The Highly Rare Castlevania: The Arcade Has Been Preserved; Now Playable On PC

The passion project will be a free download once it goes live.

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  • Castlevania: The Arcade was recently preserved by the YouTuber Video Game Esoterica and Dremcast, and now it finally has controls that make it playable.
  • The controls have been shifted from the original arcade stick to a mouse, and wiimote could also be utilized to preserve the actual whip mechanics in the game. 
  • The entry is among the rarest in the Castlevania series, and playing it has been very difficult due to how scarce it is around the United States and Japan. Now, it can be played on a PC.
  • The YouTube video will be updated with a download link once the control patch goes live, and users can expect to play the nostalgic game without paying a single dime.

Konami is renowned for creating some esthetic Castlevania entries, but only a small group of gamers remember the iconic Castlevania: The Arcade, which was an arcade shooter experience reminiscent of House of the Dead games. It shined on the arcades, and many users have fond memories of the entry. However, it has recently been preserved, and gamers can relive the wistful emotions since it has also become playable on a PC.

The YouTuber Video Game Esoterica and Dremcast recently acquired a working build of Castlevania: The Arcade on PC. Initially, the game did not have working controls, but a new YouTube video finally brought the awaited news for nostalgic fans. The title is now playable on PC, and users can soon get to enjoy the olden arcade venture on the platform. The nearly-15 minute video shows the gameplay and explains the details in depth.

YouTube video

The dreary yet soothing music featured in this rare title adds to the gameplay, making for an immersive venture despite the lack of other sounds. The first work-in-progress control patch will let the mouse be used in place of the arcade controller. However, the controls could also soon utilize the Wiimote to give players the same feelings, with the ability to swing and perform the nostalgic whiplash.

To give you an idea of how rare it was to stumble upon Castlevania: The Arcade these days, only 4-5 arcade cabinets exist in the United States and even fewer than that in Japan, according to the speculations of the YouTuber. Nevertheless, Castlevania: The Arcade can now be relished on the PC in Japanese and English.

It is worth noting that this is just a playable beta that the YouTuber is testing, and many bugs seem to run rife. For instance, some levels were not loading, but the fixed build will be released in the near future, which could be the next day to within a week.

Castlevania: The Arcade is a light gun shooter entry that was initially released in 2009 across some regions. It was widely praised for its fun gameplay that blends lightgun on rails shooter and the whip mechanic to form a delightful venture. The visuals and music were also immersive for its time, adding to the overall fun. Fighting hordes of skeletons in a dreary setting with choir music proves to be an indelible adventure.

Hence, many users who got to play the game a couple of times carry melancholy memories, and they can soon relive the past while playing again on PC. The video description will be updated with a download link when it comes out, and interested gamers can expect to play Castlevania: The Arcade on PC without paying a single dime. The players can visit the official discord server to seek help setting the entry on their PCs after it releases.

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