MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 Rated For Windows PC

Glu Mobile's baseball simulation game for mobile may be releasing for Windows PC as well, suggests a recent ESRB rating.

The mobile gaming market has been flourishing in recent times. Games from a lot of major companies are coming to the platform now. From Call of Duty to FIFA, major AAA titles have huge fanbases on mobile now. So, EA saw no harm in releasing a simulation-based MLB game on mobile devices. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 launched last year for mobile and was a great success for EA. Players loved the immersive and in-depth feel of the game and EA is now releasing it on another platform due to this positive reception.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 will soon be released on Windows PC according to a new rating by the ESRB. The mobile simulation got an E for Everyone rating from the rating board and the platform listed was Windows PC. EA’s baseball simulation game isn’t available on PC right now, so this is an upcoming release.

Another interesting tidbit present in the ratings is that the game will have microtransactions on PC. “In-Game Purchases” are already present on the mobile version of the game, so this is not a surprise. Now, we will certainly see these in-game purchases on the PC version of the game, too.

MLB Tap Sports ESRB rating
The rating from ESRB showing that MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 will release on PC

If you don’t know much about this game, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 is a simulation of MLB, much like Football Manager. However, unlike the Football Manager series, the player can actually take part in the action. You manage your own baseball team and compete with real teams from the MLB. There are daily objectives and rewards in the game. You can complete them to get prizes and progress in each season.

In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 the player can take their team to the top of the MLB by starting from scratch. With real elements like squad building and drafting, there isn’t a more authentic baseball simulator anywhere at the moment. Therefore, it’s clear why this mobile game has been so successful and why EA may be releasing it on Windows PC. No release date for the Windows version is known as of yet but we hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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