Eternal Darkness Director Would Like To See A Remaster Of The Game

"Who knows, maybe someday," says Denis Dyack.

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  • Denis Dyack, the director of the studio behind Eternal Darkness, appeared in an interview and talked about his desire for the game to be remastered.
  • Eternal Darkness was released in 2002 for Nintendo’s GameCube and never received any sequels or remakes.
  • A sequel was planned for the game in 2011 but got canceled due to the studio losing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

Denis Dyack, the man behind the 2002 classic horror Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and the director of the now long-closed Silicon Knights studio, has talked about his wish for an Eternal Darkness remaster. Denis appeared in an interview with YouTuber Kiwi Talkz and said he would like to see a remaster on being asked about his plans regarding a remake. 

Scroll to the 17:30 mark of the interview, where Denis gets asked about the potential remake of Eternal Darkness following the success of Metroid Prime Remastered on Nintendo Switch. Upon which, he says he would like to see a remaster and believes that a remaster would “resonate” with fans, and he gets asked about it quite a lot. Denis concluded the topic by saying, “Who knows, maybe someday.”


Denis also talked about the unique nature of Eternal Darkness and its influence back in those days. He said that he and his teammates at Silicon Knights were doing Lovecraft before it was trendy and that Lovecraftian horror themes are more like pop culture now. He said games like Eternal Darkness and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain are no longer being made.

The studio director also noted that this is why his current development team is refocusing on the Lovecraftian genre with their upcoming free-to-play action RPG Deadhouse Sonata. He further talked about Eternal Darkness and told that the game was nearly shelved by Nintendo almost pre-release.

Moving forward, Eternal Darkness and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain was Silicon Knights’ most successful games, and while Legacy of Kain received multiple sequels outside the studio’s involvement, Eternal Darkness never received any sequel even up until the studio was shut down in 2014 as a result of legal battles and financial crisis.

That said, the game did see a ray of hope in the context of getting revived when a sequel was planned for Nintendo Wii U. Still, it got canceled due to Silicon Knights losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit with Epic Games, resulting in budget issues and eventually a cancellation. In any case, Eternal Darkness seems to have a hard luck despite being one of the most critically acclaimed psychological horror titles.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem can be played on Nintendo’s GameCube, being the only platform the game has been released on. 

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