Fallout 4: New Vegas “Aims To Be More Than A Remaster”

According To New Dev Log

Fallout 4: New Vegas devs shared some new insights regarding the game in the new dev log. They talked about the different presets and how lighting works in the game. The devs also talked about their vision for the game and how Fallout 4: New Vegas is not just a remaster. The following is what the devs had to say in this regard:

 F4NV aims to be more than a remaster, we see this as an opportunity to increase the utility of these items where appropriate. Areas where there’s little natural or man-made lighting will be appropriately dark and require use of either the Pip-Boy flashlight, or for stealthy characters encourage the use of chems like Cateye to evade and sneak past enemies without giving yourself away with the bright light source on your wrist. We ultimately feel this will make stealth gameplay more interesting and varied, and provide some alternate methods for players to work through scenarios – something that ultimately only serves to benefit a game like Fallout: New Vegas.

I am pretty sure that fans of stealth gameplay will be very happy to learn about this. Dev logs like these help to communicate what the devs are working on and also clear some confusions that fans might have regarding the game. The devs also talked about some aspects of the original game that were not implemented properly. These are things that are going to be fixed in Fallout 4: New Vegas. The following is what the devs had to say in this regard:

As many will remember, chems like Cateye, or tools like the NCR Veteran Ranger Helmet in Fallout: New Vegas provided the player with ability to see better at night. Unfortunately, due to the way lighting was handled in New Vegas, these pieces of equipment were more often than not useless due to the way lighting was handled in the older engine, as well as choices in some locations that undermined their use.

Fallout 4: New Vegas seems to have a lot to offer and it is an ambitious project to say the very least. I for one am excited to see what it will have to offer.

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