A Halo Reach Map Has Leaked for the Upcoming Halo Infinite

A blast from the past?

Halo Infinite is a hotshot topic these days, with its first-ever multiplayer preview going live this weekend. Xbox’s exclusive sci-fi shooter was first announced at E3 2018 and was delayed once in August 2020, pushing the highly anticipated title further back to the holiday season of 2021. The time, therefore, is nigh for Halo Infinite to make landfall, and it appears that we have a fresh leak in just ahead of the game’s technical beta. 

Posting to Twitter, user Makeshift_Glxy has uploaded a bunch of images that closely resemble the “Countdown” map from Halo Reach. The latter came out more than 10 years ago—thereby marking its iconic position—and is the fifth installment in the Halo franchise. While Reach has remained a legendary title throughout the years, 343 Industries intends to take Infinite to the next level. This is supposedly going to be done through the inclusion of classic Halo maps, and it seems that we have solid evidence right in front of our eyes now. 

Countdown for Halo Infinite
Countdown for Halo Infinite

While the snapshot above strikes a remarkable resemblance from the Countdown map of Halo Reach, some are tending to believe that this is a reimagining of some sort, one that would implement next-gen visuals to revitalize the whole scene, along with a few minor additions here and there.

Countdown #2
Countdown #2

One of the leaked images includes a blob-like figure lying on the ground. This is quite identical to the Flood in the Halo series. These are parasitic organisms that manifest in potent enemies, changing their shapes, and becoming no less than a mighty adversary. One of the most powerful forms of the Flood is the Gravemind, which was one of the major antagonists in Halo 2. However, the Flood was not part of Halo Reach, which begs the question: why are they included in this remade version of the Countdown map? Take a look at their manifestation below.

Countdown #3
Countdown #3

It might be a strong possibility that Halo Infinite is going to introduce something similar to what Battlefield 2042 has decided to, and that is featuring the multiplayer maps of classic iterations of the series. With this leak, however, it seems that Halo Infinite is looking exceedingly promising. 

What do you think of this leak? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section. 

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