EA Sports College Football Could Be Delayed To 2024

The return of the college football franchise might take a little bit longer.

When we talk about the companies which rule the gaming world, Electronic Arts is one name we can’t forget. Whether for good reasons or bad, the company is always doing rounds in the news. And for all the hate it receives it’s one of the biggest money-makers in gaming.

One big reason for this dominance in the industry is because of their sports games. EA Sports is the division of the company which is responsible for making these games and they cover every major sport in the world. From FIFA to MLB, sports games from EA sell like hotcakes every year. 

American Football game Madden NFL is one of the biggest EA franchises and is immensely popular. Recently, EA announced the return of a sub-series in this franchise, NCAA Football, which deals with college football. But, it seems like fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer to play this new game.

Major Takeaways:

  • EA Sports College Football is not going to hit the shelves until the summer of 2024.
  • EA will announce this delay at 10 AM ET with more details.
  • A big reason for this is that EA wants to polish the game and release it as a brand new IP, not a Madden Reskin.

EA Sports College Football is going to be delayed until 2024, with EA announcing this soon enough. Reputable EA sports journalist Matt Brown, who has been covering the topic all year, broke this news today. Hence, the re-brand of NCAA Football is going to take a while to release, and for good reason. 

A summer 2023 release window was previously set for EA Sports College Football by the company for next-gen consoles. However, EA is moving this to summer 2024 now according to Brown. The company will announce this delay at 10 AM ET today with further details, which will explain the reasons. 

Brown said that a big cause for this delay is that the company wants EA Sports College Football to be a completely new IP. EA doesn’t want to do a simple Madden remake according to the journalist and work on the game. This delay is a surprise even to him, but it seems like EA Sports is making the game with some care.

Another reason for this delay could be the player likeness controversy, a thing NCAA Football had to go through too. You see, none of EA Sports’ college football games have included the name, images, and likenesses of real players. But, the info of the players in the previous games always aligned with real-life players.

Initially, EA set out to do the same thing with EA Sports College Football, with no plans for real player likenesses. However, there has been some talk about a rule change regarding NIL, which would allow EA to use likenesses in-game. So, this might be a reason for the delay and Brown also agreed with this.

However, there is more to the story according to the journalist and we have to wait till later to hear what EA has to say. If they want to make the best game they can to revive both Madden and college football, no one would mind a delay. Hopefully, the game turns out to be something all fans of the series will love.

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