Dying Light: Platinum Edition Leaked for the Nintendo Switch

Enter gyro aiming and motion controls

Dying Light is touted as one of the best zombie games made for consoles and PC with a sequel slated for release late this year. At one time, things didn’t look good for the state of affairs over at Techland, but the tension was soon addressed in a developer update. Now, however, the future looks bright as a descriptive photo of Dying Light: Platinum Edition for the Nintendo Switch has just leaked online on Imgur.

The find comes from Redditor AidThisFellowUser. Catch a glimpse of the soon-to-come port below.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition
Dying Light: Platinum Edition

The Platinum n of the game is set to include all the major DLCs of the game, along with the diversity of weapon, vehicle, and outfit skin bundles. The variant also encompasses a map of the Slums and Old Town, along with stickers and a survival guide of some sort.

As for Nintendo Switch, the description reads that players will be able to use HD Rumble, Gyro Aiming, Motion Controls, Touchscreen, and local, online co-op game modes.

As of yet, Dying Light has benefitted profoundly from an FPS boost on the Xbox Series X. This makes it possible for the game to run on 60 FPS on Microsoft’s frontrunner, leaving PlayStation 5 owners to the current-gen version of the game. With a Switch port down the road, let’s see if there’s anything planned for the PS5 as well.

What do you make of this leak? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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