Ace Attorney Series Has Sold 9.8 Million Copies To Date

While announcing a new musical based on the series, Capcom updated the overall sales of the franchise.

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  • The Ace Attorney series has sold 9.8 million copies worldwide, according to a new Capcom update.
  • A new musical based on the series is also releasing this year.
  • Japanese all-female musical theatre trope Takarazuka Revue, which previously made three Ace Attorney musicals, is collaborating with Capcom to make this happen.

According to a new Capcom update, Ace Attorney has now sold more than 9.8 million copies worldwide. These numbers are correct as of December 31, 2022, so the franchise is near the 10 million mark. Capcom’s new press release for an upcoming Ace Attorney musical informed us of these updated numbers.

Great Ace Attorney or “Great Gyakuten Saiban“, as it is called in Japan, will be the name of the musical. Japanese all-female musical theatre trope Takarazuka Revue is headlining the musical, and it is not the first time. The theatre group is collaborating for the fourth time with Ace Attorney, and 10 years after the last installment.

Capcom has made a lot of culturally significant titles for the gaming world. Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter are just a few of these legendary IPs under the company’s belt. But, the series that has arguably had the most impact on fan culture, doesn’t match the sales of these giants.

We are talking about Capcom’s legal visual novel adventure series, Ace Attorney. Memes based on Ace Attorney games have given the series a consistent presence on the internet. Besides introducing the brilliant franchise to new players, the jokes have made it an essential part of gaming pop culture.

All of its influence has also translated to sales, with the most recent release also selling pretty well. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was a compilation that launched in 2021 and has since sold over 500k copies worldwide. Hence, the series has done well for itself in the recent past considering the last mainline entry was six years ago.

Now, Capcom has updated the overall sales numbers of the Ace Attorney franchise in a new press release. According to the Japanese company, the franchise has now sold over 9.8 million copies around the world. These numbers were at 9.6 million as of September 31, 2022.

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So, the Ace Attorney series has sold 200k more copies From October 1st to December 31, 2022. When you keep in mind the that the last video game from the franchise came out 2 years ago, this isn’t a bad return. The way things are looking, it might reach the 10 million mark next quarter.

In addition to this sales update, Capcom also announced a new musical based on the Ace Attorney series. Since its first game came out in 2001, Ace Attorney has got several adaptations in other forms of media. The cultural significance of the franchise is highlighted through several stage plays, anime, and films.

Now, another one is launching this year and it will be from the Takarazuka Revue theatre group. The all-female ensemble has already made three musicals based on the series and this will be the fourth entry. 2009’s Ace Attorney: Truth Resurrected, or “Gyakuten Saiban Truth Resurrected” in Japan, was the first entry.

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In the following year, the theatre group released the sequel, Ace Attorney 2: Truth Resurrected Again. Takarazuka Revue completed this trilogy in 2013 with Ace Attorney 3: Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a new story featuring Miles Edgeworth. Hence, the group is returning to create a new musical based on the franchise after a decade.

The group is known for using only actresses for the roles, whether they are male or female. You can see their previous performances for yourself, and they are a work of art. Capcom has announced this new musical will last from July 19th to July 26th in the Umeda Arts Theater and from August 1st to August 8th in the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater.

So, if you want to enjoy this new Ace Attorney achievement with a fun musical you should grab your ticket now. Hopefully, Capcom also announce a new game soon because it has been way too long.

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