Credible Industry Insider Hints at Dragons-Based Project in the Pipeline at Xbox

Will we see the return of a similar face?

Xbox might have the upper hand in terms of sheer horsepower in the battle of the next-gen consoles, but we all know who’s the clear-cut winner when it boils down to exclusives. Over the years, PlayStation has seen a bevy of ground-breaking titles come to it, and in 2020, PS exclusives were the winners of most Game of the Year awards.

However, all that might change for the good, as Xbox is now stepping up its game (pardon the pun) for first-party exclusives. Several are in the works, including the highly anticipated Starfield making landfall late next year, while others are rumored as of now. 

Speaking to Destin today on their weekly podcast, Jeff Grub, a notable Xbox leaker, has reason to believe that two separate projects that are based on dragons are currently in development at Xbox.   

You can skip to the 28th minute in the following video to catch him in action spilling the beans. 

Jeff says, “There is another, sort of like, MMO thing, kind of an MMO-ish thing in the works, and then there’s the IO Interactive thing and they’re like, two separate projects.

He continues by affirming, “I think there’s like, multiple things there, and it was interesting to see [Jez Corden] teasing that stuff. I think actually the IO Interactive thing is like this other big project that’s kind of like, similar but mostly like a behind-the-back sort of Destiny-style thing. And then this other project that is also going to have dragons in it is this whole other sort of MMO experience. 

However, fans cannot expect official news on this to drop anytime soon. Jeff thinks, “There’s not a lot else to say about these things right now because they’re so far off, they’re so early, but yeah. I think there might be two projects.”

In our opinion, all this is heavily indicating a promising Xbox exclusive that got canceled way back in 2017 despite several years of development. Yes, we’re talking about Scalebound – a title that seemed ahead of its time when it was revealed in E3 2015. This is plain speculation on our end, but you never know when a publisher turns up with a jolly surprise. 

IO Interactive spoke to regarding the development of an unannounced IP back in April this year. They had opened up a new studio in Barcelona to continue the good work, opening up about the future of the company in the aforementioned article. 

What Jeff Grub says now has a strong likelihood of linking to what IO Interactive has already said in the past. But to think about the other dragons-based project, we might be looking at something exceedingly interesting down the line. 

What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.  


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