Marvel’s Spiderman 2: 5 Features Fans Want In The Game

From a livelier open-world to better side quests and villains, fans have a lot of expectations and wishes from the upcoming Spider-man 2!

Marvel’s Spiderman franchise is one of the most popular among fans, and they are hyped for the sequel soon to be released. Marvel Spiderman 2 is going to be released exclusively for PlayStation, and like its predecessor, it’s set to reach new heights in the gaming industry. Here are the five best features that fans want from Marvel Spiderman 2. 

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Larger And Livelier Open World

features fans want in spiderman 2
Spiderman – Open-world in the DLC

The Prequel Marvel Spiderman was one of the best PS4 open-world games. Spiderman Miles Morales’s spin-off is also well known for its engaging open world. Fans are expecting something similar from Marvel Spiderman 2 and want a much more advanced and larger open world featured in Spiderman 2. 

But it doesn’t need to be a larger world only; it has to be livelier too. This is where the sequel has adequate room to improve and shine. It may come as a shock to you, but there are zero child NPCs in the 2018 game.

Sure Miles, Ganke, and other relevant-to-the-story adolescent characters are present in the game, but we’re referring to the ‘I lost my ballon’ variety of kids. There were none of those! Also, apart from the ESU, there weren’t any other schools in the game either.

On the note of expanding the open world, the traversal system is going to need some upgrades too. 2018 Spiderman had the best swinging mechanics, incorporating exceptional physics and surrounding awareness to help sell the mechanic.

But one notable trick missing from Spidey’s sleeve was the slingshot mechanic, introduced in Spiderman 2 on the PS3 and was also included in The Amazing SpiderMan 2. With the addition of a slingshot mechanic in Spiderman 2, it’ll be much easy to zip across a couple of blocks, and it’ll be fun too.

Better Side Quests

The side missions in the 2018 marvel spiderman game lacked a good variety of side quests. The side activities felt repetitive, ranging from chasing and stopping a car, foiling an ongoing robbery, and tracking missions. Fans are rightfully wanting a better variety of side activities to be featured in Marvel Spiderman 2.

With an expansion to the open world, the game can add much more specialized side missions with a good amount of variety and even tie in minor Spiderman villains into them. A huge variety of side missions can certainly make the open-world gameplay much more exciting.

Better Stealth

Better Stealth
Spiderman – Stealth Mechanics

We loved the wall takedowns in Miles Morales and want Marvel spiderman 2 to implement and improve upon stealth gameplay as well. The wall takedowns can allow players to subdue enemies across various bases easily without being noticed and bypasses the need to have suspended bars for Spidey to climb onto. This will also allow players to take down a larger number of enemies.

Furthermore, fans also want the AI to be more challenging by making enemies much smarter for exciting gameplay. To make stealth gameplay more challenging, the addition of security cameras and patrolling drones to add another layer of planning to the gameplay could be a great idea.

Popular Villains

Fans want more villains featured in spiderman 2
Spiderman – Sinister 6 From Spiderman 1

Although the 2018 game gave us a rendition of the Sinister Six, there are still many villains to choose from in the vast rogues’ gallery of Spiderman. Since Spiderman 2 is going to include a tag-team-Esque mechanic between Peter and Miles, villains from Miles Morales’ comic run are also up for grabs.

Fans are also expecting to see other popular villains show up in this game, like Green Goblin, Mysterio, and the Lizard, to name a few. Green Goblin is one of the all-time fan favorite villains in Spiderman due to his great portrayal by Willem Dafoe in the 2002 spiderman movie.

The original game had Norman Osborn and some easter eggs about his Golbin outfit, but his actual introduction as the menaced green goblin is yet to come. Mysterio had a very “mysterious” easter egg in the last game. Brought into the limelight after the Spiderman Far from Home movie, Mysterio has a larger fan following now.

The Lizard is another great villain in the franchise; this scaly doctor is one of the strongest enemies of Spiderman. Fans just might get to see Lizard in the sequel considering many shoutouts in the franchise.

The PS5 showcase also confirmed two longtime Spidey villains to be in the game; Kraven the Hunter and Venom. This opens up the possibility for other related villains to show up in the game too. Chameleon and Grim Hunter can appear in the game as secondary antagonists.

While some fans also want Carnage to make an appearance in the game. We think it’s best to postpone him and the Symbiote family till the third game focusing more on Venom. The game has retconned Venom to be Harry Osborn rather than Eddie Brock, so he is going to be a much more personal villain, similar to Dr. octopus from the 2018 game.

Villains from the previous game are also in lockup, so any interaction we may get with them is going to be a welcome addition too.

Multiple Spider-People

Features fans want in the upcoming spiderman 2
Spiderman – The Various Other Spidermen From Into The Spider-verse

We know that both Peter and Miles will be playable in Spiderman 2, having their own consistent stories which interweave into the main story of the game. But why stop at that? Into the Spiderverse proved that people love the other variants of the Spider, and rightfully so.

While variants like Spider-Noir, Spider-Ham, MechSpider, and Spiderman 2099 may be out of the scope of the game, one fan favorite who can show up without necessarily getting into multiversal shenanigans is Spider Gwen.

Spider Gwen has been a popular character among fans since her debut, and since Peter is paired up with MJ, Gwen Stacy can be introduced into the game without complicating the power couple of Peter and MJ.

And that was all we had for our list of features fans would like to see in the upcoming Spiderman 2, which is due its release sometime in 2023. Insomniac did a great job the first time around, and we’re sure they’ll improve and nail it once again!

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