Clash Royale Reputation Tarnished After Recent Changes

After the addition of level 15 and card evolutions, Supercell has made terrible decisions regarding the monetary aspects of the game.

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  • With the inclusion of level 15 in Clash Royale, the promise of ‘no gold’ couldn’t be further from the truth due to the ungodly amount of grinding required to even max out one card.
  • With card evolutions being implemented into the game, the entire meta has devolved into a total of 4 decks all featuring mostly the same cards with minor changes.
  • The new deals and items in the shops have been a stir for controversy for being extremely scammy and overly expensive.

Clash Royale is built on a free-to-play model, so the only way for it to make money is by microtransactions, and recently some of the things Clash Royale has been implementing are somewhat forcing players to spend big bucks to even have a chance in the arena. One really big factor for this is the recent level 15 and its promise of ‘no gold‘ being nothing more than a way to make its progression even slower and way worse.

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Essentially, level 15 is an addition that just makes absolutely no sense even to add. In a game where getting one card to level 14 is already such a long grind considering the game has over 100 cards. The new level also unbalanced the gold economy by giving Elite Cards instead of gold. Since gold isn’t a factor for upgrading, players on max gold get absolutely nothing from this update, furthering the grind for every player.

But it gets worse, way worse. recently, out of the blue, Clash Royale changed the Elite Card gain from certain rarities without telling the community beforehand, resulting in players losing some much-needed value. The change focused on the conversion rate of rarities that give Elite Cards, and they marked down common and rare cards while buffing Champions and Legendaries. 

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There have also been reports of extremely unfair deals which are unique to players in the sole way to get more money out of their pockets. One of these techniques includes giving more expensive deals to those in lower levels or to those who have fewer level 15 cards. Just the possibility of giving max-level cards to people on level 11 or 12 is such an absurd thought, but imbalanced gameplay has always been a feature of Supercell games.

One of the most shocking developments here includes popular YouTuber Orange Juice and him finally calling Clash Royale out for their scams and recent unfair advantage to those who spend money on the game. At first, he was pretty discreet and quiet on these matters, but after seeing the entire community and other creators start to speak up, he decided to say his piece as well.

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He also targets the inconsistency of the deals, and how Clash Royale just seems to be going on a whim with these deals. Looking past these previous experiences, it seems the devs are still not budging, because the newest card evolution for the knight has finally been revealed and will be the most overpowered card in the game for a few weeks after its release.

Clash Royale is never beating these allegations, and with how badly the game is balanced right now, the only way to even have a chance to redeem, the team will need to do a complete overhaul in its gem and gold systems as well as treat these evolutions as an upgrade, not something that can take on entire 10 elixer pushes and go on to become a push themselves.

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