Ace Attorney Characters Used For Anti-Marijuana Campaign

"These edibles ain't shit"- Phoenix Wright

The Ace Attorney franchise is a beloved series of games/Visual Novels that puts you in the shoes of a defense attorney in what is probably the most corrupt and unfair judicial system known to man, so it makes perfect sense that CAPCOM has recently announced in a press release that characters from the Ace Attorney series, particularly from the recently released(at least in the west) The Great Ace Attorney, will be featured in an anti-marijuana campaign in Osaka, Japan.

A poster depicting characters from The Great Ace Attorney which includes Kazuma Asogi (left), Ryunosuke Naruhodo (Middle) and Susato Mikotoba (Right)

The characters will reportedly be displayed on posters and flyers in Osaka’s educational institutes, police boxes, stations and other public facilities around the prefecture starting from Thursday. The posters will be used to spread awareness and discourage the use of marijuana, which has become “strikingly more common” among younger people in recent years. 6,000 posters and 4,000 flyers will be printed featuring original character art with the slogan: “Say NO! to marijuana use.” 

In the press release, CAPCOM stated that: “Our corporate motto is ‘A sensitive development of business that creates a culture of fun.’ Abiding by this creed, we will proactively grapple with societal issues, starting with climate change. We aim for lasting growth under a harmonious relationship of trust with all our stakeholders and the earth’s environment.” This also isn’t the first time CAPCOM has worked with the Osaka police as the company has been cooperating with them since 2013. 

The Great Ace Attorney was, on a personal note, one of the best games of this year and sits high atop the list of my GOTYs for 2021. Its an intriguing, brilliantly crafted plot that takes place over the course of 2 whole games and concludes in one of the most exciting climaxes I’ve seen in a long time. If there are two things to learn from this article kids, its that drug addiction is bad and The Great Ace Attorney is a fantastic game.  

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