Battlefield 2042’s Subreddit Might Close Following Developer Harassment

Reddit thread locked after toxic anger towards the developers

The release of Battlefield 2042 has been a horror story for developers EA and DICE. Players have faced a lot of bugs after the release, and the game is a mess. One month on much hasn’t been done to rectify these bugs. This attitude towards the game has angered a lot of players. So, a developer tried to address the problems on Twitter, but the response tells us he failed.

Developer Andy McNamara took to Twitter to explain the situation, saying in now-deleted tweets, “Guys, people gotta rest. We have things in motion, but we have to figure out what is possible.” McNamara further told in the thread, “Let us get back from break and get back to work. Love you guys, but these expectations are brutal. The things you won’t take time to scope, design, and execute.”

This thread received a mixed response. Some agreed with McNamara’s Tweets, but other replies weren’t so understanding. The thread received a lot of backlash from fans. Some say that DICE can’t handle criticism and think releasing a mess like Battlefield 2042. Most of the responses were angry and mocked EA/DICE for their project handling.

The BF2042 Subreddit Drama

The BF 2042 subreddit posted the thread with the title “EA/DICE finally responds to backlash,” and this backlash further accelerated. Angry replies from the community flooded the subreddit. The post had over 2,000 comments and 10,000 upvotes before being locked. The criticism got so bad that McNamara deleted the original thread and put forward an apology tweet. He said that his message wasn’t clear.

EA/DICE finally responds to the Backlash
by u/Youngstown_Mafia in battlefield2042

The replies on the subreddit expressed frustration towards the developers. One response said, “The expectations are brutal?? The game is f***ing broken.” 

by u/BetterArtichoke3 from discussion EA/DICE finally responds to the Backlash
in battlefield2042

Another reply reads, “DICE/EA is the most entitled, clueless people in the world. It is a complete embarrassment what they released.” People even criticized McNamara’s apology tweet by quote retweeting with disgruntled responses. McNamara and the developers did not have an easy night on the internet. The harassment was so bad that the mods started locking threads.

Battlefield 2042 Received Negative Reviews From the Start

The multiplayer game launched to negative reviews on every site possible. From bugs to net code issues, Battlefield 2042 is a frustrating experience for the players. The game has displeased most fans of the series. It has also failed to usher in a new era of Battlefield. This, along with other vital changes, has resulted in the game not going down well with the community.

DICE fixed a lot of these problems through updates. They used three huge patches to install a lot of features. This included some “Legacy Features” that the fans wanted but update 3.1 was the last update of 2021, and the team went on break afterward.

It’s safe to say that McNamara and DICE broke the internet on Thursday for the wrong reasons. The fans directed all of their anger towards McNamara’s thread. Critics also didn’t accept the apology tweet. Saying that, it showed DICE and EA’s entitlement.

The moderator team of the subreddit posted a request for the community: Be less toxic or don’t post at all. The mods will not tolerate any more hate towards the developers.

A Message From The Mod Team from battlefield2042

While criticism is good, it is never ok to harass a developer or any member that worked on a game. Let us know about your thoughts regarding this situation in the comments below. 

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