Atomic Heart Release Date Confirmed By Upcoming Trailer’s Source Code

The prolific rumors spreading ablaze appear to be correct and we will officially find out tomorrow.

Atomic Heart is a freakish FPS experience under development by Mundfish. It’s based in an alternate post-apocalyptic Soviet era where unexplainable anomalies plague the world.

The nightmarish title takes inspiration from various well-famed FPS titles such as BioShock, Stalker, Metro, and several others to amalgamate vivifying gameplay featuring the creepiest of enemies.

The title rightfully lured a lot of gazes from the community when it was announced because it features enemies like robots with mustaches, colossal drill worms, unique melee and ranged weapons, and a levitating city. However, it has spent a long time in the brewer, and the launch is imminent in the approaching winter.

Major Takeaway:

  • Atomic Heart is a highly anticipated upcoming nightmarish FPS shooter based in an alternate future Soviet era.
  • The game was rumored to be delayed to a February 21st, 2023 release in well-established rumors.
  • The rumor appears to have been further solidified by an insider dissecting the source code of its upcoming trailer on YouTube.
  • We will get an official confirmation from the developers regarding the impending trailer in just a day.

The release date was eventually affirmed on the Steam storefront to fall this winter. However, the community was unable to pinpoint the year until only recently. Well-established rumors came forward around a day ago, and the release date was verified to be February 21st, 2023, from now-revealed inside sources.

However, one more piece was discovered recently by an insider that further ascertained the aforesaid rumor. The rumor seems accurate, as the forthcoming trailer for Atomic Heart that is slated for tomorrow also hints at the date mentioned above. The trailer’s source code reveals the identical date as the rumor has popularized.

The source code unveils the game’s precise launch date, as seen in the image above. It is very improbable for the source code to be proven wrong, as it basically endorses what the highly anticipated trailer ought to include.

The insider, Idlesloth, also mentions the exact length of the trailer, as he spotted in the source code on YouTube. It stands at exactly 1 minute and 23 seconds in length, which is usual for trailers.

YouTube video

Moreover, all the other evidence also specifies the exact launch date as the industry has recently concluded. All in all, we will discover the official release date in just a single day. The trailer is slated to premiere in around 18 hours at the time of writing, and the developers will officially confirm the anticipated date. 

The premise of Atomic Heart is a unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre that combines the known elements and the political environment that flourished in the Soviet era. Robots, the internet, hologram, and other sci-fi inclusions are already a thing, but it is used for propaganda.

Moreover, every type of machine, from household items, to full-fledged robots, decides to revolt. The unfortunate protagonist is sent to investigate a silent factory at the worst time, only to stumble upon a cluster of unexplainable chaos. 

Atomic Heart will likely come out on February 21st, 2023, for both the next and old-generation consoles. The currently known platforms are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. 

What are your thoughts about Atomic Heart’s release date being further corroborated by the trailer’s source code? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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