Fallout 4: New Vegas Devs Talk About Level Design And Quests

Fallout 4: New Vegas devs have been talking about the game now and again in dev logs and this time the devs talked about the level design and quests. The devs started off by talking about the level design team. The following is what the devs had to say in this regard:

First up is the work from our Level Design team. Efforts over the last week were directed towards southern regions of the world map, with implementation of new assets helping to flesh out a second pass on some key locations. Alongside this, an additional polish pass was made on those locations that were worked on, so as to help keep a consistent level of detail in areas that have been worked on going forwards.

Next up, the Fallout 4: New Vegas devs further went on to talk about the quest team. They talked about how the quests are being made from scratch. That should be something interesting to look into when we can play the game and appreciate how much hard work has been put into the game. The following is what the Fallout 4: New Vegas devs had to say in this regard:

Work from our questing team has been continuing steadily as well over the last week. Given that quests in F4NV are being remade entirely from scratch in the new engine, we’ve been granted an opportunity to polish everything up and give all of our content a focused quality assurance pass.

Fallout 4: New Vegas devs moved on to talk about how they are working on making things as polished as possible. The following is what they had to say in this regard:

As a result, efforts are currently being focused on ensuring everything is as well-polished as possible. With the complex nature of the quests in Fallout: New Vegas, as well as the numerous branches and faction interactions, taking our time to make sure everything works out of the box without issues is very important to the project’s overall goals

Fallout 4: New Vegas is shaping up to become pretty good and it is great to hear about the game from the devs. It should be interesting to see what the final game is like.


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