Almost 150 People From PlayStation Malaysia And Sony VASG Worked On The Callisto Protocol

The Sony PlayStation Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) and PlayStation Malaysia contributed 150 people to the game.

Video game development has a lot of moving parts, everything needs careful handling from graphics to gameplay. But, the primary studio developing the game doesn’t do all of the work, it outsources a lot of it.

The Callisto Protocol is the same, but interestingly PlayStation Malaysia and Sony PlayStation’s VASG studios contributed a whopping 150 people to the game’s development team.

The horror game which is yet to release got huge support from PlayStation. But as many would know, it is a 3rd-party game and not an exclusive title for PlayStation 5.

Major Takeaways:

    • PlayStation Malaysia and PlayStation VASG contributed around 150 people to The Callisto Protocols development.
    • Even though this is most probably outsourcing work, these are unusually high numbers.
    • Fan speculation guesses acquisition, but could just be work for the new PlayStation Malaysia studio to gain experience.

PlayStation Malaysia is a brand-new studio that Sony built from the ground up. Due to the rise of gaming culture in Malaysia, the studio got a lot of coverage. The Callisto Protocol is just another feather in its cap as it has already done some amazing work for Sony.

According to PlayStation Malaysia head Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, the studio has worked on first-party projects like MLB The Show 22. It also worked on the recent remake of The Last of Us Part I and many other first-part titles. Hence, it’s clear to see the faith Sony has in this new studio. 

The following images have been shared with us by ResetEra user “brokenswiftie.”

The Callisto Protocol PlayStation Malaysia
PlayStation Malaysia

Contributing so many hours to The Callisto Protocol is a good experience for The 77 employees of the Kuala Lampur-based studio.

It works in close contact with the PlayStation San Diego studio which also deals with visual arts. Even though it’s making a small contribution right now, the potential of PlayStation’s new visual arts studio is apparent to us all.

Sony PlayStation’s Visual Arts Service Group (VASG), which services worldwide studios, also contributed to The Callisto Protocol. It has made cinematic performances in games like Uncharted, Killzone, and The Last of Us. Even though 3rd party projects for internal studios aren’t uncommon, the sheer scale of PlayStation’s support is. 

150 people going to work on a third-party game that the studio doesn’t own is not a common occurrence. Surprisingly, Sony didn’t make The Callisto Protocol at least a timed exclusive for the support it provided. Sony has done outsourcing work for Electronic Arts and Capcom before, but not at this scale.

The Callisto Protocol Sony VASG

Many fans are speculating that Sony is looking for a partnership with developer Striking Distance. Others are speculating they could acquire the makers of The Callisto Protocol from Krafton. We have seen Sony acquire Firesprite, Housemaruqe, and Haven studios, so it isn’t out of question.

However, most probably this was just outsourcing work to allow the new Malaysian studio to gain experience. Yes, the numbers are unusual but an acquisition is something far-fetched based on just this. If you wanna see the final result of PlayStation’s outsourcing, get The Callisto Protocol on December 2, 2022.

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