Fall Guys X Sonic Event Release Date, Quests, And Rewards Leaked

The particulars have been revealed by a prominent industry insider.

The battle royale genre has been molded into many shapes and forms. Fall Guys is a colorful approach to the saturated battle royale genre where beans clothed in fanciful outfits compete through various obstacles to acquire the crown. The straightforward premise blended with well-crafted levels worked beautifully with the charming art style.

Fall Guys is the ideal game to play for leisure only to end up squeezing your controller in frustration. Do not be deceived by the adorable beans coming to hug you; you will end up thrown off the map. The title features plenty of cute outfits, ranging from penguins to dino suits.

The game dominated Youtube and Twitch in its heydays but soon simmered down due to the rise of Among Us. Fall Guys has definitely been through some rough patches in the past but things have changed. Devolver Digital kept the game alive through constant updates and additions.

However, the title has recently risen through the ashes like a phoenix after going free to play. The game recently hit 20 million active players. Fall Guys is now collaborating to bring new events to the game. A few weeks ago, A new upcoming Sonic map dubbed “Bean Hill Zone” was leaked and explored in this Youtube video.

Fall Guys was rumored to bring back the silly Sonic outfits this August but a lot more is planned for the event. More information regarding the release date, outfits, and challenges have been confirmed by the prolific Fall Guys insider, @FGPancake

The event includes a special show, rewards, and a lot more. It is going to last from 11 August to 15th August. The shared images include beans disguised in Sonic and Knuckles’ costumes which looks oddly good on the beans. That’s not all, Pancake has revealed more info regarding the quests and rewards, present in the “Gotta Go Fast!” show.

The first image reveals the quests that reward players for completing them. Quests incorporate running certain distances or collecting nostalgic Sonic rings in several different rounds to earn different rewards. For instance, completing the Sonic Radical Challenges will result in beans winning Way Past Cool rewards.

The second image reveals the Milestones which will unlock at reaching different designated XP thresholds. For example, getting 200 XP will reward players with getting the Sonic nameplate and 1000 XP will earn players the Sonic Shoes. Lastly, another tweet by Pancake also reveals the shop rotations.

The shop rotations will also come out with the Fall Guys x Sonic event. Many outfits are included to be purchased from the shop including Sonic, Knuckles, and the Egg Man outfits. “You’re Too Slow” emote will also be integrated into the shop. 

Fall Guys x Sonic event is only a few days away and the community is wholly excited about it. The fanciers were already discussing the prices in the replies. What are your thoughts regarding the alluring event? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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