The Callisto Protocol’s Listings Are Already Up On Walmart

The game is reportedly already on display on the shelves in a local Walmart.

The Callisto Protocol is the upcoming harrowing gore-filled sci-fi horror experience that caught everybody’s attention. It is marked as the rightful Dead Space successor, and all the current gameplay, trailers, and distressing yet enticing clips further establish it as a fact. Striking Studios has crafted a wonderful ghastly enigma.

The game is slated closer than ever to launch, arriving on 2 December. The latest leaks, including the recently surfaced 14-minute of eye-catching gameplay, have only intensified the hype of the community. The Callisto Protocol has already started appearing in physical storefronts, recently being listed on a local Walmart.

Major Rundown 

  • The Callisto Protocol copies already appear to be listed on the shelves of a local Walmart, with the hype building around the impending launch.
  • There is a possibility that the listings could potentially nullify the set street date, but it is improbable that users can buy the title before its release.
  • The street date will likely not be broken since the game may not yet be purchasable.
  • The title sales will be blocked by the register during the checkout process, preventing players from gaining access before release.

The Callisto Protocol is reportedly already being displayed on shelves of a local Walmart a few days ahead of its release. The game can be listed on the shelves in an image captured by a Twitter user. However, it does not suggest that the street date has been nullified or the game is grabbable.

Does this mean Walmart has gone rogue, and we can buy the game without further waiting? Unfortunately no.

The title is likely unpurchasable for now; the register usually blocks games during checkout if the street date is still pending. However, it does amplify the hype to see the most anticipated games so close to launch. As enticing as it may be, Walmart has not gone haywire, probably, leaving us to wait until the official release date.

A user on the ResetEra forum clarified,

I used to work for Walmarts electronic section, and yeah usually the game won’t process through the checkout if it’s not meant for sale yet. My guess is they just wanted to empty out the back and put the game out for display.”

However, plenty of hands-on previews, leaks, and footage is already available on the web to satiate our needs for a Dead Space-esque horror experience. We will be able to explore the haunting, dimly lit space station, far from home, stalked by whatever monstrosities have trickled in from the unfamiliar cosmic void. 

The Callisto Protocol is directed by Glen Schofield, who is also the co-creator of the Dead Space franchise. The third-person sci-fi horror title features the protagonist trying to escape the Black Iron Prison on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. The player has to outwit all sorts of hideous beasts and stay alive to escape in one piece.

The Callisto Protocol is prowled by all types of hideous enemies, including mutants with fiendish cries and tentacle oddities that are out to divide you into several pieces.

Earlier in September, Glen Schofield tweeted about the studio overworking themselves for Callisto Protocol. However, soon after that, the director removed the controversial Tweet after it caused a backlash. It apparently appeared to be a bad choice of words, but it’s clear that developers have worked themselves to sweat and tears.

What are your thoughts about Callisto Protocol being already listed on the shelves of a local Walmart? Do you think it nullifies the street date, or is the register at the checkout potentially blocking the sale? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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