Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Rated For The Nintendo Switch

Is a release date announcement around the corner?

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  • The ESRB has rated Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch ahead of the Arkham Trilogy’s release this Fall.
  • A 17+ rating has been assigned to the action title due to the language, blood, and violence present in it.
  • The 2015 Rocksteady game will release on the Switch later this year alongside Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with all the post-launch content as part of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy.

Ahead of its proposed release on the console this fall, the ESRB has rated Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight for the Nintendo Switch in a brand new listing. Similar to its other versions, the game will have a Mature 17+ rating on the Nintendo handheld mainly due to its suggestive themes, language, and violence. Hence, when Arkham Knight arrives on the Switch as part of the acclaimed trilogy, it won’t be any less gritty or dark.

The rating board’s summary of the action title gives us more details about Batman: Arkham Knight and the reasons behind this rating. As you may have guessed, players will take control of the titular Batman in the game and battle many villains across Gotham. These fights will range from major bosses to small-time thugs and mainly use melee-style combat like kicks and punches with gadgets like the Batarang further helping the player.

Batman: Arkham Knight ESRB
Batman: Arkham Knight ESRB rating

In addition, you will also get to rescue hostages, examine crime scenes, and use the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight to wreak havoc and torture a certain unlucky enemy via its wheel. Cutscenes in the Rocksteady title are also pretty violent and consist of characters getting shot on and off the screen. Moreover, as you would expect from a Batman game, there are large pools of blood in the title during a crime scene.

Beating enemies to a pulp and committing violent acts will also leave a messy scene behind you with a lot of blood. When you add the fact that players can shoot unarmed characters and hostages in Batman: Arkham Knight, the rating does make sense. Furthermore, several neon signs in the game display suggestive language with strong words like “gobsh**e” being present in the dialogue.

Therefore, it’s safe to say the Mature 17+ rating assigned to the action title by the ESRB is pretty accurate. First announced at the Nintendo Direct, Batman: Arkham trilogy is set to release on the Nintendo Switch this fall and will contain Batman: Arkham Knight as one of its three games besides Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. In addition to the base games, this collection will also launch with all the DLCs of the three titles included.

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None of these Batman classics will be available for purchase separately on the Switch and you’ll have to buy the trilogy. Moreover, in the collection’s physical edition, only Arkham Asylum will ship with a cartridge while the other two games will require downloads. As you may have noticed, the Arkham Trilogy contains all of the Batman games developed by Rocksteady except Arkham Origins, which has been left out for some reason. 

Therefore, the Nintendo Switch is not getting all of the major Batman games when the Arkham Trilogy launches on the console this Fall. No specific release date is official as of yet for this upcoming collection but with the rating now online, we might hear an announcement sooner rather than later. 

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