Video Shows Isaac’s Health-Based Dialogue In Dead Space Remake

The horror game's protagonist will speak in a laborious manner if you have low health.

Story Highlights

  • A new video shows how the Dead Space remake’s ALIVE audio system changes Isaac’s dialogue based on health.
  • If you have low stamina and have been injured he will ache while speaking.
  • However, if your health bar is green, he will deliver his lines normally.

We rarely see remakes in the entertainment industry be better than the original release. But, last month’s Dead Space was one of the occasional times the remake improved over the source material. It won over critics and fans alike, only removing those parts from the original that fans disliked.

However, the remake’s biggest success was recreating a classic horror game with modern technology. The audio system was one of these innovations in the Dead Space remake, changing dialogue based on Isaac’s state. And, a new video shows us how this audio design modifies the protagonist’s lines based on his health.

Like all other forms of media, remakes have become a common theme in gaming too. Resident Evil started this trend in the horror genre, remaking the first games in its very popular franchise. The success of these Capcom remakes influenced several other studios to remake their horror classics, one of them being Electronic Arts.

It announced the remake of 2008’s legendary survival-horror game Dead Space back in 2021. Fans were a bit skeptical about the franchise after Dead Space 3 featured microtransactions. But, the remake was a major success, both commercially and critically.

Not only did the new Dead Space stay true to the original, but also enhanced some mediocre aspects of it. Probably the biggest achievement of EA Motive was the use of new technology to make the horror title even scarier.

Many publications have sung praises of the environmental horror in the game and how the experience was creepier because of it.

YouTube video

Dead Space’s audio system played a key role in this, with the Ishimura’s frightening sounds amplifying the fear. EA Motive used the ALIVE system to further enhance this auditory fear, with Isaac being the center of attention. Our protagonist’s dialogue changes based on how healthy he is, and a new video shows this feature live in action.

Bryan Higa on Twitter posted a video illustrating this audio feature in the Dead Space remake. As you can see, when Isaac’s stamina is high and he hasn’t sustained any injuries, he speaks normally. When his health bar is “green” to put it in layman’s terms, Isaac’s dialogue is unflinching.

However, when the main character is low on health after fighting with the Necromorphs, he will sound different. You can see in the video how Isaac’s dialogue is more laborious when he has low stamina. So, if the protagonist has just endured some heavy punishment from the Necromorphs, his voice will ache while saying his lines.

YouTube video

This is all due to the ALIVE audio system design, which senses what state Isaac is in and delivers lines accordingly. As a result of this “Intelligent Dialog“, there are two versions of every line Isaac says in the Dead Space remake. Hence, if you let your health bar turn “red“, the crewman from USG Kellion will have difficulty speaking.

For making such a detailed audio and dialogue structure, you have to give Motive Studios props. Only a few games have done something like this where the same set of lines has many versions. Spider-Man Miles Morales accomplished this for dialogue when you are web-swinging and standing.

But, the Dead Space Remake’s audio design is also seamless and brilliant. You can try it out for yourself right now as the game is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. We hope you don’t have to hear Isaac Clarke’s dialogue with injuries.

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