Final Fantasy 14 Receiving First Graphical Update In 7.0 Patch

The visuals will receive a gorgeous overhaul.

Square Enix is recognized for some of the amazing fantasy titles that it has crafted. The love-child of Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV, is regarded as one of the best-executed MMORPGs in this decennium. The game did not cause any innovations in the MMORPG genre, but it followed everything perfectly. Its success increased the standards of MMORPG games on a global scale. The title has grown to the moon with countless expansions and updates. Plus, its community has witnessed growth throughout the years.

Despite the massive improvements in video game graphics, Final Fantasy XIV has held up just fine in the graphics department. Final Fantasy games have always visually prospered in their times compared to other games of its genre. The game continues to see more improvements in other regards, including the new Endwalker expansion. However, the game could use some graphical overhauls to stand the test of time. 

Final Fantasy XIV Graphics To Receive The First Improvement

Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer on Final Fantasy 14 has disclosed the graphical update in the making for FFXIV. Amidst the recent 5-hour Livestream, Yoshida and the rest revealed that Final Fantasy 14 would be gaining its first visual improvement in the near future. The team has displayed interest in wanting to polish the graphics while retaining the original FFXIV art style. The primary objective leading to patch 7.0 is the game’s first graphical update, or at least the preparation and development for the visual overhaul.

The testing has been taking place behind the curtains for about a month. The end result will be much better, according to the team. The pictures below compare the present playable characters with a version with high-resolution textures with added shaders. The team is aspiring to improve much more, but this is all they can reveal to the public as of now.

Below are some of the pictures that appeared in the live stream:

It is worth mentioning that the director and the team wanted to handle the “overall picture” of FFXIV by enhancing the graphics but not altering the game’s art style. He also ascribed that the aim of the visual improvement is not to make the characters look realistic or next-gen, stating that “the new graphics will not be comparable to standalone titles.” That would be impossible and impractical for the game as a whole.

Enhancements In The Environment

The characters are not the only thing receiving an upgrade. The gear, environment, dungeons, and equipment are also going to be visually enhanced. The team shared comparison images of the game’s in-game grass and environment. The pictures below unveil how the graphical update will enhance the overall look and make it less pixelated while maintaining its nostalgic feel.

The blades of grass look more detailed, along with noticeably more foliage amidst the high density of the grass. The visual upgrade looks massive; it also improves upon lightning and shadows in the environment, as shown below.

The Titania with improved shadows resolution looks mesmerizing in the dark. Additional lights have been included, and their colors have been slightly altered. The team has retained the original feel of the scenes while enhancing the graphics to a great extent. 

There are more examples available in the live stream (posted above); make sure to check it out. Overall, the game is shaping up to enhance visually in every conceivable way while retaining the nostalgic feel of the game. FFXIV is still able to go toe-to-toe against MMORPGs of today. This update will give it another decennium. What are your thoughts about the visual enhancements? Let us know in the comments below.

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