The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Is Steam’s Best Reviewed Mod

Gothic II, a classical RPG boasts having the best reviewed mod on Steam.

There have been a few RPG titles that have aged like fine cheese throughout the decennium. Gothic II is undoubtedly one of those titles that leave one with a dose of nostalgic memories. This classic RPG was ahead of its time, still possessing a faithful bunch of community. Players have defined Gothic II to be an extension of its first installment. Gothic II is held in high regard, some calling it one of the best RPG experiences out there.

The aging of a title is nothing short of impressive when a game procures dedicated developers and a loyal community. Such a game is not forgotten over time; instead, it’s made to evolve through the power of modding. Gothic II has Steam‘s best-reviewed mod out there, consisting of 7.3k reviews at writing. The mod called The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos could be called a spin-off of the original Gothic II title. 

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The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

The Gothic II: Gold Edition is needed for the mod to work through Steam and GOG. Although, you can also install it manually through moddb without owning Gothic II. The mod adds a whole new world to explore, to venture into a new island called Archolos. It’s a wholly new game with plenty of hours to enjoy the roleplaying goodness. Venture into mines or spy on others’ gossip while sitting in one of the town’s bars. Mesmerize yourself in the rustled-up streets of the biggest city ever presented in the whole Gothic trilogy

The open world is massive but delicately molded with hand-placed clashes, events, and environments. It’s also fully voiced acted in Polish with English subtitles. It’s the community’s way of showing love, and it shows in this mod; reviews are a witness to that. 

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Developers described the mod on Steam as follows:

The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos is a free, total conversion mod for Gothic II: Gold Edition. It features a completely new open world, improved skills systems, gameplay mechanics and complex story. Main goal of this project is to honour one the best classic cRPG and take the die-hard fans of the original Gothic trilogy as well as new players on one more adventure in the Kingdom of Myrtana.

If you are still not convinced, these features perfectly sum up the mod:

  • Professional voice acting.
  • Fully adhering to the lore of the Gothic series.
  • 60+ hours of expected playtime.
  • The complex main plot with many twists and secrets to discover.
  • Over 170 quests with multiple ways to complete them.
  • Multidimensional characters with credible backstories and personal goals.
  • Breathtaking soundtrack composed solely for the mod.
  • About 200 random events that the main character may encounter.
  • New crafting system with activities, such as alchemy, cooking and magic scrolls writing.
  • Rebalanced economy and items stats considering 20 years of Gothic players feedback.
  • Expanded travel system with option to choose between magic teleports, boats, and mercenary caravans.
  • More than 100 new armors and weapons with unique visuals.

All in all, this mod alone has more content than some RPGs out there. Crafted with love, it’s a perfect example of how a classic RPG can age so well with time. The graphics indeed don’t hold up to current standards, but these withered visuals have an attraction of their own that classic RPG fans can relate to. Best of all, players can enjoy this for free. Gothic II is on sale now, so why not give this a shot?

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