Foamstars Producer Disapproves Of Fans Comparing It To Splatoon

The game allegedly feels much different once played.

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  • Foamstars Producer appeared in an interview and claimed he is bored of gamers comparing the game with Splatoon.
  • The dev clarified that the title feels quite different once played, featuring distinct mechanics that fully stand out.
  • Square Enix wants to exclusively release the game on February 6, 2024, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Foamstars, the new PvP shooter by Square Enix, has often been compared to its biggest rival, Splatoon. The title borrows some elements from the popular Nintendo franchise but is actually quite different once you play it. The game producer, Kosuke Okatani, has also recently expressed his discontent with fans comparing the title with Splatoon when asked during an interview with VGC. He said he is bored of Foamstars being likened to Splatoon. 

First of all, yes. There have been many comparisons on the internet, but also, we saw on social media that the people who actually played it saw that it’s a completely different game and I hope you also agree,” said Kosuke during the interview.

The producer brings up the biggest differences that make Foamstars stand out with its own identity. The foam left on the battlefield remains there instead of fading over time, which adds a new level of depth to gameplay. The ink sprayed in Splatoon matches also does not change the environment, while the foam in Foamstars can be used to a player’s advantage. Lastly, the unique abilities of the characters also add a nice twist.

Additionally, Kosuke jokingly states that he would be honored if the game caused a whole new genre to form, like Souls-like or Metroidvania. Currently, Square Enix calls the game an “online party shooter.

The distinction between both entries made by the producer makes more sense, considering the quite shaky reception of the beta in September last year. Foamstars faced a few balancing and network stability issues that made it feel like Square Enix’s other smaller releases that have been mildly received thus far. The popularity of the game could take a hit if the comparisons were to persist and prevent the player base from giving it a try.

Foamstars is a gorgeous mess of a shooter that often ends up with players drowing in a sea of foam.
Foamstars is a gorgeous mess of a shooter that often ends up with players drowning in a sea of foam.

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In some relevant news, it was also previously clarified that the new 4v4 party shooter has used AI art to some low extent. Presumably, only the icons of characters and such were created by AI in a limited manner.

Foamstars is aiming to take the PvP genre by storm early this year. It is seemingly launching exclusively on February 6, 2024, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as revealed in a pristine new trailer. You can play the entry for free on PlayStation Plus until it becomes available for purchase for $29.99 for all PlayStation players from March 5, 2024.

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