Hidden Pre-Registration Spotted For A Possible Fairgame$ Beta

The cryptic site could be a sneaky way of introducing a possible beta soon for the game.

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  • Fairgame$ could soon be getting a beta or early access for selected players, as spotted in a hidden site that can be accessed through the QR code at the end of the CGI reveal trailer.
  • The QR code can be scanned, or the “taketheir.money” site can be accessed directly. It leads the user to a login screen where several questions need to be answered.
  • The user needs to put first and last name, email, the reason for accessing the site, and what billionaire needs a spanking before they are let through to the potential beta program.
  • The site shows the login successful screen after the user fills in the details, and it says, “your access is being processed,” further adding more fuel to the rumor.

Fairgame$ is among one of the entries that were announced in the recent PlayStation Showcase 2023 event, and thankfully the only one with a peculiar name. While the new IP was only introduced through a CGI trailer, it captured the gazes of many gamers looking for the next fun, competitive PvP shooter set in an emergent sandbox setting. Despite a lack of many details, a beta for the title could be around the corner.

The next passion project by Haven Studios was shown through a trailer in the event, and a QR code was also shared before the footage ended. Some gamers got curious and decided to meddle in the potential secret hidden in the QR code. It appears that the devs have hidden the gateway to a potential beta or early access behind the code. The start of the video also serves as a guide toward the next step after scanning the code.

Fairgame$ CGI-trailer announcement potentially contains the access to beta via the QR code.
Fairgame$ CGI-trailer announcement potentially contains access to the beta via the QR code.

The message “see you soon” appears for a second or two, but it further adds more fuel to the rumor. Regardless, scanning the QR code leads the user to a website shown in the trailer; the site can also be entered directly by visiting “taketheir.money.” After accessing the site, input this specific code revealed in the trailer, “H28E-N788-D46S.” The code must be written like in the trailer, meaning every hyphen, capitalization, and sequence matters.

After inputting the code, the user will be granted a screen where several questions need answering, including first and last name and email. The user will also be asked why they should be granted access, with several options. Lastly, the user needs to name a billionaire who needs a spanking, yes, seriously.

Fairgame$ login screen after gaining access to the cryptic site.
Fairgame$ login screen after gaining access to the cryptic site.

After the login, the user will be granted access to what appears to be either an upcoming beta or early access of Fairgame$, but the exact specifics remain a lingering mystery. At the time of writing, I also checked through my email to see whether Sony reached out or not with an automated announcement regarding the weird login screen. It seems like whatever Haven Studios has brewed will be available for the enrolled users later on.

Fairgame$ website screen after successfully logging in.
Fairgame$ website screen after successfully logging in.

It also remains unclear whether this secret has a time limit. All in all, the enrolled users can expect to enjoy some heisting action-packed gameplay before the majority of the fans in the future. However, we suggest taking the rumors with a grain of salt, as this could just be a flashy easter egg without holding any significance for the community. Sony has not officially commented on the secret, but we may find out more in the near future. 

Fairgames$ is an extraction-type shooter where you need to both outsmart the enemies and other players while stealing the cargo from exotic locations. The nearly-two minute gameplay trailer consisted of only CGI gameplay, so we can expect the beta not to arrive anytime soon. The title will release on PC and PlayStation 5.

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