, even the most daunting tasks can be accomplished. It’s also a tribute to the power and versatility of pet battles, which can provide a new and interesting way to level up in a game such as World of Warcraft.

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