Six Months Of Callisto Protocol Updates Announced, Most Only For Season Pass

Updates will be released over six months starting February next year.

Multi-platformer game Callisto Protocol has just been released on 2 December. The survival game is published by a Korean studio, Krafton. The game saw two hours of its playthrough leaked online, recently. But that did not derail the game’s release.

Instead, it only built up the hype around the game. Now building around that hype, the creators of Callisto Protocol have announced months of planned content for the game. They plan to release the announced content over six months starting from the 7th of February next year.


  • Krafton has announced six months of planned updates for Callisto Protocol starting from 7th February next year.
  • Most of the updates will only be available to Season Pass players.
  • New Game Plus and Hardcore mode updates will be available for free.
  • The updates behind a paywall include The Outer Way skin bundle, Riot BundleContagion Bundle, and Story Content.

First, they will release New Game Plus and Hardcore Mode. The new game plus is an unlockable campaign content in a game only accessible after the player completes the original campaign. Both of these updates will be free for all Callisto Protocol players.

Callisto Protocol updates over six months.

They will also release the outer way skin collection on the same day. But it will only be available to the players who buy the season pass for the game. The next update will come in March with the release of a Contagion Bundle.

This will also only be available to Season Pass players. This bundle will introduce a much harder game mode, along with new death animations. The next update, the Riot Bundle, will be released in spring 2023, also behind a paywall.

It will introduce a new game mode where the players will have to fight and survive against wave after wave of swarms of enemies. The last planned update over the six months will be released in the summer.

It is mentioned as a Story Content update. It’s described as an opportunity for the players to dig deeper into the horrifying story that the creators of Callisto Protocol envision. This will also only be available to Season Pass players.

The only known way to access Season Pass is to buy the Digital Deluxe edition of the game. Even though the reaction to this announcement is relatively positive. But as more players buy the game, there will be increasing demands for the removal of the paywall over these updates.

It is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

Should these Callisto Protocol updates be made available for free? Discuss in the comments section below.

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