Fall Guys Players Report Auto-Purchase Issues, Customer Support Denies

Players casually preview cosmetic items in the shop, only to have a screen tell them that it has been purchased successfully.

When Fall Guys was originally released, it received positive feedback and love from the community. Having a casual game for once was a breath of fresh air for all players. Although the game went through rough patches, after going free to play, the game came back from the dead.

Since its revival by Epic Games, the game was set on a straight path to success. Unfortunately, bugs and errors are abundant in game creation, but what happened to many players seems too coincidental to be a bug. Just recently, many players had bought items from Fall Guys unintentionally.

One of the first places where this issue was discussed was Reddit. u/hold_my_cocoa made an informational post on r/FallGuysGame describing the horrendous problem. They start by saying that they saw an overflowing amount of posts from players unintentionally buying items in the game.

[UPDATE] List of users who accidentally bought items in the shop or had their Show Bucks disappear from FallGuysGame

“This is to show that it’s not a rare issue. To warn others to be careful in the shop, and to encourage players to contact Support.” They emphasize that forcing tons of queries on the customer support team might give everyone refunds. However, that wasn’t the case.

They open by stating the ongoing special rules regarding Show Bucks on the Nintendo Switch. This does not concern many but the ones that it does are in a dilemma. Show Bucks purchased on the Nintendo Switch are only available on the console, while all other platforms share the in-game currency. This means that your balance varies on what platform you are currently playing on.

As discussed before, with the players doing a mass complaint to the customer support team for refunds, they finally responded with less than ideal results. “All purchases made in the Fall Guys in-game store with Show Bucks or Kudos are final and non-refundable. This includes costumes, upper/lower costume segments, nameplates, faceplates, patterns/colors, emotes and the Season Pass. (Plus anything else that might be added in the future).”

With the team denying refunds of all kinds, the players should know how to act while in the item shop. The underlying issues pose an immediate threat to one’s in-game currency as if an item is bought, whether accidentally or on purpose, it’s not refundable.

This new shop is a joke, was checking out some items and it literally auto purchased this faceplate I will never use. At least have a confirm button or something. Not even a cancel purchase button? My controller does not have any issues with stuck buttons or double pressing when not intended. from FallGuysGame

As shown in a video shared by u/DerpyDog24, the unsuspecting player is looking at the item store when they suddenly buy an item. As it turns out, they did not even click any buttons or prompts, they just purchased the item by itself. They continue to say that their controller was in mint condition and no accidental inputs were made.

Another player accidentally bought an item by unfair means. “I opened it to see what it contained and took a screen shot to send to a friend. I alt tab’d and hit ctrl c + v, enter and then boom. It bought the pack” They continue to say that if there was a confirmation button, things would have been different.

is there any way for me to get a refund after I just got scammed? from FallGuysGame


u/hold_my_cocoa proceeds to show some techniques that could be implemented to fix the recurring issues, like toggling in the settings to turn Show Bucks purchases on or off, and changing the background color for Show Bucks and Kudos items. Furthermore, players are also demanding that Mediatonic add an additional confirmation window whenever an item is about to be purchased to prevent this issue.

They also show us a list of dozens of players affected by the bugs, but whether they will receive their refunds is to be seen. Finally, one of the players receive an official response from the customer support team. However, the response is only more aggravating and frustrating, considering the negligence and arrogance of representative.

“Please let me correct something from your response,” the response starts off. “The purchase was made by you, not a bug. Whether it was intentional or not, this is still the case,” it further states. “This is not a “known issue” because it is not an issue. Items cannot be bought automatically by the system, they always require input from the player. Again, whether accidental or not, you made this input and purchased the item.”

As it stands Fall Guys is under major criticism for severe negligence and defective features. It is unknown if this was intentional, but seeing the sheer number of bugs present only in the item shop alone, it raises the question of integrity for the entire company.

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