Canceled Adult Sega Title The Sacred Pools Is Now Available To Play

The high-budgeted game was planned for a 1997 release.

Sega has quite a generation-spanning history to its name. The world-renowned video game company traces its first console release way back in the early 1980s with the added expanse of linear growth from that point onward.

Slowly but surely, the Japanese developer made headway in the profound gaming industry and then stumbled upon the uniqueness of the Full Motion Video (FMV) game concept. Sega then went on to launch a number of high-quality FMV games for compatible platforms, including the likes of Night Trap and Road Blaster.

Now, however, it appears that Gaming Alexandria—a dedicated site preserving video game history and classic gems—has managed to dig out an exceptionally interesting FMV title that was pushed aside and didn’t end up seeing an official release. Adult FMV game The Sacred Pools is now finally available to play.

  • Details of the adult Sega Full Motion Video (FMV) title The Sacred Pools have emerged on the internet. 
  • The game was scheduled for a 1997 release, but that prospect couldn’t see the light of day. 25 years later, much info about The Sacred Pools has been uncovered, including a little more insight into why the FMV title was killed off. 
  • You can now play the Sega Saturn, PC, Mac, and other compatible platform versions of The Sacred Pools with the help of an emulator. 

The Sacred Pools was reportedly under development with a “$2 to $3 million” budget when work began on it in 1996. Although the project was slated to be launched in 1997, things didn’t go as planned, and multiple factors all came together to spell disaster for the otherwise hopeful adult FMV title. 

It was first announced in a promotional event with multiple other developers and their respective titles in the line. Someone on YouTube managed to preserve footage of the promo event, and here’s the first reveal of the adult FMV game. 

YouTube video

Although the game is technically classified as an “adult game,” the FMV title featured no nudity when it came down to it. Sure, some outfits of the characters were pretty revealing, exciting a sense of curiosity, but at no point, the game leaves you with fully naked broads. 

A full-fledged 6-minute gameplay video of The Sacred Pools has also been uploaded on YouTube by Gaming Alexandria, should you choose to check it out ahead.

YouTube video

The overall setting of the title along with the way the characters are putting on a show in-game, it’s easy to visualize how the developers had a stretched budget for The Sacred Pools.

From the lavish costumes to the places where the in-game environment is shot in, there are specks of luxury dispersed all across the title’s gameplay.

In case you’re not aware of it already, Full Motion Video (FMV) games offered a unique playthrough experience in their time. The actual gameplay is all pre-recorded and comprises narration-based plotlines, so there are no 3D-rendered graphical standpoints. Everything you view in such games pertains to real-life scenarios.

This is one of the reasons FMV titles are also called interactive movies. It’s basically where you’re playing and experiencing a video game at the same time. In the case of The Sacred Pools, you practically navigate through maze-like courses to unearth clues and get to the next sequence. 

If you’d like to have a taste of The Sacred Pools on your end, check out the archived file base of the game that has recently been dumped online. Feel free to download the game, but do ensure that you’ve got yourself a working emulator at your disposal for the best results. 

Do let us know what you think about this news in the comments section ahead. In the meantime, we’ll go check out The Sacred Pools in a little more depth. 

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