Final Fantasy 7 Ever-Crisis Will Feature A Deeper Look Into Sephiroth

Get to know the man before the darkness.

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  • Final Fantasy 7 Ever-Crisis will feature a new story chapter called “The First Soldier” which includes a playable segment as Sephiroth. 
  • The game is meant to be a faithful remake of FF7 without any changes and includes the story of every FF7 spin-off.

It appears that the upcoming mobile-only, Final Fantasy 7 Ever-Crisis will go into a lot more depth regarding the original Final Fantasy 7’s main antagonist. In an interview with Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura, and producer Shoichi Ichikawa confirmed that Ever-Crisis will include a special chapter called “The First Soldier.” In this chapter, players will not only see but will also be able to play as Sephiroth before he became the antagonist we love to hate.

In the recent Final Fantasy 7 Ever-Crisis trailer shown off at yesterday’s Summer Games Fest, there was a small tagline at the end called “We still don’t know Sephiroth” hinting at a deeper dive into the character. When asked about this, Nomura-san confirmed that that was indeed the case. 

In the past, ‘FFVII Ever Crisis’ was promoted as an approach to existing titles, but as Ichikawa mentioned earlier, this title also includes the “First Soldier” storyline.

The story of ‘First Soldier’ had a rough setting, but this time it is once again centered around Sephiroth.

The new story will feature a special look at Sephiroth before his fall into darkness, without his flowing lustrous locks that make him so iconic. This “short-haired” Sephiroth will even be playable in The First Solider although to what extent hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Ichikawa-san confirmed this by saying: 

Although not immediately after the official release, the short-haired Sephiroth can be controlled as a player character in the ‘First Soldier’ version.

Ever-Crisis is also meant to be a proper remake for fans of the original Final Fantasy 7. Unlike the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ever-Crisis will be a faithful adaptation of the original game’s story without the goofy timeline shenanigans found in the remake.

The game will faithfully adapt the story of Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, along with a brand-new “The First Soldier” chapter featuring Sephiroth. Ichikawa-san mentioned that: 

It’s based on the FFVII experience. In FFVII, the dungeons were deformed characters, and the battles were a little more head-to-head characters. The concept is to value the nostalgic experience of those who played at the time, but to make it with the current quality.

When Nomura’s FFVII Remake was announced, some people wanted something close to the original, so FFVII Evercrisis emphasized responding to that voice. Therefore, the story will not change from the original.

Right alongside Ever-Crisis, we also got a brand-new look at the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth — the second part of a trilogy of remakes spanning the story of FF7 — at the Summer Games Fest. The trailer featured both new and iconic moments from the original, as well as a brief look at the combat of the various party members.

This was also the first time we saw actual footage of what it was like to play as Red XIII, who was a party member in the FF7 Remake but we were not allowed to play as him. While there is no release date as of now, players are now able to pre-register to play Ever-Crisis. A closed beta test will also be available down the line. 

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