Apollo Justice Trademarked By CAPCOM In Japan

The studio has filed an application for Apollo Justice in Japan; maybe signaling a new Ace Attorney Collection?

If you are on the internet, there is every chance that you have seen the Ace Attorney games in the form of memes. This game series has become a cult classic and has its own life all over social media. Even with this much fame, we haven’t seen an Ace Attorney game for 5 years. CAPCOM released the last main entry in the series 6 years ago. Fans have been longing for some news about the title. Now, a recent trademark by CAPCOM suggests that a new Ace Attorney game might be released.

CAPCOM has recently trademarked Apollo Justice in Japan, which is the 4th game in the Ace Attorney series. According to the filing, CAPCOM made this trademark at the start of this month. Hence, this is very recent and could mean a new announcement is coming from the company about the game.

CAPCOM trademarked Apollo Justice in Japan

A rumor suggests that this may be a new collection of Ace Attorney games. More specifically, Ace Attorney 4, 5, and 6 will be present in a single collection. Capcom also has no reason to just suddenly renew the trademark so this most certainly could be a new game. But, this is just speculation as of now.

This might just be a minor thing that CAPCOM had to do in order to retain the name of the 4th game. However, it also doesn’t seem to be a renewal of the trademark. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 4 was just Ace Attorney 4 in Japan. CAPCOM didn’t put the prefix in Japan’s version of the game. Therefore, CAPCOM has no need to renew this name in Japan.

But, the studio did file for this renewal and got it accepted even though the game had an entirely different name in Japan. So, evidence supports the theory of this trademark being an entirely new one, meaning that a new Apollo Justice collection or game might be coming out.

Very conveniently, there is a 20th-anniversary orchestra taking place in May for Ace Attorney. This seems like the perfect time to announce a new collection for the series. But, even after saying that, we don’t know what will happen for sure. A release window for the collection is unknown and it’s very wide.

The only thing we know for sure about this collection is that the 4th game will be present. It is the one being filed for the trademark so we will certainly see it in the collection. To sum it up, this trademark is positive news and seems like a new one. Players will finally get the collection but no one knows when. Hopefully, its sooner rather than later.

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